Anicekiss new hair straight short bob wigs arrival !

2021-September-10-Fri 06:05:58:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

Anicekiss new hair straight short bob wigs arrival !

Ombre Bob Wig 1B30 Straight Short Bob Wigs Lace Closure Wigs


Anicekiss Hair provide high quality Ombre Bob Wig #1B/30W Straight Short Human Hair Bob Wigs 4x4 Lace Closure Wigs And 13x4 Lace Front Wig 12-16 Inches With Affordable Price

The Ombre Bob Wig #1B/30 short straight bob wigs are arrivaling ,when we survey the need of fashionable market ,the short straight bob wigs are absolutedly popularized .Aa customer or manufacturer,who feel very excited and urgent.One client said:when I see them, I want to wear it.

When we hear that,we are very surprised that the bob wigs can make customer more comfortable,charming.Ok,follow me to know the new proudct details

Ombre Bob Wig #1B/30 Straight Short Bob Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair,Natural and Healthy,Soft and Tight,No Shedding,No Tangling Glueless Lace Front Wig with Elastic Straps and Combs,the Cap Size Could Be Adjust.

Cap Size:Medium Size (22-22.5 inch)

Lace Color: Medium Brownr to Give a Natural Hairline to Make Wigs Natural Looking,Lightly Bleached Knots Human Hair Lace Wigs

100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Lace Front Wigs, Baby Hair Around Perimeter to Give a Natural Hairline to Make Wigs Natural Looking,Lightly Bleached Knots Human Hair Lace Wigs

The Wig Can Be Returned,As Long As It Is in It's Original Condition Including the Excess Lace in Front and Back Uncut

We Have a Professional After-sale Team.Please Contact Us Freely If You Have Any QuestionS

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Top Human Hair Wigs Online On Sale? I Think I will Splurge

2021-September-08-Wed 02:34:03:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

Ever since I’ve started wearing wigs almost 4 years ago, I’ve always looked for the best value-for-money options available online. You see, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a gargantuan amount of money on high-quality human hair wigs. That’s exactly the reason why I always opt for options that are equal parts affordable and luxurious — but more on that later.

Before we swipe your card on your first or hundredth wig, maybe now is the perfect time to look through the virtual shelves of AniceKiss. Honestly, what’s a better way to upgrade your wig game than splurging on fantastic deals for HD lace wigs?



Here is the thing, we have seen countless celebrities looking hella good in their human hair wigs. Frankly, even if we could get close to examine them, we still wouldn’t be able to understand if these are real hair or not – they are that seamless. And that level of perfection is exactly what people are looking for when they pick out a wig. But, just because we don’t have a celebrity stylist on our speed dial, that doesn’t mean that we can’t cop premium quality hair without breaking the bank.

Consider AniceKiss’ latest launch as an opportunity to score luxurious wings with a pretty affordable price tag. You can customize your purchase according to your favorite hair density, and choose amongst 10 different hair lengths. Plus the washing and dying process of human hair wigs is a breeze.

Don’t let my obsession with HD lace wigs fool you. AniceKiss’ virtual shelves are also filled to the brim with fantastic options like U-part wigs, T-part wigs, lace fronts, closures, and everything in between. And just in case you want to rock a headband wig, that’s perfectly possible as well.

The Anicekiss company address as follows:




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A letter from the African American women (customer)

2021-September-02-Thu 03:16:13:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

A letter from the African American women customer

I have spent hours watching the top-recommended wig reviews on Youtube. However, most of what I found led me to websites selling wigs for a price range well above my budget. I’m talking a minimum of $900 or so. Let’s be honest here. That’s a true commitment right there. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather spend more on quality than spend less on something that falls apart in a few days. So, I set my budget to around $300 and went deep into the vortex of body wave wigs recommendations online.

As a customer ,when I bought Anicekiss’s hair ,I had some questions .I considered the quality ,density ,after-sale service.when the hair arrived ,the product made me surprised.My doubts were dispelled.

I would introduce the Anicekiss hair details and the reason why I liked.

Firstly ,I bought the body hair wigs with 24 inch ,180% density,black hair .when touched,it was very soft and comfotable.No shedding ,no knots.

Secondly ,with your mood ,the hair style could change.If I like,I could dry the hair.the outmost customer experience let me watch the honest of Anicekiss seller.I would introduce their products to our friends,relationship,partners and so on.

Last but not least,the price attached our most attention.compared with other hair producers,Anicekiss’s hair must worth it.

When you like the Anicekiss hair after recommmending ,you can connact with their company .the address and phone number as follows:




WhatsApp: +86 133 4669 3102



Which hair colour is your favorite?

2021-August-31-Tue 10:14:35:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

When we talk about the topic of hair,the hair color must be intruduced.When people want to buy hair wigs ,they want to buy charming colour which can attracrt the eyes of people ,they also want to become more beautiful,confident,easy-going.

The hair colour you can follow:

· Blonde: blonde is classical and lasting for many people. As it is a shinning and bright color, it can make you become a real barbie girl or a little princess. If you want to become the focus of people, this color can help you.

· Brown: If blonde is too bright and others are too boring for you, then maybe the brown color can be a great choice. As the below picture shows, the color is soft and gently, can reflect female grace and tenderness. Fashion girls, how you will miss this amazing color?

· Black:Black is popularized and widely appreciating for people.this colour is original,which retains the longest heat.If you like black colour,you can select it.

 If you want to know the colour details of hair ,you can communicate wtih us!welcome to visit our hair on-line shop Anicekiss!

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How can I save money when use wigs?

2021-August-27-Fri 03:44:23:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

How can I save money when use wigs?

Welcome to our online shop,when you want to buy various hair wigs ,you will consider the quality,service,color,last time,logistic,price.The price is connected to our economic circumstance.So,I will tell you some ways to save money when you use hair wigs.

How to save money :

if you want to save money, extending its life and reducing your costs for maintenance are necessary when you get your first hair wigs. And the following can gave you some simple but effective ways.
•First of all , during the use of hair extension, if there are knots in it , what you need to do is combing it gently , otherwise it may cause the wig to become short or fall. The best solution is to buy Moisturizing conditioner and then do it
•Secondly , when using a hair wigs , don't treat it as a real one . True hair can use hair gel or stereotyped water , but the wig is best not to use these things . Otherwise, after you use it, it is difficult to clean and easily damage the wig.
•Thirdly , wrapping the hair in a silk scarf at night before bed is a rather good way to protect it
•Fourthly , applying a thermal protection spray first is necessary when you are to use an iron to make it tidy.
In short, I hold the firm belief that if you can put these into practice, yours can look new after a few mouths of use.

You can use the coupon when coming our online shop ,we can give you more discount when you buy our productions.Looking forward to your reply!

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What are ways to keep body wave hair?

2021-August-26-Thu 08:36:05:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

What are ways to keep body wave hair?

When we see a lady who wear body wave hair ,attracting our attention.we think she is very charming,gorgeous,enthusiastic.but the body wave hair can take more .now,Our company(Anicekiss)can introduce the details of body wave hair.

The ways of keeping body wave hair :

Winding Waves

For this style, utilize an enormous barrel hair curler. Wrap medium areas individually around the barrel. Pull the hair curler up and outward to discharge a winding twist. At that point, finger brush any place you need to make it looser. This is an incredible method to get some fun waves that resemble for the time being twists.

Simple Beach Waves

Keep in mind the intensity of a setting splash with regards to simple sea shore waves! Shower down straight hair with some item and afterward utilize a medium or little barrel hair curling accessory to wrap hair areas from the face. Slacken with fingers and splash again to wrap up.

Triple Heating Iron Waves

Considering how to get body wavy hair that keeps going? Attempt a triple warming iron that gives a delightful, characteristic looking "crimp" of twist for any hair surface. This likewise looks incredible on short hair – wavy is for everyone!

Including Bounce and Volume

Twisting your hair with a hair curling accessory (or a level iron) and afterward back combing each twist with a brush can include more body and ricochet that would somehow or another not come out normally. On the off chance that you are seeking after voluminous wavy hair without a huge amount of exertion, follow this basic wavy hair instructional exercise.

How to keep the body wave hair, you can give me some suggestions if you have others ways.we can talk about various questions anytime.Wait for you!

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Do you know the art of bundles?

2021-August-24-Tue 02:31:53:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

Anicekiss can provide various hair styles.The bundles can be popularized .you can change the bundles to adjust to the daily poses. Contacted with the wigs ,bundles can be suitable for your hair .you can save some money if you have adequated hair. You can call our number or chat inline .we can pick the proper bundles for you .Looking forward for your reply!
The bundles details &installment:
1.The best hair bundles that we can buy is virgin human hair bundles as it is consider as one of the best hairstyle on the market. Virgin human hair is affordable and many women love pure virgin human hair bundles. It typically takes you a long time to come across the right hair, and it's worth it. Brazilian hair bundles  hair are flexible, polish and are strong in nature and it have strong hair texture. You can make your appear more natural and gorgeous and it last for a long time.
2.There are special varieties of hair bundle types in the Anicekiss. People desire hair bundles of their option and they wish for wonderful and gorgeous hair bundles. Human hair bundles are the best preference for all the women because it accomplishes natural hair and voluminous hair. It won’t spoil your natural hair in anyway.  Anicekiss bundles are top-ranked human hair bundle that you must try and check out the quality they provide for you. would take hair thread and needle and sew the bundles in, either zigzagging across the head from the bottom up until the temple, then in a circular pattern, or going around in circles, following the circle braid pattern. There are other ways to do this, especially if you want a part. Hair thread is thicker than household thread and won’t break. Hair needles have a big eye for the thick thread and come in straight, curved, or “J” design. Curved is the most popular, because it can more easily get underneath a braid. “J” is a hybrid of straight and curved.
 If you have any question ,you can communicate wtih us!
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How do you make a wig look natural?

2021-August-17-Tue 03:55:01:PM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

I think most people want to make the wigs look like their own hair.

There are several ways, depending on the style of the wig, the type of the wig and your budget.

Here are some tips for how to make a wig look nature like your hair:


1.     Choose real human hair wigs

If you choose wigs made of 100% human hair, one of the advantages is that they apply the most natural fell and appearance.

Human hair wigs are very soft, dynamic, and shiny, comparing with synthetic hair wigs. Also, you can dye or restyle the human hair wigs, just like your own hair.


2.     Choose a lace front wig

You can choose a lace front wig to make the hairline look natural. The invisible sheer lace front is designed to blend with the skin tone to create the illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline.


3.     Choose the right colour

Before buying wigs, you should have a general idea of colours you want. The hair colour is quite important and choose the right one will make you look more nature and beautiful.


4.     Choose the suitable brand

Anicekiss is a wig company providing high-quality human hair wigs for factory price.

We only sell 100% human hair wigs. And we have our own factories to ensure we have adequate stock. Our core value is to provide our customers with confidence and high self-esteem by using our high-quality wigs. We are happy to answer your questions! Check out our website:





How can I style human hair wigs?

2021-August-10-Tue 11:29:56:AM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

Do you wanna style your wigs?

Sometimes it is easily for people to get bored of the original hairstyles of their wigs. While they don’t want to buy the new wigs. So, people want to re-style their wigs for a fresh and new look. Here in Anicekiss, we only sell 100% human hair wigs. So, you can treat it as your hair, of course, you can style it. Here are some tips:


1.     Get your tools out

Good hairstyles need good hair tools.

You can use these as a reference: the flat iron, the curling iron, some rubber bands, hair clips, wide-tooth brush…


2.     Make sure hair is in good condition

Your hair needs to be in a good condition to be styled.

Also, make sure your hair is completely dry before styling. If you style it when the hair wig is wet, it will cause damage to the hair.

Kindly reminder: if your hair wig is out of condition, then it would be better to not style it.


3.     Start to style

You can style you wigs once you prepare well.

If you want to straighten your hair, you need to use the flat iron, adjust to a low temperature at first. Then you can straighten the hair the way you prefer. If you want to curl the hair, you should use the curling iron. And do the same steps above.


But if you are not confident about your own skills, you can simply go to barber shop and ask for professional help, which we highly recommend.


Anicekiss is aiming to make our customers satisfied and confident by wearing our human hair wigs. You are always welcomed here.


Now the wigs are on sale, and you can use code “FB15” to get further 15% off. Check out our website:




Can I wear a wig every day?

2021-August-03-Tue 03:03:24:PM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

It is OK to wear a wig every day if you take care of the hair in the right way. To avoid dirt built-up, it is better to wash both the wig and your own hair.

Here are some tips for you to keep your wigs tide:


1.     Wash before wear

I understand you are excited for the arrival package. But please don’t wear it straight out of the box. The wig may retain the shape of the packaging when you firstly remove it from the packaging. You can style it as your preference. Or take it to a stylist who has professional skills.


2.     Take it off while sleeping

There are some frictions between pillows and wigs, which would probably do harm to your wig. Then the wig becomes tangled and dry easily. Besides, you need to restyle it after you wake up. So, our advice is to take your wigs off when you sleep.


3.     Do hair care regularly

You can wear it every day. But sometimes it needs a break as well. When you are not going out, take it off and treat it with oil or wash it and apply mild conditioner. In addition, your scalp needs to breath too.


4.     Choose the right wig

A good-quality wig is also significant. You always get what you paid for. Anicekiss provides best-quality wig with factory price. It is all made from 100% human hair. Treat it like your own hair. It is easy to put on and off. Check out our website:

Anicekiss is committed to providing high quality handmade wigs to every woman for factory price.

We are constantly improving our services: customer-centric, quality clearance, high-quality service, and problem-solving skills.

You are always welcomed in Anicekiss.

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