What Is A 360 Lace Wig? Advantages & Disadvantages

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What is a 360 lace wig? 

This is a complete wig with a larger separation space, which can make the appearance more natural. The hairline is pulled out in advance (it has baby hair!) to get a realistic feeling. It is the best wig for ponytails and updos , Just a few bunches, you can get a thick wig.

Wearing a wig couldn't be easier. People usually think that wigs are only used for clinical reasons, perhaps to cover up excessive hair loss, but today it has become a real fashion to wear wigs. Wigs usually have a clip system that you can use to stick to the hair and adjust it in a simple way. Many brides choose wigs and wigs on their big day to make themselves look more beautiful. If you like a natural look, human hair wigs and hair extensions are a good choice. These are made of  human hair by the donor and can be designed according to your taste.

Why choose 360 lace wig?

 The scalp will breathe, and you will no longer have the boring and annoying feeling of itchy skin. You can cut your hair the way you want, enrich and swell where the hair is missing, and it is difficult to hide even in the front. 360 lace wigs are highly recommended for those who suffer from hair loss, or moderate or severe baldness, because by purchasing them, you can decide where to inflate the hair and hide the hairless areas. 

Advantages and disadvantages


There is a natural hairline, which looks more realistic when worn.

The larger separation space will also give a lifelike appearance.

The 360 lace wrap covering is perfect for ponytail and bun hairstyles.

As the 360 closed bag, it will provide you with a plump and thick appearance.


It may start to slide after a while.

If not maintained properly, the wig may damage your scalp.

The adhesive only lasts 4-5 days, so regular maintenance is required.

The glue needs to be retouched after two weeks, which may cause skin injury.
Frequently Asked Questions about 360 Lace Wigs
Q: What if I have to use gel or glue on the hairline?
A: If you can sew the lace on the front, you don't have to use gel or glue, because the  glue recommended by most people may make your edges look dirty after a few hours. 
Q: The 360 lace front is too big for my head, what should I do if I keep sliding backwards?
A: The front of our 360 lace has hooks on the back for fitting, so you don't have to worry about moving, or you can add a clip on the back and clip it to the strap. We will show you how to sew the wig to the seal here, so that you can keep your wig in place throughout the day.
Q: What if it bunches up in the back?
A: You can cut a section from the back of the front and stitch it together to fit the circumference of your head.

Well, let me know which one you like best and why you should buy it in the comments section below. Get high-quality products, excellent quality, low prices and very good customer service. You will not regret it. 

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