A letter from the African American women (customer)

2021-September-02-Thu 03:16:13:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

A letter from the African American women customer

I have spent hours watching the top-recommended wig reviews on Youtube. However, most of what I found led me to websites selling wigs for a price range well above my budget. I’m talking a minimum of $900 or so. Let’s be honest here. That’s a true commitment right there. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather spend more on quality than spend less on something that falls apart in a few days. So, I set my budget to around $300 and went deep into the vortex of body wave wigs recommendations online.

As a customer ,when I bought Anicekiss’s hair ,I had some questions .I considered the quality ,density ,after-sale service.when the hair arrived ,the product made me surprised.My doubts were dispelled.

I would introduce the Anicekiss hair details and the reason why I liked.

Firstly ,I bought the body hair wigs with 24 inch ,180% density,black hair .when touched,it was very soft and comfotable.No shedding ,no knots.

Secondly ,with your mood ,the hair style could change.If I like,I could dry the hair.the outmost customer experience let me watch the honest of Anicekiss seller.I would introduce their products to our friends,relationship,partners and so on.

Last but not least,the price attached our most attention.compared with other hair producers,Anicekiss’s hair must worth it.

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