How to choose a suitable density of wig?

2021-May-21-Fri 04:12:47:PM  AUTHOR:jue

 What Is Hair Density?

  Hair density means the hair thickness of a hair wig. Different hair density wigs have different lines of hair bundles on the back. The more lines of hair bundles a hair wig has, the thicker a wig is.

  There are main 4 levels of hair density in West Kiss Hair: 130%, 150%, 180%, 220%. 130% density is too thin to have been removed from the website. If you don’t like thick hair wigs, 150% density is your great choice. Compared to long hair wigs, 150% density is more suitable for short bob hair wigs. Most people like 180% density, because its thickness is not too thick or too thin that is just right for most girls. The hair wigs will be thicker with releasing percent.

 How To Choose The Best Hair Density Of Wigs?

  About how to choose the best hair density of hair wigs, there are some objective and subjective influencing factors. Including different hair textures, hair lengths, seasons, and personal preferences, etc.

1) Seasons

   We all know that temperatures vary seasonally, different seasons will have different choices of hair densities. For example, winter is more suitable for wearing thick hair wigs because winter is colder than summer. On the contrary, summer is better to wear a thin hair wig.

2) Hair Lengths

   Short hair wigs are better to choose thin hair density, like 180% hair density. 220% hair density wig will make people look thick and heavy. On the other hand, long hair wigs can select some thicker hair density of wigs.

3) Personal Preferences

  Different people have different feelings about the thickness of hair wigs, you can choose your preferred wigs that make you feel the most comfortable. The suit is the best.

4) Hair Textures

  Hair wigs with curls will look fuller and thicker than straight hair wigs. So when you decide to buy a classic straight hair wig, you can consider choosing some higher hair density of wigs.

5) Find Us For Some Recommendations

  If you still don't know or can't decide which hair density to choose, you can please contact us, we will advise our sincere recommendations.

Where To Buy A Perfect Hair Wig?

  You need to find a hair company that is experienced in the wig market.Anicekiss can be your choice. There are various hair products in our online store, including cheap lace front wigs, closure wigs, etc.