Recommmend Frontal Lace Wigs For Halloween

2021-October-26-Tue 09:57:38:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

Halloween is coming! The atmosphere becomes more crazy, exciting!
98% of ladies like human hair wigs ,according to the data shows
Anicekiss provides a big discount for beautiful girls, especially lace frontal wigs!
Now, please follow me to see the 13x4/13x6 frontal lace wigs.

13X6 Lace Frontal Wigs

The 13X6 frontal human hair wigs are more fashionable, graceful, elegant when hot sale now. Body wave suitable for different occasions, when you come to the party or activity, you can take most people's eyes. We have adequate stock, diverse lengths, colors, densities you can select.

13x4 Lace Frontal Wigs

 A highly recommend and hot style for fashion girls For this 13x4 lace frontal curly wave human wig, it with large lace space and could do more styles like a side part, middle part, etc, also the price is cheaper than the 13x6. It has different hair densities, lengths for you to elect.
Heartly Waiting Four Your Coming!

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Anicekiss new hair straight short bob wigs arrival !

2021-September-10-Fri 06:05:58:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

Anicekiss new hair straight short bob wigs arrival !

Ombre Bob Wig 1B30 Straight Short Bob Wigs Lace Closure Wigs


Anicekiss Hair provide high quality Ombre Bob Wig #1B/30W Straight Short Human Hair Bob Wigs 4x4 Lace Closure Wigs And 13x4 Lace Front Wig 12-16 Inches With Affordable Price

The Ombre Bob Wig #1B/30 short straight bob wigs are arrivaling ,when we survey the need of fashionable market ,the short straight bob wigs are absolutedly popularized .Aa customer or manufacturer,who feel very excited and urgent.One client said:when I see them, I want to wear it.

When we hear that,we are very surprised that the bob wigs can make customer more comfortable,charming.Ok,follow me to know the new proudct details

Ombre Bob Wig #1B/30 Straight Short Bob Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair,Natural and Healthy,Soft and Tight,No Shedding,No Tangling Glueless Lace Front Wig with Elastic Straps and Combs,the Cap Size Could Be Adjust.

Cap Size:Medium Size (22-22.5 inch)

Lace Color: Medium Brownr to Give a Natural Hairline to Make Wigs Natural Looking,Lightly Bleached Knots Human Hair Lace Wigs

100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Lace Front Wigs, Baby Hair Around Perimeter to Give a Natural Hairline to Make Wigs Natural Looking,Lightly Bleached Knots Human Hair Lace Wigs

The Wig Can Be Returned,As Long As It Is in It's Original Condition Including the Excess Lace in Front and Back Uncut

We Have a Professional After-sale Team.Please Contact Us Freely If You Have Any QuestionS

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How can I style human hair wigs?

2021-August-10-Tue 11:29:56:AM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

Do you wanna style your wigs?

Sometimes it is easily for people to get bored of the original hairstyles of their wigs. While they don’t want to buy the new wigs. So, people want to re-style their wigs for a fresh and new look. Here in Anicekiss, we only sell 100% human hair wigs. So, you can treat it as your hair, of course, you can style it. Here are some tips:


1.     Get your tools out

Good hairstyles need good hair tools.

You can use these as a reference: the flat iron, the curling iron, some rubber bands, hair clips, wide-tooth brush…


2.     Make sure hair is in good condition

Your hair needs to be in a good condition to be styled.

Also, make sure your hair is completely dry before styling. If you style it when the hair wig is wet, it will cause damage to the hair.

Kindly reminder: if your hair wig is out of condition, then it would be better to not style it.


3.     Start to style

You can style you wigs once you prepare well.

If you want to straighten your hair, you need to use the flat iron, adjust to a low temperature at first. Then you can straighten the hair the way you prefer. If you want to curl the hair, you should use the curling iron. And do the same steps above.


But if you are not confident about your own skills, you can simply go to barber shop and ask for professional help, which we highly recommend.


Anicekiss is aiming to make our customers satisfied and confident by wearing our human hair wigs. You are always welcomed here.


Now the wigs are on sale, and you can use code “FB15” to get further 15% off. Check out our website:




Cultural transition of the wigs

2021-July-15-Thu 11:08:53:AM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

Speaking of the wigs, what do you think of at the first glance?

In the past few years, people may treat wigs as a coverup for baldness.

But nowadays, as the awakening of self-awareness, people tend to see wigs as a fashionable tool. We are happy to see this transition since we Anicekiss is dedicated to focus both product quality and customer inspiration. We want to deliver the best wigs to our consumers while we hope our customers could enjoy the self-satisfaction that wigs bring to them as well.

We sell loads of wigs worldwide. And we hope our brand can bring self-confidence for every customer. Hair is a way of self-expression. People may think for black community that they put the wigs on because they want to hide their natural hair. People always doubt the nature or the baldness for them. But we want to show them no matter you use wigs or not, you are yourself. It is not a big deal for wearing wigs and it is just as simple as makeups, a tool for pleasing yourself.


What we can do is to share our beliefs for this topic and encourage everyone to be true to themselves. We will continue to provide best quality and share our core values to our beloved consumers.


What are your thoughts about this topic?

You can leave your thoughts by sending us email:


Anicekiss is committed to providing high quality handmade wigs to every woman for factory price.

We are constantly improving our services: customer-centric, quality clearance, high-quality service, and problem-solving skills.

You are always welcomed in Anicekiss.

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How do I distinguish real human hair wigs from synthetic ones?

2021-July-12-Mon 02:02:33:PM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

  In order to make an informed decision about what kind of wig is best for you, you need to be able to differentiate between wigs made of synthetic hair and those made of real human hair. There are certain clear cut features that you can use to identify which wig is made of which material:

1. LIFE SPAN:Synthetic and human hair wigs have drastically different life spans.Human hair wigs are made of hair that was once on a real human, because of which they have naturally occurring proteins and nutrients in them, which give human hair wigs a longer life span.Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, have never withstood real environmental conditions due to which they are not designed to withstand environmental exposure for a long period of time.So while a human hair wig can last you about 6-12 months, synthetic hair wigs have a life of about 1-3 months.

2. STYLE RETENTION:If you want to test what kind of hair your wig is made of, just see how well it holds any style you make with it.In terms of styling, synthetic hair wigs will be better at holding any style after washing.Human hair wigs behave a lot like real hair, because of which even though they feel real, you will have to re-style them once you wash them.

3. DAMAGE BY HEAT:Synthetic hair is made from chemical fibers because of which it is very vulnerable to damage by heat. If you want to curl or straighten the wig hair, you will need to buy a special heat-friendly synthetic hair wig.Human hair wigs, on the other hand, can withstand exposure to heat just as well as real human hair with the proper heat protection sprays.Most synthetic hair wigs also do not have the same bounciness or flexibility that human hair wigs have, because of which it is difficult to make complex hairstyles with them.

4. PRICE POINT:Price is another point of comparison between human and synthetic hair wigs that you can use to distinguish between them.Human hair wigs are generally more expensive as the hair is given by real humans, and it has been treated using all the hair products that are used for human hair.Synthetic hair wigs are slightly more cost-effective as they are mass-produced using chemical fibers.

  However, the difference in price does not mean that human hair wigs are better for you than synthetic wig units because that depends solely on the kind of look and styling you want to achieve from your wig unit.

  How can i get it?

  You can get it at online store Anicekiss.There are many curls to supply.They will reply you in 24 also can connect on Whatsapp:+8613346693102




What are the benefits of wearing a wig?

2021-July-06-Tue 03:36:20:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  There are many benefits of wearing a wig because it protects yournatural hair from damage. especially it protects hair from heat styling andcoloring.It is a natural way to completely change your look. wigs givesemotional confidence to people who suffer from Alopecia with wigs you don'thave to necessarily cut your hair and causes less regret if you don't like yournew haircut.Overall wigs are great and you can wear it like your natural hairand nobody will be able to tell the difference if you wear it properly

  Here are the benefits of wearing a wig.

  1.Unlimited styling: wig such as lace front wigs and full lace wigsgive you unlimited styling options. You can tie them in different ways, braidthem, and many more.

  2.Pre-styled wigs are convenient. You don't have to style them muchespecially synthetic wigs.

  3.Great way to hide hair loss: If you experience hair loss then wigsare a great way to hide it. Wigs provide full coverage.

  4.Wigs protect your hair from heat styling options. Your wig willtake the heat and keep your natural safe.

  5.Most of all wigs make you feel confident

  How can i get it?

  You can get it at online store Anicekiss.Thereare many curls to supply.They will reply you in 24 also can connecton Whatsapp:+8613346693102


What wigs do the Kardashians wear?

2021-July-05-Mon 02:05:05:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  Changing the color of your hair can really make a big difference inyour look! Kim Kardashian platinum blonde's bright eyes shocked many people atthe beginning, but after being accepted by everyone, it still won unanimouspraise. But if you have the money and time to maintain it, try gold! Here aresome tips on how to keep platinum blonde hair as neat and beautiful as KimKardashian. This is very difficult, and too many times of dyeing is anexcessive pressure on the scalp.

  If you really want to get the exact same color as Kim Kardashian, thenstop dreaming. Everyone's hair is different, but the same hair dye will show adifferent color. Be sure to communicate with the hairdresser, they will knowwhat kind of hair your hair is, and serve you better.

  My suggestion is to buy blackreal human hair. Black hair is generally not wrong, even if it is notsuitable, it can be dyed. Of the black real hair, straighthair is the cheapest. We can make more styles on the basis of straight hair.

  How can i get it?

  You can get it at online store Anicekiss.Thereare many curls to supply.They will reply you in 24 also can connecton Whatsapp:+8613346693102


What kind of wig looks most natural?

2021-June-25-Fri 01:53:16:PM  AUTHOR:jue

There are so many wigs on the market, and they all look good.There arereal human hair, synthetic hair and other wigs on the market. But which wig isbetter and more cost-effective?

1.Humanhair wig. .Real human hair is processed from our own hair, without specialdyes and processing. In order to maintain its original color and texture, itwill not be over-processed. The price and material of real human hair are thebest, and it will not cause great harm to the human body.

2.Hdlace. Its color is very suitable for the skin tone of African Americanswomen. Hd lace fits well with the skin, and it doesn't look abrupt.Hd laceHuman hair wig is the best choice.

3. How can i getit?

You can get itat online store Anicekiss.There aremany curls to supply.They will reply you in 24 also can connect onWhatsapp:+8613346693102


Must choose headband wig in summer

2021-June-22-Tue 02:50:06:PM  AUTHOR:jue

In summer, it is really a torment for people who are prone tosweating. We put on the wig again, which is more airtight. After the whole day,we feel that the hair has a bad smell.You bought an unsuitable wig ,that’s feltworse. Everyone wants to buy the right wig. I recommend you to buy headband wigs.

Why I recommend headband wig?

1.Icesilk headband. Ice silk meets the physiological requirements of human skin.It is smooth and cool, breathable, antistatic and colorful. Ice silk interlayerenvironmental protection sponge, ecological, environmental protection, does notcontain any rubber, benzene, formaldehyde and other substances.However,it hasits weak point. After using it for a long time, its elasticity will becomepoor, which will reduce air permeability and reduce comfort. It needs to beused carefully and taken care of frequently.

2.Humanhair. Hair is divided into human hair and chemical fiber hair. The wig madeof real human hair is made of pure human hair that has been processed. It hashigh fidelity, is not easy to knot, can be cut, dyed, and permed, and isconvenient for changing hairstyles. The price is higher and the qualitativeeffect is not very good. The second is chemical fiber (the chemical fiber isbrighter). The wig of chemical fiber is made of chemical fiber, which has poorfidelity and itching after wearing it, which is easy to react with the scalp.However, the price is cheap and the styling effect is long-lasting. However,long-term use of this chemical fiber can hinder the metabolism of the scalp, soit is not suitable for long-term use.

3.Headband wigwithout lace.After washing the hair,it will become very harder.But now,is haven’tlace.We needn’t care it.

How can i get it?

You can get itat online store Anicekiss.There aremany curls to supply.They will reply you in 24 also can connect onWhatsapp:+8613346693102


How to keep a durable wig and natural hair clean?

2021-June-01-Tue 10:02:00:AM  AUTHOR:jue

Last month,Isaw a help page in facebook.Because fleas appeared on her head, that’s horrable.Nowi give you some suggestions.

1.whyhave fleas?Becuase the hair is dirty,or the fleas from animals to your body. tochoose a wigWhen you buy a wig,you can buy headband,which is convenient and simple.Itdoesn’t need glue ,so you can wash it twice a week.Keep normally regular wash.

3.Hasalready appeared.If your hair really have fleas,keep can use medicine,orvery thin comb called Bizi.You can visit Taobao.

4. Preventionfirst.the summer is coming,you will sweat a lot in outdoors.You must be wash your hair, Keep refreshing and don't be lazy.

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