How to get the glue off your lace wigs?

How to get glue off your lace wigs?

Remove the glue residue in one minute.

remove the glue off your lace wig


Lace wigs are always the most popular choice on the market. Although nowadays a lot of lace wigs are glue-free, most people tend to use glue to ensure their wigs fit more securely. Then how to remove the glue off the lace becomes a must-know. The blog article is going to share the most convenient way to get glue residue off your wigs.


Tools you may need:




Yes, thats all you need. You can easily find them in your home. After you have them at hand, lets start to remove the residues.


Step 1.

Apply your conditioner to the lace, and spread it all over the lace.

apply the conditioner on the lace



Step 2.

Take your toothbrush with some water. Then gently do circular motions, and up and down motions.

gently rub the lace with the toothbrush


Step 3.

Rinse it, and then magic happens. You can have a brand new, very clean-look lace.

a clean look lace


How to bleach lace knots?

How to bleach lace knots?

Lace bleaching tutorial

lace bleaching tutorial


Hi wig lovers, would you like to make your lace closure or lace frontal look as natural as possible? One of the best ways to make your wig look like it growing from your scalp is to bleach the knots. However, bleaching is not an easy job. This blog article is going to tell you how to bleach the lace knots by yourself like a pro.


What are wig knots?  

Every strand of hair on a wig's lace cap is tied in knots known as wig knots. They prevent hair fallout and excessive shedding by securing the hair to the lace.

what's lace knots


Tools you need:

·Bleaching powder



·Aluminum foil

·Mixing bowl



Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1.

Lay an empty plastic bag flat on a table, or wherever you want to bleach your closure. Put the wig on the plastic bag with the facing up.


Step 2.

Always remember to wear your gloves, because the bleach powder could burn your skin.


Step 3.

Take 1-2 tbsp of bleach powder and a cap of developer into the mixing bowl. Mix them together until they become thick.


Step 4.

Apply the mixture to the lace using a brush. Never press the lace, spreading it out gently and evenly.


Step 5.

Sit on a foil and keep a close eye on the knots every 10 minutes. When you see no more black dots on your lace, it's time to rinse it.


Step 6.

Have a deep clean with shampoo and conditioner.

the knots after bleaching


Now you have gone through the whole process of lace bleaching! If youd like the most natural looking, the most important thing is you get a wig with high-quality lace. Lace wigs from AniceKiss are all made of top-quality HD Swiss lace, which is the thinnest and most transparent lace on the market. 


How to cut the lace off your lace wig?

How to cut lace off your lace wig?

Lace cutting tutorial.

lace cutting tutorial

If you want to put on a lace frontal wig by yourself, the first thing you need to know is how to cut off the lace. How you cut the wig determines how natural it will look. This blog article is going to show you how to cut the lace off your HD lace wig in a way where its not too jagged, not too straight.


1. Place the hair on your head. To begin, place the wig on your head and pull it forward so the wig hairline is just slightly in front of your natural hairline. Secure the unit so it doesnt slide while cutting.


2. Before start cutting the lace, you need to pluck the hairline and make it more natural. Why do you pluck wigs? Because they tend to have a very straight hairline that appears unnatural. Plucking the baby hairs on your lace wig creates a more natural look that mimics your hairline.

pluck the hairline


3. Cut off the lace near your ear. The first thing you need to focus on is the lace near your ears. The lace is a little longer because some people have longer hairlines or wider heads. Hence, the lace is made a bit longer and you can customize it to your liking.


4. Cut the lace into sections, which will make it much easier without messing it up.


5. Cut the lace. To cut your lace and get it to be flawless, its basically not to cut in a straight motion. You should move your scissors in a zigzag motion, so that you dont have a straight select cut across your forehead and youll have a more seamless and natural look.


6. If you have baby hair, you need to go underneath your baby hairs to cut them, so that they wont get messed up.

how to cut the baby hair


Let’s try headband wigs!

Lets try headband wigs!

Breathable, light, and perfect for summer!

Headband human hair wigs


Whats the headband wig?

Typically, a headband wig has a headband attached to the front portion of the wig. In this case, the headband will cover the hairline and allow for a more natural appearance. Rather than using clips or other fasteners, it can be put over the head with the help of a headband.


Why should you choose a headband wig?

· Beginner-friendly. Headband wigs are perfect for beginners. There is nothing complicated or stressful about wearing and taking off a headband wig. They are perfect go-to wigs. When you go grocery shopping without your hair down, and then you can just throw it on. They are just so convenient. It doesnt get easier than that.


· Lightweight. Compared to traditional wigs, headband wigs are much lighter. It is one of the most important benefits of headband wigs. You can carry it on your head, style it, use it, and maintain it easily thanks to its lightweight design. They are highly breathable and suit all seasons.


Check out headband wigs at AniceKiss

1. Headband body wave wigs

headband body wave wigs

2. Headband curly wave wigs

Headband curly wave wigs

3. Headband deep wave wigs

Headband deep wave wigs

4. Headband straight hair wigs

Headband straight hair wigs


How to revive your old wig

How to revive your old wig?

Hi wig lovers, hows going today and hows going with your wig? Is your wig still soft and stunning? Or does it become frizzy, tangle and dry? How to revive your old wig and make it as fresh as a new one? Read this blog article, and its going to walk you through the whole process to bring your human hair wigs back to life.


Step 1.

Your hair should first be brushed out and detangled completely before being placed in water. Because whenever the hair is already tangled, water can lock it in.


Step 2.

Once you get your hair fully detangled, you need to add hot water into the sink and place the hair into the hot water. In this way, every bit of dirt and product on the cap and hair will be broken up by the hot water. Lie your wig in the water for 30 minutes.

place your hair into hot water

Step 3.

After letting the hair sit for 30 minutes, what you should do is washing the hair. Make sure you wash the cap with shampoo. It is important to do this as carefully as possible, so there won't be any mould growing on the cap. Rinse it with half cold and half hot water after you've thoroughly cleaned it.

wash your wig with shampoo


Step 4.

Then its time to condition your human hair wig. Place the conditioner throughout the hair. Dont forget to massage it into the hair and get it on each and every string. Set it aside for at least 15 minutes.

place the conditioner on your hair


Step 5.

Rinse your hair with cold water. The cold water will close the cuticles of the hair, sealing and locking in all the conditioner oil.

 rinse your hair with cold water

After going through all the processes, you will see a shiny and healthy human hair wig, and youll bring your weave back to life!


How to keep a curly wig’s pattern?

How to keep a curly wig’s pattern?

Hey wig lovers, have you ever been having an issue making your deep wave wig, your curly wigs, and water ever you in your hair continue to stay juicy, curly, and fresh with that wet look all day long without getting frizzy? If it is what’s bothering you, make sure you read the rest of this blog article. 

1.Detangle your hair

Have warm water in a spray bottle and just lightly spray your hair. Get your hair damp enough to put a brush through. Then just brush it out. Don’t forget the ends that is where you normally get all the frizziness.

2.Do not wash your hair too often

You do need to wash your wig to keep your scalp clean, but 2-3 times a week for everyday wearing is fine. However, it’s important not to wash your wig too often since it will open the cuticle and peel off the natural oil in it.

3.Apply hair mousse or cream

After your hair is nice and damp, the next is going to be applying a foaming wrap or hair cream. If you want to maintain your curly hair, apply a large amount of mousse to your hair evenly and finger-comb it through. Make sure you concentrate some in the front because sometimes this hair does get frizzy in the front.

4.Deep condition your hair

The most important part of maintaining your wig is treating it like you treat your own hair. When it gets caked up or has too much product build-up, you have to make sure that you wash it and deep condition it, and then your hair is going to last as long as it should.


How to dye your lace front wig without dying the lace?

How to dye your lace front wig without dying the lace?

It is easy and valuable to change hairstyles and colors quickly and easily with lace front wigs. To dye your front lace wig safely without damaging it, you may want to know how to dye it safely. If you ever wondered how you can dye your lace frontal without getting color on the actual lace, this blog article is going to show you the secrets.

Things you are going to need for dying the hair:

1. An application brush

2. Vaseline

3. Gloves

4. Hair dye


Step 1

Firstly, youre gonna need some Vasseline, just smooth it out and spread it all on the bottom of the lace.


Step 2

Put your wig on a canvas head so that you can get ready to dye it.


Step 3

Using your application brush, dip it into the dye and brush it very carefully across the root area.


Step 4

When you have finished rinsing your hair, blow dry it or let it air dry.



AniceKiss Membership Rewards Points: How to Earn and Use Them

AniceKiss Membership Rewards Points: How to Earn and Use Them

Hello AniceKiss Family! AniceKiss is an China-based hair product supplier. All of our wigs are made of real virgin human hair and we only use top-quality HD lace. We just launched our membership rewards system, and  AniceKiss members can get discounts and shop with points! You can earn rewards points and redeem your points to cash when youre placing an order.

Earning points:

·For the new members, once you create an account, youll earn 100 points

·Youll earn 1 point per dollar spent

·Youll get 10 points for every day login.

·Recommend our wigs to your friends, once your friends place an order, youll earn 1 points every dollar your friend spent.

·Tag us and @ us on your social media and get rewards points.


Use your points:

·When youre placing your order, you can get $1 off per hundred dollars!


Wigs for alopecia and hair loss

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder characterized the patchy hair loss on the scalp or other parts of the body where hair grows. People suffering from this type of hair loss sometimes experience physical and emotional distress as a consequence. If you are experiencing complete hair loss or advanced alopecia, you may want to invest in a wig. It will give you full scalp coverage and will not damage your bio hair.

For those suffering from alopecia, choose wigs that dont irritate their scalp and are comfortable to wear throughout the day. Many with alopecia choose to wear a glueless wig rather than an adhesive, since wearing an adhesive on your scalp for an extended period can irritate your scalp and damage your hair follicles.

Here are our suggestions for people with alopecia.

1. The full lace straight hair wig

Lace wigs from AniceKiss are all made of top-quality HD Swiss lace, and full lace wigs could provide you with the most comfortable wig cap and will never irritate your scalp, which could be the best choice for those with alopecia. The classical straight long hair will look great on all face shapes. Go with the full lace straight hair wig.


2. The 360 lace body wave wig

360 lace wig is made of lace 360 around and it could give you all around protection. The 360 wig is another good choice for those with alopecia to protect their scalp and bio hair. The Body wave is always the most popular hairstyle among black women. Go with this 360 lace body wave wig.


3. The short bob hair

The short bob hair is a perfect choice for summer. Its light weight makes it great for keeping a cook scalp. This simple and easy-to-wear wig provides a playful style. 



Deep wave hair V.S. Water wave hair

Are you a fan of wavy wig? Are struggling with different curl patterns like deep wave and water wave? When it comes to deep wave and water wave, both types of hair have similar curl patterns. If your are not sure which one to get, know that both of them are equally great choices. Both of these deep wave and water wave will bring you a similar look, and the main difference is that water waves tend to have a curlier appearance. In this blog post, we will share the differences between the deep wave and water wave.


Whats Deep Wave Wigs?

The deep wave hairstyle is defined as having curly hair that is dense, smooth, and has tighter curls than the body wave. This is curly hair that gives off the appearance of being full and healthy.


Whats Water Wave Wigs?

Water wave's most outstanding feature is its sleek and sexy look without any need to add any additional products. Water wave hair is an excellent alternative to alternative curly hair extensions since it has irregular patterns.


Whats the differences between deep wave wigs and water wave wigs?

The main differences between deep wave and water wave wigs are the hair volume and the curl laying direction. The deep wave hair has curl pattern positioned in the same direction. However, the water wave hairs curl patterns positioning at opposite directions so it can form a seemingly large volume.

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