How to install your lace front wig without glue?

2022-July-13-Wed 02:39:31:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to install your lace front wig without glue?

Lay your lace front without any glue.

lay your lace front without any glue


The lace front wig is always popular on the market. Its ear-to-ear lace part could cover the entire hairline and provide you a realistic looking. Its more comfortable than a lace closure, and more affordable than a full lace wig. At most time, people tend to wear a lace front with glue, but today, were trying to bring you a much easier wearing experience -- lay your lace front without glue!


Hey, are you imagining your wig blown apart by wind or falling off in public now? Stop darling, its summer, no one want to wear a helmet in the hot weather all day, right? Without glue, you can take it off and put it on whenever you like. For some sensitive skins, no-glue installation is a the best choice. However, we dont recommend you wear your lace front without glue in very strong wind.


Before jumping into the installation steps, lets find out the tools youll need:


·wig cap (Dont have one? Do worry, youll get a free wig cap within your AniceKiss package.)

·tail comb

·hair spray

·your AniceKiss HD lace front wigs

AniceKiss HD lace front wig

Now, let's go through the easiest lace front wig installation tutorial! Watch this video and see how our hair doll Olivia does that.


Step 1. Prep your hair for wig installation.

Moisturizing your natural hair is a crucial step before you get your natural hair ready for wig installation. Then put your hair in cornrows, and it is a good way to flat the surface for your lace front installation. now 

prep your hair for wig installation

Step 2. Put on the wig cap.

A wig cap can not only provide a smooth surface but also protect your natural hair from friction.

put on a wig cap


Step 3. Put on your wig properly.

Put on your wig in the proper position, and you can adjust the elastic straps to your size. Besides, there are clips inside the wig to hold it. So dont worry, your wig wont fall off easily.

put on your wig properly


Step 4. Cut off the excess lace.

Take out your scissors and gently trim the lace to your hairline shape. If you have no idea how to do that, please go to this blog article, How To Cut Lace Off Your Lace Wigs?

cut off the excess lace


Step 5. Style your hair as you like.

Apply some hair spray, then curl your hair, straighten your hair, or just style it as you like! Youve already gotten your wig hair ready! Easy and quick, right?! Now its time to enjoy your day.

style your wig as you like



How to get the glue off your lace wigs?

2022-July-08-Fri 02:00:58:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to get glue off your lace wigs?

Remove the glue residue in one minute.

remove the glue off your lace wig


Lace wigs are always the most popular choice on the market. Although nowadays a lot of lace wigs are glue-free, most people tend to use glue to ensure their wigs fit more securely. Then how to remove the glue off the lace becomes a must-know. The blog article is going to share the most convenient way to get glue residue off your wigs.


Tools you may need:




Yes, thats all you need. You can easily find them in your home. After you have them at hand, lets start to remove the residues.


Step 1.

Apply your conditioner to the lace, and spread it all over the lace.

apply the conditioner on the lace



Step 2.

Take your toothbrush with some water. Then gently do circular motions, and up and down motions.

gently rub the lace with the toothbrush


Step 3.

Rinse it, and then magic happens. You can have a brand new, very clean-look lace.

a clean look lace


How to bleach lace knots?

2022-July-06-Wed 04:36:36:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to bleach lace knots?

Lace bleaching tutorial

lace bleaching tutorial


Hi wig lovers, would you like to make your lace closure or lace frontal look as natural as possible? One of the best ways to make your wig look like it growing from your scalp is to bleach the knots. However, bleaching is not an easy job. This blog article is going to tell you how to bleach the lace knots by yourself like a pro.


What are wig knots?  

Every strand of hair on a wig's lace cap is tied in knots known as wig knots. They prevent hair fallout and excessive shedding by securing the hair to the lace.

what's lace knots


Tools you need:

·Bleaching powder



·Aluminum foil

·Mixing bowl



Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1.

Lay an empty plastic bag flat on a table, or wherever you want to bleach your closure. Put the wig on the plastic bag with the facing up.


Step 2.

Always remember to wear your gloves, because the bleach powder could burn your skin.


Step 3.

Take 1-2 tbsp of bleach powder and a cap of developer into the mixing bowl. Mix them together until they become thick.


Step 4.

Apply the mixture to the lace using a brush. Never press the lace, spreading it out gently and evenly.


Step 5.

Sit on a foil and keep a close eye on the knots every 10 minutes. When you see no more black dots on your lace, it's time to rinse it.


Step 6.

Have a deep clean with shampoo and conditioner.

the knots after bleaching


Now you have gone through the whole process of lace bleaching! If youd like the most natural looking, the most important thing is you get a wig with high-quality lace. Lace wigs from AniceKiss are all made of top-quality HD Swiss lace, which is the thinnest and most transparent lace on the market. 


Best summertime wigs!

2022-June-05-Sun 12:00:00:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Summer is the season for outdoor fun! There's nothing like fun in the sun in the summer! It's the perfect time to switch up your hairstyle with the change in the season, along with rising temperatures! During the summer months, you need a wig that is comfortable, stylish, and flattering. Take a look at these top summer wigs! We've rounded up our top summer wig picks!


1.360 Lace Wigs & Full Lace Wigs
During summer,
360 lace wigs and full lace Wigs are the best options for human hair wigs. In the summer, the only problem we have is sweat stains and hot weather. It is possible to have a refreshing summer with a 360 wig or a full lace wig. Anyone who regularly wears wigs can understand why 360 wigs and full lace are the answer to summer's hair concerns. The tips in this article will help you enjoy a relaxing summer vacation.

360 wigs come with Lace closures allowing your scalp to breathe freely thereby preventing itchy and bored scalps. The 360's lace wig was laced all the way around. Because the back of the wig looks like your scalp, you can tie it up into a ponytail. A full lace wig, of course, is made of a lace wig cap, which makes it the most comfortable and breathable wig. AniceKiss only use the HD Swiss lace, which provides your the thinnest, the most undetectable. the most comfortable lace, 

2.Short Bob Wigs

It is always a popular choice to wear a Bob wig. Women enjoy wearing this suit not only because it displays their beauty and strength, but also because it gives them a feeling of comfort and elegance.

3.Wigs in Light Color

Summertime is for fun, for beach, for party, and all you need is a light color wig to make yourself melt with the hot weather. Blonde body wigs can show your enthusiasm, your elegance and make you stand out from others. Go with a blonde straight wig can never be wrong, and you can color your wig to show your unique personality. 


Cap Structure Of Wig

2022-January-05-Wed 11:22:54:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

There are many sources of hair materials, and there are also many kinds of lace styles that match them. Only with a good match in the early stage, the hair style formed is unique and beautiful.

 1.There are a lot of lace

The wig cap structure of the wig is composed of lace and net cap. The lace is at the front and the mesh cap is at the back. The worker sewed the hair tress on the net cap. Each wig has clips and adjustable straps for people to adjust the wig so that it looks more integrated

Representative lace wigs include: 4x4 lace closure wig, 5x5 lace closure wig, 6x6 lace closure wig, 13x4 lace front wig, 13x6 lace front wig, 360 lace wig, full lace wig. All these lace wigs can be made freely.

According to the size of lace, lace wigs can be divided into three types: lace closure wigs, lace front wigs, and full lace wigs.

Lace closure wig

Lace closure wigs generally have a slightly smaller lace area. Lace closure wigs have a lace closure that covers the limited part of the middle of the head. The lace closure has the same width and depth. There are three different sizes: 4x4 lace closure wig, 5x5 lace closure wig, 6x6 lace closure wig.

Lace front wig

Different from the lace closure wig, the lace front wig has a 13-inch lace front, which can cover the human forehead from ear to ear. People can get a complete and complete hairline, as well as a more realistic and natural wig appearance. All lace front wigs have lace foreheads of the same width and different depths. The 13x6 lace front wig has a 6 inches deeper lace front separation space than the13x4 lace front wig to achieve style versatility.
The lace front wig is very cost-effective, and most people will choose it.

Full lace wig

The full lace wig is made of full lace, and the area of ​​the lace part is the largest among all lace wigs. Full lace wigs are more versatile. People can do more hairstyles, such as ponytails and ponytails. However, full-lace wigs generally use conventional lace or use some mechanisms when making them, because if they are all handmade, the cost will be very high.

2. Without lace

No lace is generally cheaper, suitable for people who are just starting to wear a wig. Wigs without lace are made directly with mesh wigs and hair bundles. So people cannot part freely. The two biggest advantages of the following two wigs are easier installation and competitive prices.

 U part wig

The U-part wig of the human body has a U-shaped opening at the middle top of the wig. One's own hair can be exposed from the opening part, and then merged with the U-part wig hair. After putting on the wig, your wig will look more realistic and natural.

Headband wig

The headband wig is made of ice silk fabric with Velcro on the back. No glue is needed to install the headband wig, it only takes 1-2 minutes. It is also easy to take off for lazy busy girls and beginners. The headband wig only has a breathable elastic mesh cap that covers 3/4 of the head, and the rest is covered by a silk headband. Therefore, headband wigs are also called human hair half wigs.

Headband wigs can make more hairstyles. People can freely redesign your headband wig at home. For example, you can do some simple daily hairstyles, such as hanging your hair to your shoulders, or try to tie it into a bun or ponytail.

The above are just the main lace styles. With the different definitions of beauty, consumers and businesses will continue to develop new styles. If you have any ideas, you can share them with us, and we will listen to your opinions more!

Welcome to share with us!


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How To Cut Curtain Bangs On Your Wig?

2021-December-21-Tue 09:27:07:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
Sometimes our hair does not fit our face shape, or the overall effect is not so good. At this time, people are more willing to trim their bangs to make themselves more radiant. Let’s take a look.

What are bangs?

Bangs, often called fringed bangs, are strands or locks of hair that fall on the front hairline of the scalp to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, but can be of different lengths. The different habits of people also determine the shape of their bangs, such as straight chic bangs, side sweep bangs, curly bangs or curtain bangs.
What are curtain bangs?

As the name suggests, the curtain bangs are separated from the middle and swept to both sides, which looks like a curtain on a window. Usually, the bangs of your curtains look like arches, which is one of the reasons they can outline your face well. In addition, you will find that the bangs on the sides of the curtain are longer than those in the middle.

Why recommend curtain bangs to you?

1. Compared with other bangs, they require much less maintenance. Therefore, you can easily maintain your hairstyle in your daily life.
2. They are soft and fluffy.
3. They are suitable for any face shape.
4. Whether your wig is straight, curly, wavy or short-wave, curtain bangs will make you look great.

How to cut curtain bangs by yourself?

You should first create a central part on your hair, you want to make it as straight as possible.
Put the comb on the top of your head, no matter where it is lying flat, it is on the top of your head, it is very similar to the ideal position for you to start with bangs.
Then, you should walk along the arc of your eyebrows. No matter where the arc goes, you have to drag your hair wherever you go to create split ends. Don't forget to edit the part to keep it beautiful and clean.
Next, you can choose to wet and clean the bangs, and then cut them flat. You can use the chin as a guide for cutting. Use a comb and scissors or razor to cut your hair. Then, to separate them back , you only need to adjust their angles.
Finally, use a hair dryer, comb and small round brush to shape your curtain bangs to make your bangs softer and more beautiful.

If you have additional content, or have questions about the above steps, welcome to discuss with us!

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How To Refresh Your Old Lace Wig?

2021-December-17-Fri 10:04:48:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
Nowadays, lace wigs are proven to be a good way to protect natural hair. We believe that it is already a symbol of beauty and health care. Whether you like to keep your hair free or tie them into smooth ponytails, they will look beautiful only by keeping them fresh.

Lace wigs are definitely not cheap, especially when you like to use human hair wigs. But if you do not understand the maintenance of real human hair, it will shorten the use time of the wig. So, let's take a look at the useful tips, which will help you give your old lace wig a new look.

Clean lace wigs regularly. 

Your lace wig must receive the same care and love as natural hair. Even if you wear a wig, you are not exempt from regular hair washing. Like your original hair, human hair wigs need to be carefully prepared and washed daily. When exposed to strong winds, human hair wigs will become tangled and need to be removed carefully or they will break. Soak the wig in warm water and massage gently. You don't need to clean your wig often, let it dry in a cool and dry place before using it again or storing it. Generally, in order to prevent scratches on the scalp, hair, and full lace wigs, make sure that natural hair is still clean. Before cleaning the wig with the help of a wide-toothed comb or perhaps the index finger, they are first separated properly. Hairdressers usually recommend combing the hair from the tips and then slowly combing to the roots. Before cleaning your hair, you should use a basin to partially moisten the hair. This can prevent the wig from being lost in the hair. In order to create thin foam, you can use an appropriate amount of high-quality shampoo. Wearing a wig only has some dust on the surface, so do not wash the wig often, usually once a month. The wig itself does not contain oil. Another important point is the occasion where you wear it. If you wear a wig once or twice a month or two, you should wash it every two months.

Good quality conditioner.

 Use a high-quality conditioner to keep your hair safe and prevent it from freezing. Just carry a small amount of conditioner and it can be applied to the hair easily and uniformly. Mark it strictly as this will loosen the hair and make them slip off the wig base instead of applying conditioner to the roots. In order to comb them, it is usually recommended to use a wide tooth comb. If the hair is still soaked with conditioner, this step should be performed. Let your wig relax. Wearing wigs does not mean that you can expose them to harsh environments. Your lace wig hair often undergoes strict treatment with toxins, pollen, smoke and other substances, just like your original hair. Although protecting natural hair from these external factors is the core idea behind wearing wigs, lace wigs still need to rest. We strongly recommend that you don't wear too many wigs to extend the service life of the wig. If possible, please continue to replace the wig. For this, you should also prepare another pair of wigs and let them use them alternately.

 Consult an expert when needed. 

Although there are many styles of lace wigs to choose from, and there is a lot of leeway in hair design, we believe that we will still consult or at least listen to the suggestions of the stylist when choosing and storing wigs. They will definitely provide you with very effective and powerful lace wig maintenance skills. If the style of the wig you bought is newer than the style you are currently wearing, please consult your stylist about its use. Invest in quality products instead of spending on repairs. We believe that human hair wigs are very similar to natural hair, but there is a gap between human hair wigs and real hair in the use of hair care substances. Everyone who wants to look beautiful will spend considerable money on ordinary quality wigs, so why not buy real wig care products to keep them clean and long lasting. Specially designed to accommodate hair wigs, there are different product lines. The hairstylist strictly recommends that you only buy them.

The above are just some of our suggestions, maybe you have found more useful methods, welcome to communicate with us and explore more possibilities together, waiting for you!

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The Factors We Love Wearing The Wigs

2021-November-11-Thu 03:02:57:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

Now, with the period of fast development, more wigs are popular among black women. For net, the wigs become less expensive, more fashionable than before. With me to see the factors we love wearing the wigs.

1. Wigs let you change your style whenever you want
Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrity goes from a bob one day to waist-length waves the next?
It’s not a magic trick or miracle growth. It’s wigs.
Lots and lots of different length wigs.
If you’re non-committal about your style or like changing things up, wigs are the way to go. Wigs let you try out as many new styles as you want, whenever you want, without damaging your natural hair.
Relaxing and curling treatments, dye jobs, blowouts - all of these cause damage to your hair. The more often you get your hair styled, the more damage you’ll accumulate If you like to switch up your style, or if you want to road test a new look before committing to it, try a wig!

2. Wigs protect your natural hair
Curling irons damage hair.
Straighteners damage hair.
Blow dryers damage hair.
Hairspray, mousse, root lifters, and heat protectors damage hair.
Most of the tools we use to style our hair damage it in some way. If your hair is thinning or damaged, damaging it, even more, is the last thing you want to do.
Wearing a wig not only protects the natural hair underneath your wig but also encourages regrowth. Wigs give your hair a break, allowing it to grow back stronger and longer than ever before.
Just make sure you’re wearing the right type of wig if you’re trying to regrow your hair. Choose a wig that’s made with a breathable cap, like a 13x4 lace wig or headband wig, that gives your skin room to breathe underneath your wig. If your wig fully covers your skin, natural oils will build up and stunt your hair’s regrowth.
Wigs can protect your hair from bad weather, too.
In climates with very dry air, like in the desert or very cold places, our hair can become brittle and dry.
Wigs protect your hair from the elements.

3. Wearing wigs saves you time
The thing about having a great hairstyle is that it takes FOREVER to create.
Despite what millennial people would have us all believe, you can’t create a perfect blowout in 10 minutes or less. Even if you have a shorter style, a lot of time and effort goes into styling your hair.
How much time?
On average, American women spend six full years doing their hair over their lifetime.
Besides that, creating salon-quality looks at home can be difficult (we still can’t get that weird spot at the back of our head to completely dry).
Wigs give you salon-quality styles in a fraction of the time it takes to style natural hair. All you need to do is comb your wig, shake it out, put it on your head, and walk out the door.

Our lives are busier than ever. Wear a wig and save yourself some time so that you can do the things you like doing.

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Black Friday Is Around The Corner

2021-November-05-Fri 10:26:48:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

When the hair tangling ,what can we do?

2021-September-26-Sun 09:13:35:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

Sometimes, the hair lasting a long time, which may be tangling, so, when we face the question, what can we do ?

Here are some tips your can follow when the hair tangling:

1. Do not use a brush on hair that is already tangled. Remove the tangles first by gently pulling the strands with your fingers or a wide tooted comb.

2. Make a habit of combing your hair from the bottom upwards.

3. Use a volumizing shampoo if your hair is fine or thin. Usually fine and thin hair are prone to be tangling and by using shampoos that add volume and movement to thin strands, you can minimize the chances of encountering tangles with your hair.

4. Rinse with cold or cool water. Cold water helps close the cuticle, which not only adds radiance to the hair but also prevent many forms of hair tangles. The better way to dry your hair is to blot it gently with a towel.

5. Use a detangling spray or conditioning product that will help reduce hair tangles. It can be in a form of leave on conditioner that you can apply on the area where most tangles occur.

6. Do not allow your hair to fly freely in the wind unless you want to have a hair full of tangles afterwards.

7. Never wet your hair when it is already tangled because this will only worsen the situation. Instead, spritz the tangle with a shine serum spray and then massage the knotted area with the palms of your hands. This will help loosen up the tangled area. Untangle with your fingers or a wide toothed comb afterwards.

8. Untangle your knotted hair immediately. Do not wait until tomorrow or next week until you do something about the tangles in your head. 

We feel honored to share these tips with you. We are also happy to hear from you if you have additional or different opinions.

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