How many hairs we lose one year?

2021-May-14-Fri 09:50:58:AM  AUTHOR:jue

 When we use shampoo washing our hair,some hairs always detach our scalp.Doubts flooded my mind,how many hairs we lose one year?

 Let me tell you,evidence shows that we will lose 23748 hairs.A net friend accumulate the hair she lose every day.Amazing,she lost 324 hairs one day.Oh my god,Will I be bald?The hair has gone away from me, the new ones haven't grown out yet.

     First of all, we should relax our mind, our hair is still very even, and we will not be bald.Hair loss is a normal metabolism. There are new ones growing out.

 Second,we need to know if there is a genetic history in the family.A bald head is a woman who has no genetics, so women don't need to worry.if we have a little bald ,we need to consult a professional doctor.

 Third,if bold cant rescue,we need a wig in some occasions,such as wedding,taking a party etc.when you choose a wig ,you have many things to consider,for example can i sleep with my human wig?How To Choose The Right Lace Color To Match Your Scalp?

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