How To Refresh Your Old Lace Wig?

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Nowadays, lace wigs are proven to be a good way to protect natural hair. We believe that it is already a symbol of beauty and health care. Whether you like to keep your hair free or tie them into smooth ponytails, they will look beautiful only by keeping them fresh.

Lace wigs are definitely not cheap, especially when you like to use human hair wigs. But if you do not understand the maintenance of real human hair, it will shorten the use time of the wig. So, let's take a look at the useful tips, which will help you give your old lace wig a new look.

Clean lace wigs regularly. 

Your lace wig must receive the same care and love as natural hair. Even if you wear a wig, you are not exempt from regular hair washing. Like your original hair, human hair wigs need to be carefully prepared and washed daily. When exposed to strong winds, human hair wigs will become tangled and need to be removed carefully or they will break. Soak the wig in warm water and massage gently. You don't need to clean your wig often, let it dry in a cool and dry place before using it again or storing it. Generally, in order to prevent scratches on the scalp, hair, and full lace wigs, make sure that natural hair is still clean. Before cleaning the wig with the help of a wide-toothed comb or perhaps the index finger, they are first separated properly. Hairdressers usually recommend combing the hair from the tips and then slowly combing to the roots. Before cleaning your hair, you should use a basin to partially moisten the hair. This can prevent the wig from being lost in the hair. In order to create thin foam, you can use an appropriate amount of high-quality shampoo. Wearing a wig only has some dust on the surface, so do not wash the wig often, usually once a month. The wig itself does not contain oil. Another important point is the occasion where you wear it. If you wear a wig once or twice a month or two, you should wash it every two months.

Good quality conditioner.

 Use a high-quality conditioner to keep your hair safe and prevent it from freezing. Just carry a small amount of conditioner and it can be applied to the hair easily and uniformly. Mark it strictly as this will loosen the hair and make them slip off the wig base instead of applying conditioner to the roots. In order to comb them, it is usually recommended to use a wide tooth comb. If the hair is still soaked with conditioner, this step should be performed. Let your wig relax. Wearing wigs does not mean that you can expose them to harsh environments. Your lace wig hair often undergoes strict treatment with toxins, pollen, smoke and other substances, just like your original hair. Although protecting natural hair from these external factors is the core idea behind wearing wigs, lace wigs still need to rest. We strongly recommend that you don't wear too many wigs to extend the service life of the wig. If possible, please continue to replace the wig. For this, you should also prepare another pair of wigs and let them use them alternately.

 Consult an expert when needed. 

Although there are many styles of lace wigs to choose from, and there is a lot of leeway in hair design, we believe that we will still consult or at least listen to the suggestions of the stylist when choosing and storing wigs. They will definitely provide you with very effective and powerful lace wig maintenance skills. If the style of the wig you bought is newer than the style you are currently wearing, please consult your stylist about its use. Invest in quality products instead of spending on repairs. We believe that human hair wigs are very similar to natural hair, but there is a gap between human hair wigs and real hair in the use of hair care substances. Everyone who wants to look beautiful will spend considerable money on ordinary quality wigs, so why not buy real wig care products to keep them clean and long lasting. Specially designed to accommodate hair wigs, there are different product lines. The hairstylist strictly recommends that you only buy them.

The above are just some of our suggestions, maybe you have found more useful methods, welcome to communicate with us and explore more possibilities together, waiting for you!

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