How To Keep Hair Healthy When Wearing A Wig?

2021-November-26-Fri 09:42:13:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

Every woman needs a wig to get through those bad hair days. They transformed a person's appearance and strengthened their confidence.However, some women are forced to wear a wig most of the time due to the receding hairline or hair loss due to health reasons. Some women rely entirely on wigs. But when you do this, don't neglect your own hair; otherwise, your hair may end up being damaged.

So how to make full use of wigs without damaging the hair?

Scalp massage: When wearing a wig, the blood flow on the scalp is less because the wig is close to the head. Massage the scalp when removing the wig to promote blood flow.
Nylon mesh wig: A wig with a nylon mesh at the bottom allows your hair to breathe. Cotton or nylon wig caps are not very good because they can damage your hairline and hinder hair growth. The best wig liners are made of gel because they can protect your hairline and skin.
Wig liner: Always set a barrier between the hair and the wig to protect the hair. Choose silk because silk does not absorb moisture from the hair like cotton or nylon linings.
Ordinary shampoo: Wearing a wig does not mean that you have neglected your hair. Wash and condition your hair regularly as usual.

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