What is the best wig for Autumn?

2022-September-23-Fri 09:43:34:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

What is the best wig for Autumn?

Fall wig collection

The best wig for autumn 

As autumn approaches, the humidity and heat of summer are gone, but the chilly winds of winter aren't upon us yet. Changing up your hair color in the fall is a delightful way to experiment with warmer, richer colors. The best thing about wearing human hair wigs is that they make changing your look SO EASY. In addition to being fun, wearing wigs maintains the quality of your wigs. In case you have more than one alternative for hair loss, you can extend the life of all of them.


The shades and tones of our hair in fall lend themselves perfectly to cozy layers of flannels, from strawberry blondes to caramel-highlighted browns and auburns. Lets pick up a brand new wig for autumn.


1. Strawberry blonde wigs

Strawberry blonde is also call honey blonde. It has a golden brown base with subtle red note that gives it a flattering warmth.

honey blonde wig


2. Caramel highlight brown wigs

Brown could be the most popular color in autumn. The dark brown with highlight could makes your hair more natural and realistic.

4/27 highlight wig


3. Auburn wigs

Auburn is actually reddish brown. With the red hunt in, this type of color could gives you more energy and warmth.

auburn wig


How to bring your curls back after heat styling?

2022-September-14-Wed 03:49:26:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to bring your curls back after heat styling?

Tips for getting your curls back from heat damage.

 how to bring your curls back after heat styling


We all know human hair wigs can be curled, straightened and styled as your natural hair. So we can not always keep your lace closures heat-free. Heating styling is necessary for the versatility. Then how to revive your curls from after heating styling is a must-know. This blog article is going to discover how to bring your texture back from heat damage.


Step 1. Put your hair in hot water.

Drench your hair in hot water is a good way to release the thermal style.


Step 2. Deep clean your lace closure wigs.

After rehydrate every strand of your lace closure, youd better use the shampoo designed for hair extensions to rinse away product buildup, and heat induced curls or straightness.


Step 3. Moisturize your hair with condition.

Deep conditioning is a crucial process to moisturize and hydrate your hair. Leave the condition on your hair for at lease 10 minutes, and then detangle it with wide-tooth brush.


Step 4. Define your curls with styling products.

Use the styling products to define your curls. You can apple some mousse to smooth your hair out.


Step 5. Get your revived curls.

Hooray! You get your healthy, defined curls. 

get your difined curls


How to choose the ideal wig color to match your skin?

2022-September-09-Fri 10:05:28:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to choose the ideal wig color to match your skin?

Tips for choosing the ideal color for your lace wigs

tips for choosing the ideal color for your lace wigs


Choosing the right wig color could be a tricky thing, just like finding the perfect foundation shade. Your natural hair color, seasonal shifts, and your skin tone are all key factors should be taken into consideration when choosing your wig color. This blog article is going to walk you through how to choose the ideal color for your lace wigs.


Take your complexion into consideration

If you have a light complexion and black hair, youd better avoid wearing dark-colored wigs, as they will create the appearance of an inverted triangle on your head. Opt for colored wigs with light or neutral tones, such as blonde or brown, since they create balance by emphasizing your heads natural characteristics. If you have a dark skin, ashy, cool brown, chestnut, and chocolate tones will work well on you. While you can still rock blonde or even vibrant rainbow shades, dark colors are always a safe choice to make hair look thick and healthy. Check out our colored wigs.

blonde wigs


Consider your natural hair

If your original hair color is dark brown or black, choose a shade that nearly matches it. Of course you can go with any color you like, but always remember hide your natural hair properly under the wig. Besides, sometimes, you need some makeup to make your wig match you better.

brown wigs

Think about the seasonal shifts

Most people tend to change their hair color with the seasonal shifts. All kinds of colors are good for spring and summer. People tend to wear light color to embrace the warm and hot weather. For the upcoming autumn and winter, bark brown and dark red could be very good choices. 

99J wigs


AniceKiss Autumn Cashback Campaign

2022-September-05-Mon 04:03:09:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Autumn Cashback Campaign

Benefit from the AniceKiss Cashback campaign!

Cashback campaign


The long hot summer is slowly coming to the end, and to help you embrace the cool autumn, were offering our wig lovers a cashback bonus. For the rest everyday of September, well give you up to 100$ cashback on you purchases. Get your human hair wigs, and win the chance to get your cash back!


How it works

This will apply to all purchases, no minimum purchase requirement. All you need to do is:


1. Place an order, and youll automatically enter this cashback campaign.

2. Well randomly pick up our winners, and notify you by email if you are the winners.

3. After you receive your package, well give the cash back to you!


Check out our most popular HD lace wigs and be ready to get your cash back!

Lace Closure Wigs

Lace closure wigs are always the best choice for wig newbies. Seize the chance and get your one.

lace closure wigs

Lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are always the most popular ones in the wig worldl. They could give you the most realistic hairline.

lace front wigs

Colored Wigs

Colored wigs are good choices for the coming autumn.

colored wigs


Human Hair Wigs Labor Day Special Offer Is Here!

2022-September-02-Fri 03:58:57:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Happy Labor Day!

Human hair wigs Labor Day special offer is here!

labor day special offer


As the last minute of summer and the start of autumn, Labor Day will bring changes to many aspects of your life, including your preference of your hairstyles. Have a human hair HD lace wig is the easiest way to change your hairstyle. To celebrity the Labor Day for all hardworking wig lovers, were having our Labor Day special offer here. All HD lace wigs are at 34% off and theyll comes with a random free wig. So treat yourself!


1. Body wave lace closure wigs

Lace closure wigs could be a perfect choice for the wig newbies. They are easy manage and very beginner-friendly. The lace part could bring you a very natural parting space. The body wave is always the most popular one for women of all ages.

body wave lace closure wigs


2. Straight hair lace front wigs

With the larger lace part, lace front wigs could provide you the most realistic hairline. The prices of lace fronts could be a bit higher, but dont worry, we our special offer is here!


3. 99J burgundy red deep wave HD lace wigs

Burgundy red could always give you the feeling of energy and warm, which makes it very perfect for autumn.  Check out our 99J bungundy red wigs.

99j burgundy red human hair wigs


What Is A Skunk Strip Highlight Wig?

2022-August-31-Wed 10:49:00:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

What Is A Skunk Strip Highlight Wig?

The basic knowledge about stunk strip hair.

skunk strip human hair wigs


Currently, skunk striped hair is all over the internet and many celebrities have been sporting this hairstyle. Are there still those of you who don't know what it means? Skunk dyed hair is definitely a cool girl look. This blog article is going to walk you through the basic knowledge about skunk strip hairs.

What is skunk strip hair?

It is easy to see why skunk stripe hair got its name when you look at a skunk, yes, the adorable black and white animal. A lock of blonde, light brown, or colorful highlights that contrasts nicely with the rest of your hair. People were inspired by these cute-looking black and white animals, thus leading to this latest hairstyle. Black and white stripes on hair make it look like skunk hair, so it is called skunk stripe hair.

skunk strip human hair


Whats the most popular skunk strip color?

To create skunk stripes on human hair wigs, people usually bleach the base hair to a light blonde shade and then dye the tips darker. The most basic and popular skunk hair wig comes with a dark color, usually black, with contrasting blonde or light brown streaks in t position of the bans to frame the face. However, you can customize your own skunk strip hair into any color you like, such as pink, red, or green which is quite popular on TikTok.

skunk strip human hair wigs


How to maintain the skunk strip hair?

Keeping skunk dyed hair in good condition requires some maintenance, just like with any colored hair. While washing your skunk strip hair, youd better chooses a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed for color-treated hair. Dont expose your skunk strip hair directly to the strong sun light, which will fade your skunk strip hair color. 


Colorful Lace Closure Wigs For The Coming Autumn

2022-August-26-Fri 11:50:40:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Colorful Lace Closure Wigs For The Coming Autumn

The most popular fall color wigs

colorful lace closure wigs for the coming autumn

The hot weather is gradually getting away, and the cool autumn is at the corner! Your outfit, your daily routine, and even your favorite food are going to change with the weather. Then why not change from the head?! Having a colorful lace closure wigs to quickly change your hairstyle.


1. 1B30 Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs

Color #30 is medium auburn, and the reddish brown could be the most popular color in autumn. It can be seen on the trunk of trees, fruits. If we consume green is the color of spring, then you can say autumn is the season of reddish brown.

1b30 lace closure human hair wigs


2. 99J Burgundy Red Lace Closure Wigs

Burgundy red is a rich reddish-purple hue, which is a combination of brow, red, and a hint of blue. The red color could always bring you the sense of strength and energy. The burgundy red is much darker than the normal bright red, which could be warmer, gentler and more suitable for autumn.

99j burgundy red alce closure wigs


3. Skunk Strip Highlight Lace Closure Wigs

Skunk strip highlight human hair wigs is another good choice for the coming autumn. No matter what season it is, the natural black could always be the most popular color. If you still want to keep your hair black, then why not light up your day with the skunk strip highlight human hair wigs?

skunk strip highlihgt lace closure wigs


Back To School Hairstyles

2022-August-24-Wed 11:48:26:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Back To School Hairstyles

Perfect Human Hair Wigs For Your School Life

Back To School Sale!

Back-to-school season is at the corner, and our hottest back-to-campus sale is here now. Are you ready to light up your first school day with a new hairstyle? Weve rounded up the best back-to-school deals on your favourite human hair wigs.


AniceKiss Back To School Sale Details 

$20 off when you spend over $199 with the code: BTS20

$40 off when you spend over $299 with the code: BTS40

AniceKiss back to school sale


AniceKiss Back To School Season Hot Selling Wigs For You

1. Headband Curly Wave Human Hair Wigs

Headband human hair wigs come with no lace. The combs and elastic strap inside could help you to secure the wig. Headband human hair wigs are very beginner-friendly and quick to put on. Get the popping curls without any efforts!

Headband human hair wigs


2. Body Wave Lace Front Wigs

With lace front wigs, you can easily cover the rear nape for a perfectly flawless appearance since the hairline appears as though it may be your own. Body wave hair is definitely the most romantic and gorgeous hairstyle.

lace front human hair wigs


3. Stunk Strip Highlight Straight Human Hair Wigs

Highlight wigs is one of the most popular hair colors in this summer. If you are a fan of colored wigs, then dont miss this stunk strip highlight straight human hair wigs.

stunk strip highlight human hair wigs


4. Deep Wave Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs

A lace closure wig could be give you a very nature part space, at the meantime, its not as expensive as a lace front.  

deep wave lace closure human hair wigs


How to pick a wig for your face shape?

2022-August-22-Mon 03:52:06:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to pick a wig for your face shape?

Best wig style for your face shape.

how to pick a wig for your face shape


Have you ever wondered why a certain hairstyle that looks gorgeous on a celebrity does not look even half as good on you? Well, that's because the shape of your face determines lot. Actually, right from the accessories you wear to the makeup you apply, a lot depends on your face shape. This blog article is going to help you find your face shape so you can pick a wig in the style that suit you best.


There are generally six different face shapes for women, each with specific features determined by the proportions of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and chin. They are oval face, round face, square face, heart-shaped face, diamond-shaped face, and oblong face.

different types of face shape


1.Oval Face

The first face shape will cover is oval. Someone with an oval face shape usually has forehead that is slightly wider than the chin, with the length of the face being more than the width. One celebrity with the oval-shaped face is Jessica Alba.

the celebrity with oval face


Hairstyle for an oval-shaped face.

The oval face shape is believed to be the world’s most common and idea facial shape. People with an oval face shape can wear virtually any style, from a long body wave human hair wig to a short bob wig.

13×4 body wave human hair wigs

2.Round Face

People with round face shapes characterized as having a circular face with larger cheeks and little to no angular structures. Selena Gomez has a round face shape.

celebrity with round face


Hairstyle for a round face.

The best hairstyle for a round face are shoulder length or longer. The A-line bob is considered a good choice for a round face. The short straight bob wigs makes the face look thinner and frames it nicely.

short bob human hair wigs



3.Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces tend to have a wider forehead. More pronounced cheekbones in a chin that comes to a point at the bottom. The widest part of your face is the forehead and your chin is pointed. Jennifer Aniston is a great example of someone with a hear-shaped face.

celebrity with heart-shaped face


Hairstyle for a heart-shaped face.

People with heart-shaped face should avoid styles that accentuate the width of the forehead or cheekbones. So a long length straight hair human hair wig could be a perfect choice for a people with hear-shaped faces.

13×4 straihgt human hair wigs


4.Square Face

A square face has a wider more pronounced chin and forehead. The forehead and angular jawline are often the same width. Rihanna has a square face.

celebrity with a square face

Hairstyles for a square face.

Long hair may soften the sharpness of a square jawline. Avoid chin liked styles. A long straight human hair wig or a long body wave human hair wig could be a good choice.

body wave human hair lace closue wigs 

5.Diamond Face

When the top of your forehead to the corner of your eyes to your chin your your diamond, and you have a more pronounced chin and angular jawline. Then you have a diamond shaped face. Megan Fox is a great example of this.

the celebrity with a diamond face

Hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face.

A chin length bob wig or a long wavy human hair wig would look good on this shape.

deep wave human hair wigs


6.Oblong Face

Oblong face shapes are long, rounded on the top and bottom and have a narrower chin than the oval face shape. Sarah Jessica Parker has the quintessential oblong face.

the celebrity with a oblong face

Hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face.

Volume with layers is great for widening this narrow shape thick bangs look great on oblong shapes along with links below the chin. Avoid sleek hairstyles. You can pick a curly wave human hair wig to create the width.

curly wave human hair wig


Some people have a combination of these shapes. Keep in mind that these are all just suggestions. Feel free to wear any style that makes your feel beautiful and confident.


What is a beginner-friendly wig?

2022-August-19-Fri 11:31:10:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Whats a beginner-friendly wig?

The best choices for novice wig wears.

The best beginner-friendly wig


Wearing wigs is the easiest way to change your hairstyle, but for some novice wig wearers, wigs could be hard to put on. The most beginner-friendly wig should be the one that is seamless and easy to go. This blog article is going to list the top beginner-friendly wigs.


1. Headband wigs

If youre new to the wig world, dont ignore the headband human hair wigs. The fact that they are easy to put on and come in so many different styles, headband options, and textures, makes them the perfect choice for our newbies. They dont require any special skill to put them on.

headband wigs

2. V-part wigs

A V-part human hair wig is another good choice for beginners. There are clips and an elastic band inside the wig base to secure the wig and flatten the hairline. You can just clip it on your braids and go.


3. Lace closure wigs

Normally we recommend our novice wig wearer get a non-lace glueless wig as their first wig. However, if you do love a lace wig, the lace closure wig could be the one. A lace closure could offer you a free parting space in the lace area. A lace front wig could not only provide you with the parting space but also a very realistic hairline. However, at the same time, you need to do more work with the lace. So that we highly recommend you start with the lace closure wigs. 

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