Graduation Season Sale is Coming!

2022-May-27-Fri 12:00:00:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Graduation season is here! Surely, you will want to ensure that you look stunning and wonderful for this special event. In this blog article, there are some ideas for Graduation Hairstyles that you can create. They are all very simple and you can totally try them. Show off your awesome hairstyles at your graduation ceremony.


Body wave

Body wave hair is definitely the most romantic and gorgeous hairstyle.



Straight hair

Straight hair is the most classic style, and itll never goes wrong with straight hair.


Curly wave

Curly wave, guaranteed to be lovely.


Braided hair

If youd like something new and stunning, try the wig with beautiful braids.


About Chinese Bangs Wigs

2022-March-16-Wed 09:52:42:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
Fashion comes and goes, but style lives on. To meet people's changing fashion needs, there are always new wigs for us. If you are also a hair fashion lover, I believe that trendy hairstyles can always attract your attention. Recently, a new hairstyle - Chinese bangs wig has been popular with many girls.See that!

What is a Chinese wig?

First, we need to understand the basic concepts. Chinese bangs wigs refer to black straight wigs with bangs. We can see that Chinese people have straight black hair, which is why the wigs are called Chinese bangs wigs.

Why choose Chinese wigs?

In this section, we'll detail why you can choose a Chinese bangs wig for yourself.
1. Versatile
Chinese bangs wigs are made with straight and black hair. Straight hair has the unique advantage of being smooth and flat, and the glossiness is also an attraction. And black is the most classic colour. Therefore, Chinese bangs wigs will suit your outfit and skin tone. You can never go wrong with getting a black straight wig.
2. Natural
This is a wig with bangs, which means you don't have to show your hairline. Many beginners have a hard time using glue to make their hairline look natural. Although you don't have to worry about how to perfect your hairline.
3. Change the way you look
Have you tried bangs hairstyles? If not, this wig is a good choice for you. Bangs help shape your face and accentuate the features of your eyes and cheekbones. In addition, if you are not satisfied with your forehead, or have some blemishes on your forehead, it is a good way to cover your forehead, hide skin blemishes, and show a more perfect self.
4. Easy to maintain
Some girls may find wigs with bangs more difficult to manage. But actually, bangs are easy to maintain. You can wash and condition it as usual. The extra thing you need to do is secure your bangs with a straightener.
Short Bob with bangs the girl wear looks so charming

What kind of Chinese bangs wig to choose?

We know that wigs are made of different materials and are available in different lengths. So which is better?

1. Chinese Bang Wigs Human Hair Wigs VS Chinese Bang Synthetic Wigs
In fact, most wigs on the market today are made from human hair. Because human hair wigs, like our own hair, are more natural, softer and of higher quality. Simpler and more convenient restyle is also their unique advantage.
And synthetic wigs also have their own advantages. They can hold the hairstyle and colour better. They can have deeper, more vibrant colours. Also, they are more affordable than human hair wigs.

2. Short VS Long Chinese Bangs Wig
Because Chinese bangs are all straight black hair, the only difference is the length. Straight black hair with bangs will make you more cute and youthful. Many girls prefer short wigs because they exude character and confidence. Also, styling and trimming a Chinese bangs wig will take less time. For example, you can easily style your wig into a Chinese bangs wig.
Chinese wigs with long bangs can add a gentle and elegant touch to you. Long wigs are more versatile and can be restyled into different hairstyles. But they require you to spend more time conditioning and styling.

Each wig has its pros and cons. You can choose the wig according to your requirements and preferences.

you can see the long hair with bang that makes the lady look gentle and graceful

How to make a Chinese bangs wig?

We know that Chinese bangs wigs refer to black straight bangs wigs. So really only if you have a black straight wig, you can try making one yourself. Because there will be a seam between your bangs and the rest of your hair, lace forehead wigs are better for bangs
First, put on straight black hair, then use a comb to cut some of it off. You can decide for yourself how much hair and bangs you want, any thickness. Then use a hair iron to smooth out the parted hair. Next, twist them together and cut them to the appropriate length. Remember not to cut them too short, you can leave a length in place for the nose.
Go ahead and use the iron to keep your bangs flat and natural. Then you just need to trim them with scissors to the shape and length you like. After all the steps, you will have beautiful bangs.
Today we mainly introduce Chinese bangs wigs for you. Black and straight wigs will never go out of style, so if you're into it, give it a try! Maybe you will find out how cute and beautiful you are with bangs!

See Here,How to Tighten a Wig!

2022-March-08-Tue 09:48:54:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
After some of us women choose the right wig, when the wave and length of the wig are confirmed, we will face a new problem, how to fix the fake on our head to make it look more natural and last longer without falling off. But sometimes when you get your new wig and can't wait to put it on only to find it's too big for you, it can turn our mood from good to bad. Also, if the wig is not the right size for you, it will fail to show your beauty, which can make us uncomfortable on some occasions. Therefore, it is very important to know how to tighten the wig effectively, especially when it is windy! In the next part, we are on your side and solve the problem for you.

1. How to tighten a wig with a strap ?

Before putting on the wig, take a look at the inside of the wig cap. You'll notice that the adjustment strap is usually just above the wig's neck. The "scruff" refers to the back of your neck .

Just pull the elastic and your wig will become tighter, then if you pull it out, the wig will become looser. Typically, wigs have a band on each side. Don’t worry! They stay securely in place as long as the straps are hooked tightly in the right place.

This is definitely the easiest way to tighten a wig. However, it can only help loosen or tighten the wig in a very limited size, and many people don't think it's an absolutely safe way. If the straps do what you need to tighten the wig, then this is a great way for you.

clips can tighten the cap,when you wear the wigs

2. How to tighten a wig with an elastic band ?

In addition to the wig strap that comes with the wig, you can also install the elastic strap of the wig cap yourself, which can help the wig shrink smaller. This is a very good method for people with sensitive skin.
What you need are: elastic band, scissors, needle, thread and tape measure

Step1: Determine the required length of elastic band. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the ears along the nape of the neck, then tighten the elastic as much as possible and cut to measure the length

Step2: Open the wig cap naturally, put the new elastic band in it, and make sure to follow the wave of the loose wig cap.

Step 3: Secure the ends of the elastic with needle and thread. Once done, you can try on the wig. Make sure your elastic is flat on the nape of your neck

Elastic band also can adjust the wigs,using long or short band according to your head sizes

3. How to fasten the wig with a wig strap ?

If you're trying to tighten your wig this way, you'll need some tools: wig straps, scissors, alcohol cotton balls.

Step 1: Clean the area where the tape will be placed and use an alcohol swab to remove excess grease and dirt. This will help the tape stay safe.

Step2: Cut the wig band shorter and the length is appropriate. Peel off one side of the tape and stick them along the hairline. You have to make sure there is no baby hair where the wig strap is attached, otherwise you will feel pain when you try to remove the wig strap.

Step3: Put on the wig, tear off the tape on the other side, glue it with the wig, and press with your fingers to make sure it is firm enough and won't slip off.

The New glue way you can try it!

4. How to fix the wig with the silicone solution sheet ?

Usually a silicone sheet with some invisible thread can provide a mild suction effect to increase the safety of the wig.
The silicone sheet is usually sewn inside the wig cap, so the tools you need are: silicone sheet, scissors, needle and thread
Step 1: Cut the silicone sheet into the shape and size you need.
Step2: Sew the silicone sheet inside the wig cap. Generally speaking, one piece at the back of the neck, one near the hairline, and two pieces behind the ears. Then all that's left is to put on your wig.

5. How to Secure a Wig with a Wig Clip ?

Wig clips are very common tools for fixing wigs. Basically, a wig clip is installed inside each wig cap. But the wig clip can only be used without the wig cap. Of course, the more wig clips installed, the stronger the holding force of the wig will be.

Step1: Choose some clips of suitable size and determine the position where you need to add wig clips.

Step2: Sew the wig clip inside the wig cap. The more clips the hat has, the more secure it is, but too many clips can also stress your natural hair because they can pull on your natural hair when you try to remove it. Usually no more than four.

You can install the combs or clips ,this is also easy way

In conclusion

These methods are practical and easy to operate. See which one is suitable for you, welcome to communicate with us, if you have a new method, you can share it with us.

Various Density wig Which Should I Choose?

2022-March-04-Fri 05:22:24:PM  AUTHOR:yuting
Many people wear wigs to make themselves better, but with the continuous development of the market, people's requirements for wigs are not limited to styles. They are more length or thickness. As people's use of wigs has become more and more widespread, people have begun to have different degrees of awareness of different wig densities. More and more people will consider one of the important reference factors. Because high-density hair not only brings a glamorous appearance, but also symbolizes good health.

What is wig density?

Wig density is the amount of hair added to the cap, and thicker hair density reflects more hair.
Volume of hair added to cap to create a fuller look. It helps determine the thickness of the hair on the wig cap. While understanding wig density, it is important to understand the difference between hair density and thickness.
If you have denser hair, you may need to use heavier styling products like gels and butters to keep your hair sticky and in control. Serums and oils may help reduce frizz.
Haircuts that remove excess volume may work best for you. Layering can give your hair the illusion of thinning, and many stylists recommend avoiding straight hair.
The thickness of a hair is the width of a hair. Density, on the other hand, is the term used to denote the amount of hair in a wig cap. This means you can have low density hair even with thicker tresses and vice versa. The denser the wig, the fuller and thicker the hair will appear.
Just like human hair has different hair densities, wigs are also differentiated based on the density of the hair. The standard hair density for wigs is 120%, called natural/medium density. This is almost equal to the average hair density varying between 100-120%. It provides a realistic look and is very light and comfortable on your head.

Here are the details of the different density levels you can choose for your front lace wig

80-90% - Very thin, this is the lowest level of hair density in a wig. And it is only recommended for women or seniors with very fine or very fine hair.

100-110% - This one is light enough that you won't feel like you're wearing a wig.

120-130% - This is the normal density of hair on the head of an average person. The wig does not feel too thick or too thin. It replicates the look and fullness of natural hair and is a standard density for any wig.

150% - Looks fuller and fuller than medium-density holiday hair. For women, it's a bit heavier and more complete. You can also customize your hair into curls and waves with high-density holiday hair.

180% - very heavy and looks weird. High-density holiday hairstyles allow you to embrace gorgeous haircuts, but may make your head a little uncomfortable.

200% - This is the heavier wig density. Generally not worn by women, only for professional artists. Wigs that are too dense can be difficult to put on your head and can be uncomfortable.

250% - The heaviest wig density. Most people choose wigs of this thickness mainly because they want to pursue a more natural wearing effect. Many people like this kind of density that suits them.

Most clients prefer to buy 180% or 200% density as it closely resembles their natural hair.

The average volume of human hair is thought to be between 120% - 150%. If you want a very thick feel, you can choose a density of 180% or even 250%.
The Density 180% vs 250% you can see the differences

No matter what density you choose, the most important thing is comfort and aesthetics. It is strongly recommended that you can choose different densities and styles. Of course, it's important that you look healthy.

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Zigzag Part - Fashionable Reincarnation

2022-March-01-Tue 01:16:14:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

More and more people put more into their hair such as hairstyle, hair seam, they all want to be more natural and attractive. Typically, we create a straight line segment each morning, usually centered or off-center, but that's about it. There are a lot of different positions we can try, if you're usually swinging on the right, moving the side to the left can definitely give you a new look, it can also be a zigzag .

The zigzag Part is more popular that unregular style

What's a zigzag? 
The zigzag part is a way to separate the hair. Instead of the usual middle and side sections, your hair seam will be in a Z shape. By drawing a zigzag line to create a section, you want the hair to fall in a cross pattern for a more unique look. 
Zigzag is the perfect, easy way to add a bit of interest to an otherwise rather boring feature. Not only does it only take a few minutes to create, but it will make your hairstyle stand out in the best way possible. 
Will the twists and turns come back?
 Yes! You might think this look is deja vu. In fact, it was very popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. But fashion, as we all know, is the reincarnation of the playground. Celebrity hairstylist Ayano Jinnouchi predicts that pairing creative pieces with minimalist styles will be one of the biggest hair trends of 2022. 
Celebrities are proving there's a valuable way to take it to the next level. Take the famous American model Bella Hadid for example. It felt fresh when she picked up the zigzag part. The zigzag parts are in perfect harmony with her overall look. The little zigzag looks like lightning. The twists and turns make her look cooler and more distinctive than the most common straight style, like a barbarian queen. The detailed jagged parts give her some unique touch. 
How to make a twisted hair part? 
The beauty of the zigzag is that it helps you get a different, striking look without drastic changes or bold color changes -- it's a simple container for amorphous personal expression. Of course, the meandering part is much more complicated than the direct counterpart. We will outline the steps for making the zigzag section for you in the next section.

The first step is to prepare the hair for the section and make it easy to use. Because for African American women, we have curly, textured, natural hair. If you're going to create a jagged look on your natural hair, 

then you need to make your hair less frizzy and smooth. If you want to create a jagged section in your wig, it will be easier than natural hair. You just need to use something that will give it a high polish and separation. To make it easier on yourself, some serrated hair tools are necessary. There are plenty of hairpins and slicing tools for you to use.

 First, you need to brush all your hair back. Then start the separation process by cutting off the hair, especially behind the ears, so that the front of your face is unblocked. With everything in place, it's time to paint the zigzag section. Place your finger where you want the part to end. 
Then, use a rat tail comb to draw the direction and size of the zigzag you like on your scalp. When the comb touches your fingers, use it to part the hair to either side of the zigzag section. 

Next, separate your strand along the part where you can cut your hair, so you can finesse the twists and turns. If this involves combing the hair, extra care must be taken to ensure that this part is not disturbed. After completing all the steps, you will have a wonderful zigzag section of hair. 

Then you can move on to styling your hair, such as a low ponytail, two buns, and other braids with jagged parts. It was a little tricky to make, but it worked well. Instead of adding embellishments or intricate hairstyles, zigzags can easily help you achieve unique hairstyles. 

It can also be paired with a variety of hairstyles to make your hairstyle even more amazing. If you want to know more, you can talk to us.

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How To Curl A Short Bob Wig?

2022-January-27-Thu 09:27:33:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

While there are many ways to style short bob wigs, curly short wigs can seem tricky. Today we're covering a method for thermal styling with a curling iron, using some bob-specific techniques to give your short-wave wig a lot of volume and texture. This works great for short bob wigs that don't usually have heat-set curls. If you choose to create a curly short-wave wig, you'll need to tousle it with your fingers and spray the roots with a bulking product to further strengthen the curls.

Spray heat protection on short bob wigs. 

This is an important first step as it will help you keep your short wave wig healthy and prevent heat damage. Spray it into thin strips, combing the entire product from root to tail. (If you need an extra lift, opt for a generous heat protector.) Divide your hair into top and bottom sections and trim the top half. Divide the hair into two sections by creating a horizontal section between the tops of the ears. Use alligator clips or hair ties to pull the top up and keep it in place. You'll start with the curled lower part, which will help keep the upper layer up and interfere with you.

Heat a 1 inch (2.5 cm) curling iron. Choose a curling iron with adjustable heat settings. Set the temperature as low as possible to curl your hair. Choose a wand that is 1 inch (2.5 cm) long without a clip. Anything smaller will create tight little loops rather than bouncy curls.

Using clips on standard curling irons can be difficult to manipulate short bob wigs.
For delicate, brittle hair, more than 200 degrees may not be necessary.

Thicker or healthier hair can withstand temperatures of 300 degrees.

Experiment with different temperature settings until you find the one that works best for your bob type. In most cases, avoid more than 400 degrees.
Wear heat-resistant gloves to prevent burning your fingers. Slide the heat-resistant glove for the heat styling tool over the hand used for the short bob wig. If you wanted to curl the right side, it would be your right hand, and the left side would be your left. If you're not comfortable with curling irons, choose gloves that protect your entire hand. Hold the curling iron vertically, close to the side of your head. To curl the right side, hold the handle of the curling iron with your left hand (and vice versa). Hold the curling iron vertically with the handle facing up and the barrel facing down. Raise your arms and cross your head for the best angle.

Wrap a 1-inch section of hair around the curling iron, away from the face. Pick up an inch of hair from the bottom. Hold the curling iron close to your head and use your gloved hands to wrap the curling iron around the barrel. Hold the curling iron in place for about 5 to 10 seconds before releasing it and moving it to another hair.

When using the curling iron, make sure to angle the short-wave wig away from the face rather than towards it.
On the right side, you'll wrap each thread clockwise around the curling iron. Then, on the left side, wrap it around the curling iron counter clockwise.
Avoid wrapping the ends of each strand around the curling iron. Wrap each strand around the curling iron until the ends have about 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches (1.27 to 0.64 cm) of hair. stop. Keeping it away from the curling iron, you can gently pull it so that the rest of the hair is tightly wrapped around the curling iron. If the end of a short-wave wig is blunt or laminated, it can be accentuated by flattening the end. If you curl the ends of your curls, they may curl in different directions and look untidy, especially when the curls start to loosen up throughout the day.

Finish curling the bottom strands, then move to the top half. Untie the hair from your crown and let it loose. Begin curling the top in a similar fashion to finish the curl. This is an easy way to help you curl your short bob wig, really hope it works for you!

Welcome to share with us!


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Difference Between HD Lace Wigs-Transparent Lace Wigs

2021-December-31-Fri 10:51:40:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
When we buy human hair wigs, we will care about the material of the lace, so let's take a look at the difference between transparent lace and hd lace with me!
HD lace and transparent lace could be very confusing, as they both claim ‘transparent’. But transparent lace doesn’t blend well with dark skin - only on lighter skin. HD lace is the better option between the two because it can blend easily no matter your skin tone. The reason for this is that HD lace is thinner and much more see-through. 

Transparent lace wigs and HD lace wigs are two kinds of affordable lace wigs which both belong to the highly welcomed women wigs. Both of them can achieve natural looking hairline. But what’s the difference between transparent lace wigs and HD Lace wigs? 

What’s Transparent Lace Wig?

A transparent lace wig is made by transparent lace closure or frontal with 100% virgin hair extensions. Transparent lace is the regular Swiss lace in a transparent and white colour. Medium brown lace and transparent lace are two of the most regular lace colours we know. It is important to choose the right lace color to suit for your skin.

What is HD Lace Wig?

HD means "high definition". HD lace wig is made by HD lace closure or HD lace frontal and with 100% virgin hair extensions. HD lace is very light, soft, and thin, which is comfortable for the scalp. When wearing an HD lace wig. It can not only make the hairline more natural and highly undetectable but also can melt into the scalp perfectly and match all the skin.

What’s The Difference Between HD Lace Wigs And Transparent Lace Wigs?

Both of HD lace and transparent lace are Swiss lace, HD lace is a new trend and high quality of Swiss lace, the lace is very light and thin, and transparent lace is the regular Swiss lace in clear and transparent colour. Here are the details about the difference:

1.  Different price

The price of HD lace wigs is higher than transparent lace wigs. On one hand, the price for HD lace itself is higher than regular transparent lace. On the other hand, all of the lace closure and frontal are 100% handmade, the workers need to tie every single hair on the lace because the HD lace is the very light and thin, which is more difficult and take longer time than transparent lace. So the manual cost is higher. That also means you can get a transparent lace wig at a more affordable price than you get an HD lace wig.
The cost of an HD lace wig is much higher than a transparent lace wig. If you are going to buy, you should consider your budget.

2.  Different natural look with them.

We often recommend transparent lace to women with light skin tones, but recently we found that the transparent colour lace can melt into any skin tone after we bleach the hair knots and glue down the hairline.But according to the features of the lace material itself, HD lace is still much thinner, more delicate, and transparent than the normal transparent lace. HD lace can match your skin well, more natural, and comfortable, which can match all colour skins no matter your skin colour is dark brown, light brown, white, or others. It is invisible and super thin.

3. Last a different time

Since the HD Lace is so thin, so the lace is super easy to rip. The lace is extremely delicate so you cannot pull or tug or continuously brush the hair on these HD Lace closure wigs or frontal wigs. If you have tried an HD lace wig, you will know what I am talking about. You need to be very gentle with the lace.

If you think the HD lace is like a delicate doll and needs to take too much care, then you can choose transparent lace wigs, it is just made by regular Swiss lace and you can style it according to what you like.

Transparent Lace Wig VS HD Lace Wig, How To Choose?

The transparent lace wig and the HD lace wig both belong to the natural-looking and invisible human hair wig for women. With these two kinds of lace wigs installed, they will look like growing from your scalp, as natural as your natural hair. But regarding which one to choose, you should consider your budget and what you are willing to spend on a wig. Transparent lace wig and the HD lace wig can both bring you the most natural-looking, if you have enough budget, you can choose the HD lace wig because it is much closer to your scalp, but if you have a limited budget, you can choose the transparent lace wig to get the same effects.

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What Is A Pre-plucked Wig?

2021-December-28-Tue 10:30:30:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
Wigs for black women are very popular, and almost every woman has a wig. They know what human hair weaving is, what is lace closure, and what is front lace. But some of them are confused about what is a pre-plucked human hair wig? Today we will give you a detailed introduction to what is a pre-plucked wig.

A pre-plucked wig is a wig style, which means that your wig has a natural hairline in which the baby’s hair has been plucked out. People who buy wigs are afraid that their hair is unnatural. How to solve this problem, we think this is the problem of every woman. Therefore, some manufacturers make pre-plucked hairline on the hair to make the hair more natural. Usually the wigs you buy are the same in density, so when you sew your hair, you need to trim the hair on your forehead to make your hair look like our own hair. If the hair on the hairline has not been plucked out, it is a precise color of hair accessories that can perfectly replace and imitate your hair-from the hair itself, hairline, texture, color and style. If you use human virgin hair, this is the rule you should follow.

If the wig you bought is plucked out, it means that the density on the edge of your forehead is much lower, similar to real hair. You can take some of your own hair, you will find that the length of the hair varies, and there are some short baby hair around your hairline. Just like our own hair, you know they are constantly growing, so their lengths are different. The hair stylist completes the entire wig, they will choose different lengths of hair to make the hairline and baby hair, when you use it, it will be like your own hair. This is the ultimate goal of all people who wear real hair and wigs. They don't want others to find out that they wear wigs. pre-plucked wigs are more expensive than other ordinary wigs, but are superior in appearance to other wigs.

After we introduce the pre-plucked wig, you will know what a pre-plucked wig is. If you find that your wig has not been unplucked in advance, don't worry. You can make it yourself and save some money. It’s easy for you to pull out a wig, and it’s not a problem for people wearing wigs. We will show you some tips and tricks for making wigs to make your wigs look more realistic and natural. 

Preparation: a wig, a wig stand, pins, scissors, and tweezers.
Check the wig if it fits.
Too small or too large, you need contact with the seller and change it. Normally the wig has a strap that can adjust the length of the cap.
Wash and dry the wig
When the wig is fit for your head and everything is good, you can wash it completely. After washing it, you can put it on the stand and wait for the hair dry.
Using pins on the lace to pin it down.
Please make sure the lace pin on the Styrofoam tightly.
Plucking your wig
Check your wig hairline, you will find the hair is the same density at forehead which you don’t want to see it. You can start to pluck some hair from one side and then to the other. Please make sure to use good quality tweezers and be careful. Don’t pluck too many hairs one time, you had better pluck a little bit first, then check how does it look. If you think the hairline not as natural as yourself, you can make adjust and repeat this step.
Avoid a straight line of hair at the hairline
If the hairline you make is straight which looks very fake. So you can check the real hairline and make it as the real one.
Part your wig
Like our own hair, you can part it any side as you like. There is a middle part and side way part. After you part your wig, you can use hair flat iron to make the hair flat.

If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime


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What Is Virgin Hair?

2021-December-24-Fri 10:08:55:AM  AUTHOR:yuting

More and more fashionable girls like to wear layered virgin hair braiding to achieve a natural look. But do you really know what virgin hair is? There are many brands selling original human hair. Are you sure you are buying genuine original hair?

Don't worry, let's get into today's topic: what is virgin hair and all the truth about virgin hair extension. Pay attention to reading!
Virgin hair is just the hair from a living individual donor and has not been chemically treated, permed, or dyed. This is the hair closest to the original donor. Quite simply, this is the hair of the donor before the harvest. Good-quality virgin hair is usually soft and 100% natural to the touch.Virgin hair, also known as human hair or virgin hair, can be graded by vendors. The most common human hair grades sold in North America are 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A,12A.
Sometimes, you may also find grade 5A and 6A hair. In order to make human hair weave, virgin hair is attached to the hair. Hair strands are tracks on which the hair is sewn by a machine.
This kind of hair is also often used to make wigs and has a longer lifespan than synthetic hair. Depending on the quality, the hair can be used for 6 months to 2 years if properly treated.
Why choose virgin hair?
The virgin hair was cut off in its natural state. The texture and wave pattern of each bunch are different. This means there is something for everyone.All cuticles in virgin hair are intact and run in the same direction. Therefore, you can ensure that there is correct cuticle alignment.It is a premium grade, so it has a very beautiful, shiny appearance. Virgin hair will be one of the most expensive hair you can buy, but if properly maintained, it will last longer than any other type of hair extension.
The virgin hair is taken from the real hair of the donor. Its harvesting process is meticulous, increasing its premium.

The most popular virgin hair texture

Body Wave Hair – Virgin body wave is a dense hair texture with a deep S-shaped wave pattern. It is bulky, low maintenance cost and versatile. Hair is one of the most popular hair textures

Curls-virgin curly hair is a tighter spiral. This hair type is also very suitable for blending with natural hair.

Straight hair-virgin straight hair is your first choice to easily create a stylish look.

Deep wavy hair-virgin deep waves are perfect for those who want big waves and produce bigger splashes.

If you want to know more about virgin human hair, you can contact us. Waiting for you !


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How To Fix Frizzy Human Hair Wigs?

2021-December-14-Tue 10:02:27:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
 Wearing a wig for too long can become frizzy. This problem has been bothering us. Although it cannot be completely solved, we can use some methods to alleviate it. Let's discuss together some steps that can be taken to fix bubbling human hair wigs. They include:

1. Untie your wig

If you have curly human hair wigs, it is more prone to tangles. Curly or tangled wigs look ugly. So the first thing you need to do is to remove tangles and knots. You can use your fingers to comb the wig, or use a wide-tooth comb to comb the wig
To make combing easier, place the dummy on the head of the mannequin and add a little combing spray. When moving upwards, gently comb the hair from the ends.

2. Wash your natural wig the right way

You need to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. To clean the wig, first pour warm water into the sink. Avoid using hot water because it can remove the oil from the wig and make it more frizz-prone. After filling the sink, add a little shampoo to the water and spin. After seeing the shampoo foaming, dip the wig into the wig and massage the hair with your fingers. Remove the wig and rinse with water. Then apply conditioner on the wig and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then rinse off the conditioner. Dry the fakes on the wig holder

3. Restore moisture

Human hair wigs do not get natural oils or sebum from the scalp like natural hair. This is why if they do not maintain adequate moisture and nutrients, they are more prone to tangles and frizz. Therefore, if you usually wear a real human hair wig every day, you should keep it moist and in good condition. The best way to achieve this goal is to keep the wig hydrated. Apply leave-in conditioner or hair oil on the wig more frequently, and perform deep care after washing. In addition to adding moisture to the wig, please make sure to use a heat protectant on the wig and store it properly.

4. Do not brush the wig if it is dry

It is not recommended to brush the wig when it is very dry. It can cause more frizz, especially if you have curly hair or wigs with long wavy hair. Instead, when the wig is a bit damp, use a wide-tooth comb to comb it. Brush from the end when moving to the root to reduce the risk of damaging the wig.

5. If possible, let your wig hair dry

One of the best ways to dry your wig after washing it is to let it air dry. By allowing the wig to air dry, the wig will be able to dry without breaking the strands and stay smooth. However, if the wig cannot be completely air-dried, it can be blow-dried 90% first, and then blow-dried. Using too much heat can damage your wig. But when your wig is almost completely dry, it will minimize the risk. Make sure to keep the dryer on a low heat setting and keep it about 6 inches away from the wig. In addition, make sure to always move the dryer so that it does not overheat a part of the wig and cause serious damage.

6. Ensure proper hair care

In the end, the best thing you can do is to prevent your wig from curling in the first place. Healthy human hair wigs are less prone to frizz if they are properly taken care of. Take care of your wig, it will definitely serve you for a long time. If you are not wearing a wig, please store it correctly.

The above makes us make a list for you about repairing frizzy hair, if you have a better way, you can talk to us!

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