Why human hair price more expensive than others?

2021-May-20-Thu 01:57:46:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  There are many kinds of wigs, we won't introduce them one by one here.if you want know more about them ,you can click there.We mainly introduce human hair.Why is the price of real human hair expensive?

  First ,real hair is more expensive than others at the time of acquisition.And it is not every day that factory can receive human hair for sale.So,The price of real human hair remains high.

  Second,a wig is made by manmade,and it will take a very long time.The number of hairs on each hole is fixed.One less hair in each hole will appear uneven.The density of a wig is obvious by contrast.

  Third,before each hair is applied to each hole, it must be kept under manual care to exclude the fragile and short hair.


Why we wear a wig need glue?

2021-May-19-Wed 02:16:23:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  When we watch the wig video, we will find that the anchor will apply glue on the wig before putting on the wig.This is considering the durability of a wig.A wig can be used for 3 months if it is well maintained.The damage of a wig is different depending on the place where the glue is applied.

  When the glue is applied to the hair cap, the time used for the wig is relatively short.If the price is cheap, there is nothing to be a pity.If the price is more expensive, then I suggest applying a little less on the hair cap to achieve a stable effect.You can still use it after a wash.

  For wigs, my suggestion is not to dye the hair. The dye will harden the lace net.For hdlace, this is a pity.Dyeing your hair will shorten the life of your wig.The best way is to apply it on the side of the hair cap and on the lace net.


How Can Human Hair Lace Front Wig Looks Natural?

2021-May-18-Tue 02:25:07:PM  AUTHOR:jue

Human Hair lace front wigs have natural looking hairline when worn properly.They have mesh or lace cap at the front of the wig,a lace front wig can be worn a way that you can style the hair away from your face, lace front wig should be made from human hair that allows you to style it the same way that you do your own Body Wave Hair.
1.Choose a top quality lace front wig made with 100% human hair that will ensure it looks really natural.You have many quality to choose from when selecting a lace front wig.There are lots of sellers call or describe their wigs selling online ,it doesn't always mean that their wigs are all made from 100 percent human hair.Sometimes human hair is combined with animal hair,such as yak, angora or horse hair.100 percent human hair lace front wigs are generally high quality wigs,and as such is more expensive than those wigs mixed animal hair.
2.Before buying a wig,consider the way the hair was handled prior to the making the wig,and consider how the hair was attached to the wig cap.The best quality lace front wigs are made from remy hair,which means the hair strands were kept in the proper alignment after being cut,and hair cuticles are attached to the wig in the same direction that it originally grew,which not only looks natural,last long,it also won't tangle.Hand tied wigs are also more natural looking than human hair wigs which were machine made.
3.Choose human hair front lace wigs have similar texture to your own.Chinese Remy hair is thicker and stronger which can looks great on African-American women.Indian Remy hair is silker,softer and makes front lace wigs look great on almost anybody.
4.Apply a human hair lace front wig properly so that it looks natural.You might need to practice this a few times before you get it right.Apply the front edge of the lace mesh to your hairline with adhesive,you can manage to create a natural looking hairline.You can also use makeup to further blend this area and create more natural looks.


How to not make others see I’m wearing a wig?

2021-May-17-Mon 01:44:53:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  Many people have puzzled that someone’s hair looks so beautiful. Maybe,that is not natural growth.She is wearing a wig.But,why her wig looks so perfect?let me tell you a key.
  First ,she have a human hair wig that is very natural,black,and soft.If you want konw more about human hair wig,you can visit there.
  Second,her wig has hd lace,closing to skin stone,widely welcomed.there are have many lace:swiss lace etc.Lace is important for a wig.Click there,know more about it.
  Third,wig need to care for it.Wig in everyday needs maintenance,treat them like our own hair.Only this,you can use it many times.Call on now ,know how to care it.


How many hairs we lose one year?

2021-May-14-Fri 09:50:58:AM  AUTHOR:jue

 When we use shampoo washing our hair,some hairs always detach our scalp.Doubts flooded my mind,how many hairs we lose one year?

 Let me tell you,evidence shows that we will lose 23748 hairs.A net friend accumulate the hair she lose every day.Amazing,she lost 324 hairs one day.Oh my god,Will I be bald?The hair has gone away from me, the new ones haven't grown out yet.

     First of all, we should relax our mind, our hair is still very even, and we will not be bald.Hair loss is a normal metabolism. There are new ones growing out.

 Second,we need to know if there is a genetic history in the family.A bald head is a woman who has no genetics, so women don't need to worry.if we have a little bald ,we need to consult a professional doctor.

 Third,if bold cant rescue,we need a wig in some occasions,such as wedding,taking a party etc.when you choose a wig ,you have many things to consider,for example can i sleep with my human wig?How To Choose The Right Lace Color To Match Your Scalp?

If you want have more information,you can connect us:WhatsApp: +8613346693102,or Log in to our website:http://anicekiss.com


Why stars hair looks so many?

2021-May-13-Thu 02:43:52:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  Stars out of house always glamorous.In addition to having their own team, they also pay great attention to maintenance.In normal, whether it is dyeing, perming, or straightening, it will damage the hair.If you want to protect you hair,I can give you some suggestions.

  First,you can tell the barber not to let the hair dye touch the hair roots.That can protect the hair roots and never effect the growing new hair.

  Second,after dyeing your hair, take care of it.It is best to be 2 to 3 times a month.but ,it really waste time.And at our spare time ,we want to leisure and entertainment .

  Third,it is very simple.you need a wig which is the best human hair wig.if you care for it,it can use three months.And there are natural black colors and many types,which are 13x4 body wave,13x6deep wave,4x4deep wave and so on.The lengths are also comprehensive.


Is A 5x5 Lace Closure Wig a Good Choice?

2021-May-11-Tue 05:46:45:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  Among the closure wigs, What Edit I recommend most is the 5x5 closure wig.
  Maybe you are not very familiar with it, but after my introduction, you will know something about it, will also know  it is a good choice.
What is a 5x5 Lace closure wig?
  5x5 Lace closure wig is a kind of closure wig, the area of  lace part of the wig is 5 inches wide and 5 inches long. The lace part is in the middle of the hood, 5x5 Lace closure wig is sewed with bundles and closure, so there is no doubt that it is 100% human virgin hair wig. Whether the medium brown lace color or the transparent lace color, both can give you a natural hairline look, just feel like it is your real hair, so you can choose it based on your skin color.

  Why is a 5x5 Lace Closure Wig?
  Firstly, The lace part of the 5x5 lace closure is 5inches by 5inches, the lace area covers your forehead, making it possible to have a natural and beautiful hairline, adding with enough baby hair, it will look more realistic, making it popular among the young people.
  Secondly, Distinguish from the lace frontal wig, the lace area of the 5x5 closure wig is less, so it will be more affordable and suitable for a person with Small budgets. Less money can also have a good hair look.
  Thirdly, 5x5 lace closure wig is easier and more convenient for a new one to install, as well as easier to take care of, so it is a beginner-friendly wig type.
  Last but not the least, due to its ease of manageability, 5x5 Lace closure wig can even be restyled and recolored as you like, you can redo the part design or the color of it to show the variety of your beauty.

 where can find 5X5 lace wig?

  Anicekiss is committed to meeting the needs of customers.Anicekiss is a real 100% human hair brand,which expresses the product essence of the natural beauty.The products represent the love of people.Our shop can provide the satisfaction of human hair wig. When you buy some types ,you can change your hair style freely.Customers can contact us if they have any questions at any time.


How to measure the length

2021-May-10-Mon 11:24:40:AM  AUTHOR:jue

Go to the wig shop to find Mr. Tony to cut my hair, my length will never be the same as the Tony’s length.When buying a wig, the biggest doubt is where the length of the wig is.And there have curly wave,body wave,deep wave and straigh hair.

Tips In Choosing The Perfect Wig Length

1. Match with your height

  The height should be taken into account while choosing the right length. If you are petite, choosing a long wig makes you look even shorter. But if you go for a short or mid-length wig, it will appear that you are taller than you are.

2. Suit your face shape

  It will look better than others for the women with a square face shape to wear short-length hair, like short bob wigs. If you have a diamond face shape, a mid or long-length wig with curls or waves will look better.

3. Balance your body structure

The hair length you select can enhance your physical features positively or negatively. Some things to be considerd are the length of your neck and your torso. If your figure is tall and slim, then medium-length or longer hair will help you gain a more feminine look. However, it will look less charming if you select the too-short length. Identify your body structure and determine which length will look best.

4. Always go an inch longer

Having the longer option is safe because you can always cut the extra inches off anyway. Dealing with unnatural, shorter wigs means having to sacrifice a few inches off your natural hair just to make ends meet. You wouldn't like that.


Can I Sleep With My Human Wigs?

2021-April-18-Sun 02:06:43:PM  AUTHOR:jue

Nowadays, hair human wigs has become a must-have item for many girls. Some people wear it every day even when sleep at night. It’s totally understandable to want to be beautiful at all times. Most importantly, it takes us several hours to install a wig,of course we hope that it will stay as long as possible until the glue is messed.

So what should we do to protect the wig as much as possible? Here are a few tips.

1. Prepare your wig.

 Before you lie down, you can braid your hair or ponytail, and then wrap your wig with a haircap so as to reduce the direct friction while sleeping.

2. A satin or silk pillow case will help a lot

 You can also use satin or silk pillows or pillowcases, because its surface is very smooth, so that you can cut down the friction and protect your wig from tangling or being damaged.

3. Brush off all the tangles in the morning

 Even if you have taken some measures to protect your wig, please comb your hair in the morning and detangle it. Fix tangles in time will prevent hair from getting worse.

4.Give your wig break.

The wig also needs to be rested, so don’t take it to sleep too often. It’s better to have a replacement, which will extend the lifespand of wig.


How To Detangle A Wig In Easy Steps 

2021-April-13-Tue 09:41:41:AM  AUTHOR:jue

     When you get up early and look at mirror,you may be upset with your hair.Once you follow these, your wigs will be all smooth, detangled, and ready to use!

     Use the right comb/brush: This is important because using the wrong brush can tangle your synthetic wig even further. So, pick the right comb/brush. Ideally, it should have a wide-tooth so that it can easily detangle your hair.

     Prevent detangling with the right products: All you need is to brush with the comb to detangle. However, if you want to take your synthetic wig care even further and avoid tangling, you need to maintain the wig with the right hair care products. This is because the more the fibre of the wig is damaged, the more it will tangle. So, it is essential to use the right shampoo. Apart from that, never use regular hairspray.

      Always wash the wig correctly: You have used the right products and the comb, but your synthetic wig may start getting knotty and frizzy after a few months. This is why every time you wash your wig, make sure that you do it correctly.

     Try steaming your wig: If you still can't seem to detangle your wig, then steam it first and then use the comb. Do remember that heat damages synthetic wigs, and so it should be used minimally.

     Only do this step if your knots are way too tangled. All you have to do is steam the wig so all the kinks and knots in the fibre can be straightened out. This way, all the tangles will come undone, and then you can wash and detangle your wig right after to ensure that the heat damage does not stay on your wig. Use this method sparingly.

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