How can I style human hair wigs?

2021-August-10-Tue 11:29:56:AM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

Do you wanna style your wigs?

Sometimes it is easily for people to get bored of the original hairstyles of their wigs. While they don’t want to buy the new wigs. So, people want to re-style their wigs for a fresh and new look. Here in Anicekiss, we only sell 100% human hair wigs. So, you can treat it as your hair, of course, you can style it. Here are some tips:


1.     Get your tools out

Good hairstyles need good hair tools.

You can use these as a reference: the flat iron, the curling iron, some rubber bands, hair clips, wide-tooth brush…


2.     Make sure hair is in good condition

Your hair needs to be in a good condition to be styled.

Also, make sure your hair is completely dry before styling. If you style it when the hair wig is wet, it will cause damage to the hair.

Kindly reminder: if your hair wig is out of condition, then it would be better to not style it.


3.     Start to style

You can style you wigs once you prepare well.

If you want to straighten your hair, you need to use the flat iron, adjust to a low temperature at first. Then you can straighten the hair the way you prefer. If you want to curl the hair, you should use the curling iron. And do the same steps above.


But if you are not confident about your own skills, you can simply go to barber shop and ask for professional help, which we highly recommend.


Anicekiss is aiming to make our customers satisfied and confident by wearing our human hair wigs. You are always welcomed here.


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