Must choose headband wig in summer

2021-June-22-Tue 02:50:06:PM  AUTHOR:jue

In summer, it is really a torment for people who are prone tosweating. We put on the wig again, which is more airtight. After the whole day,we feel that the hair has a bad smell.You bought an unsuitable wig ,that’s feltworse. Everyone wants to buy the right wig. I recommend you to buy headband wigs.

Why I recommend headband wig?

1.Icesilk headband. Ice silk meets the physiological requirements of human skin.It is smooth and cool, breathable, antistatic and colorful. Ice silk interlayerenvironmental protection sponge, ecological, environmental protection, does notcontain any rubber, benzene, formaldehyde and other substances.However,it hasits weak point. After using it for a long time, its elasticity will becomepoor, which will reduce air permeability and reduce comfort. It needs to beused carefully and taken care of frequently.

2.Humanhair. Hair is divided into human hair and chemical fiber hair. The wig madeof real human hair is made of pure human hair that has been processed. It hashigh fidelity, is not easy to knot, can be cut, dyed, and permed, and isconvenient for changing hairstyles. The price is higher and the qualitativeeffect is not very good. The second is chemical fiber (the chemical fiber isbrighter). The wig of chemical fiber is made of chemical fiber, which has poorfidelity and itching after wearing it, which is easy to react with the scalp.However, the price is cheap and the styling effect is long-lasting. However,long-term use of this chemical fiber can hinder the metabolism of the scalp, soit is not suitable for long-term use.

3.Headband wigwithout lace.After washing the hair,it will become very harder.But now,is haven’tlace.We needn’t care it.

How can i get it?

You can get itat online store Anicekiss.There aremany curls to supply.They will reply you in 24 also can connect onWhatsapp:+8613346693102