How do I distinguish real human hair wigs from synthetic ones?

2021-July-12-Mon 02:02:33:PM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

  In order to make an informed decision about what kind of wig is best for you, you need to be able to differentiate between wigs made of synthetic hair and those made of real human hair. There are certain clear cut features that you can use to identify which wig is made of which material:

1. LIFE SPAN:Synthetic and human hair wigs have drastically different life spans.Human hair wigs are made of hair that was once on a real human, because of which they have naturally occurring proteins and nutrients in them, which give human hair wigs a longer life span.Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, have never withstood real environmental conditions due to which they are not designed to withstand environmental exposure for a long period of time.So while a human hair wig can last you about 6-12 months, synthetic hair wigs have a life of about 1-3 months.

2. STYLE RETENTION:If you want to test what kind of hair your wig is made of, just see how well it holds any style you make with it.In terms of styling, synthetic hair wigs will be better at holding any style after washing.Human hair wigs behave a lot like real hair, because of which even though they feel real, you will have to re-style them once you wash them.

3. DAMAGE BY HEAT:Synthetic hair is made from chemical fibers because of which it is very vulnerable to damage by heat. If you want to curl or straighten the wig hair, you will need to buy a special heat-friendly synthetic hair wig.Human hair wigs, on the other hand, can withstand exposure to heat just as well as real human hair with the proper heat protection sprays.Most synthetic hair wigs also do not have the same bounciness or flexibility that human hair wigs have, because of which it is difficult to make complex hairstyles with them.

4. PRICE POINT:Price is another point of comparison between human and synthetic hair wigs that you can use to distinguish between them.Human hair wigs are generally more expensive as the hair is given by real humans, and it has been treated using all the hair products that are used for human hair.Synthetic hair wigs are slightly more cost-effective as they are mass-produced using chemical fibers.

  However, the difference in price does not mean that human hair wigs are better for you than synthetic wig units because that depends solely on the kind of look and styling you want to achieve from your wig unit.

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