How To Make A Lace Frontal Wig look natural

2022-May-19-Thu 12:00:00:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How you can fix HD lace frontal hairline without taking any help from the experts. Do you find it difficult to make your lace frontal look natural? While wearing a wig, every woman wants it to be undetectable. In this blog article, we are going to share useful tips on how to fix your lace frontal hairline and make it more natural.


Have Wigs with High-Quality lace

First of all, before we jump into how to fix your lace frontal hairline, if you want your hairline looks the most natural, youd better get the wig with high-quality lace. Nowadays, the HD Swiss lace is the best-quality lace on the market. All lace wigs from AniceKiss are made of HD Swiss lace.


Braid up your natural hair

Before wearing your hairpiece, you should braid up your natural hair, so that your lace frontal will look more natural and smooth.


Bleach the knots

You should also learn how to bleach knots before fixing your lace frontal hairline. The knots on lace frontal wigs should be bleached to make them look natural. This gives an illusion that the wig is natural.


Fix the baby hair

Baby hair could make your hairline more natural and cute. You can use glu and brushes to style the baby hair.


Tweeze out some hair

If you want your hairline most natural, you also need to pluck the front hairline of you wig. You can use a tweezer to tweeze out some hair. This process can take a while, but you will end up with a natural-looking lace frontal wig.


Hopefully now you know how to fix lace frontal hairline and you can get high-quality HD lace frontal wigs from we AniceKiss.


How to measure your head for a wig?

2022-May-13-Fri 06:05:02:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to measure your head for a wig?

Find the the best fit wig for you


How to take your measurements? This blog article is going to show you how to measure your head for a wig. Find the the best fit wig for you


In order to get the best fit, we need six measuring results:

1) Head circumference

2) Front to nape of your neck

3) Ear-to-ear across forehead

4) Ear-to-ear over top of the head

5) Temple-to-temple around back

6) Nape of neck



1. Measuring Your Head Circumference

The first one is the conference. You are going to take your measuring tape around your head and place the metal end of the tape in the middle and then bring the other side in the middle to meet. Then, record measurement.


2. Measuring front to nape of your neck

You are going to put the metal end the tape in the middle of your hairline, and then take the measurement tape all the way back to the end your head. The number that you get in the back its going to be the measurement you need.


3. Measuring ear-to-ear across forehead. Youre goin to place the metal end of the tape right above one ear, and then bring the tape across the hairline to the other ear. Then, record the measurement.


4. Measuring ear-to-ear over top of the head

Place the metal end of the tape right above one ear, and then take it over the top of your head to the other ear. Remember to record the measurement.


5. Measuring temple-to-temple around head

Youre going to place the metal end of the tape righe above one temple, and then bring it across the back side of your head to the other temple. Then, record the measurement.


6. Measuring the nape of your neck

place the tape at the hairline across the nape of the neck, and then record the measurement.


The more accurate your measuring results are, the better the fit of your wig.



4 Things Never Do With Your Curly Hair Wigs

2022-May-11-Wed 12:00:00:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

4 Things never do with your curly hair wigs

4 common curly hair mistakes people are making

If you want your curly wig looks natural and pretty, and you want it last longer, you have to care them properly. In this blog article, there are four common mistakes people are making with their curly hair.

1.Brushing your hair when its dry.

Brushing your curly hair when its dry is the worst thing you can do. First of all, it causes breakages within your hair, and it also makes your hair more poofy and less manageable. Whether its deep wave or curly, your hair should either be sopping wet or moist. Because curly hair is the most manageable when it is wet or moist. You have to use water everytime you style your curly wave wigs. If you want your curly wig looks natural and pretty, and you want it last longer, you have to care them properly. In this blog article, there are four common mistakes people are making with their curly hair.

2.Detangling your hair from top to bottom. 

Brushing your hair from top to bottom is a big NO-NO. If you do that, you are going to be ripping out lots of strands of hair from the root, and you are going to thin out your wig. Besides, brushing from the top also does not serve for good curl definition. Remember always combing through your hair from bottom to top.

3.Not washing your hair before wearing. 

When you receive any curly hair unit, its going to come in like a factory setting, and thats not the true texture of the hair. Hence, washing your culry hair should be the firtst thing that you in any type of initial install.

4.Not using any product. 

Of couse, like what we mentioned previouly, we can detang your curly wavy wig with water, but if you want to define and keep your curly hair defined, you are going to need products. Unless you like natural, free-falling curly hair look, then style products are necessary. 

Hope all this will help you. If you'd like a new culry wig, please check out the high-quality HD lace human hair wigs for AniceKiss.


Is There A Risk of Hair Damage When Wearing A Wig?

2022-March-28-Mon 02:05:00:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Wearing a wig is a great way to change up your style without making permanent changes to your hair, however, a lot of consideration was given to the question ‘Is there a risk of hair damage when wearing a wig’. The answer is Yes, there is a risk of damaging your hair if you wear a wig. This depends on the application and maintenance of your hair when wearing a wig. Actually any type of rubbing or friction against the hair can potentially bring damages to your hair. You have to properly protect it to avoid hair damaging. In this blog article will tell you how to protect your hair without damaging when wearing a wig.


1.    Wear a wig cap line.

No matter you have your natural hair or not,always wear a wig cap underneath your wig. A wig cap can not only protect your wig from the oil on your scalp, but also protect your hair from rubbing.


2.    Choose wigs with soft lace.

To protect your edges, you should choose wigs with soft lace instead of hard lace. Hard lace can irritate your skins. We recommend the wigs with HD lace which is the most soft and undetectable lace on the market.

3.    Keep your wig clean.

Even though we do not suggest washing wigs too often, you need to ensure that your wig is clean. Oil on your scalp and sweat will merge into the wig cap, and accumulating sweat and oil will bring damages to your natural hair. Therefore, you’d better wash your wig every 8 to 10 wears, or wash it after doing vigorous exercise.


4.    Do not use wig glue much.

Of course, wig glues will more or less cause damages on your hair. If you are planning to wig glue to hold you wig, then do not apply it on your hairline, because this can pull out your baby hairs. In face,a lot of wigs are glue free and we suggest that you’d better choose glue-free wigs.














5 Tips for Everyday Wig Wearing

2022-April-27-Wed 03:07:22:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Wigs bring us chances to change up our style and wearing wigs daily become more and more common. However, the question for all wig wearers is can we wear a wig every day? The short answer to this question is Yes, you actually can wear a wig every day. In this blog article, there are some tips for you to have a better experience of daily wig wearing.


1. Wear a Wig Cap Line.

No matte you have your natural hair or not, always wearing a wig cap line underneath your wig with your daily wear. A wig cap can protect your wig from the oil on your scalp and provide you a better wearing experience. Dont forget to wash your wig cap frequently. All AniceKiss packages will come with a wig cap.


2. Human Hair Wigs or Synthetic Wigs?

We do recommend human hair wigs as the daily wearing option. With synthetic wigs, you can keep your style for about a week, but synthetic wigs cannot be colored, bleached or restyled which means you have to keep in one style everyday. Human hair wigs are made of real human hair, so it could provide us a more natural looking and more comfortable wearing experience. Whats more, you can change its style with flat ironing or curling tools.

3. Wash Your Wigs when Necessary.

Even though you have your wig cap line to protect your wig from scalp oil, you still need to wash your wig to remove the dust and your sweat. How often should you wash your wigs is actually depends on how often you wear your wigs and your activity level. For avid wig wearers, we suggest to wash your wig every 9 to 10 wears.


4. Dont Sleep in Your Wig.

Wearing your wig every day doesnt means never take it off even when youre sleeping. The friction between your wigs and your pillow can cause tangles and knots. Whats worse, the HD lace part will be damaged without knowing.


5. Store Your Wigs Properly.

Every time you take off your wig, remember to store your wig properly to keep it from damages. Youd better put your wig on the wig stand or wig head which will help to protect your wig from tangling.  



2022-April-21-Thu 03:08:04:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss


Wearing wigs can make such a difference in your look in life. There are so many amazing options. Before you make your decision, the first thing you need to consider is: Human hair wigs or Synthetic hair wigs?


Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs is much softer than synthetic wigs. Although the price of human hair wigs is a bit higher, the longevity of human hair can be up to a year with a daily wear, whilst synthetic wigs tend to need replacing sooner. Styling versatility is another point. You can get a straight hair human hair wig and heat and curl it any way you like using styling tools; or you can straighten a wavy wig.


Pros of human hair:

Extremely natural looking

Flexible styling




Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are usually made of plastic or man-made fibres which tend to tangle more than human hair wigs. Synthetic hair has style memory, you dont have the versatility of changing the style or color. Synthetic wigs do not have the longevity of human hair. With proper care, youll likely get around 4 to 5 months of daily wear before you need to get a new one.


AniceKiss only focus on high-quality human hair wigs. If you’d like to have a human hair wig, you can go to our website, and have a live chat with us, then you can get more discount.



What IS HD Lace? What's the Differences Between HD Lace and Normal Lace?

2022-April-13-Wed 12:00:53:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss


Whether you’ve been wearing the wigs for a while, you’re new to the wig community, or even thinking about starting to wear wigs, you all need to know what the HD lace is. There's so much information out there and material used for the wig cap has changed. In this blog article, we’ll explain what HD lace is and the differences between HD lace and normal lace.

What Is HD Lace?

HD lace literally means ‘High Definition’. HD lace, or HD Swiss lace, is supposed to be the best lace right now. As it’s name implies, HD lace is undetectable on your skin,which could provide you a supernatural hairline.


What Is the Differences Between HD lace and normal Lace?

The original lace that most companies use is a bit thick and is more visible on your skin,but this lace is really sturdy, which is why the majority of companies have this as their standard lace. It’s super thick so it’s noticeable


Now let’s go up into HD lace. HD Swiss lace is finer and the holes on it or the grids on it are smaller and it’s stretchy. HD lace is not as stiff and sturdy as the normal one, so you do have to be more careful with Swiss lace. It melts pretty well into the skin.


What kind of lace do we use?

AniceKiss only uses high quality HD Swiss lace, which is soft and invisible and melts well into your skin. Click here to see our HD lace wigs.  




How to Wash A Human Hair Wig

2022-April-06-Wed 12:00:00:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

It is crucial to properly care for your human hair wig to ensure a long lifespan, softness, and durable shine. At-home wig care routine is not complex, and all it requires is your gentle care. The following guide will help you with your at-home wig care to make sure your wigs look their best.

Lace Wig Types

Before going through the guide, let’s have a quick review of three popular kinds of human hair wigs. Knowing what type your wig is, may help you with your daily care routine.

· Lace front wig: As the name implies, a lace front wig only covers the front of the hair with the other parts of the wig being built on other strong wig caps. The lace at the front of these wigs provides added realism to your style and looks most natural when it blends with your skin tone. The hairs are individually tied to the lace by hand to provide the hair that a natural look.

· Closure wig: Closure wigs are similar to lace front wigs. Instead of having a strip of lace that runs from ear to ear, the closure is typically a 4×4-inch patch placed on the middle, front portion of the hairpiece.

· Full lace wig: Full lace wigs are wigs with an entire lace base. Individual hair strands are hand-tied onto the entire lace cap to give the wig a supremely natural look. The full lace wig is more breathable and light than other types of wigs.

How Often to Wash Your Human Hair wig

How often you wash your human hair wig is up to how often you wear it and the condition of your wig. It is suggested to wash your human hair wig every one or two weeks of wear. However, if your wig begins to feel sticky, it may be time to give it a rinse. Each time your wig is washed, its lifespan of it is shortened. For this reason, do not wash your wig more.

How to Wash a Human Hair Wig?

Now that you know what type your wig is and how often should you wash your human hair wig, let’s figure out how to wash a human hair wig.

Step 1. Gently comb through your human hair wig with a wide-tooth comb, removing all tangles. Star from the bottom and work your way up to the roots.

Step 2. Place it under the faucet and use lukewarm water to wet it. For longer wigs, we recommend holding the wig under the faucet of your shower to prevent the hair from getting tangled in the basin below.

Step 3. Apply a small amount of shampoo into your hands and place it evenly over the hairpiece. Do not twist or rub. Using lukewarm water, gently rinse your hair from the base to the bottom until all shampoo has been removed. Lightly squeeze out excess water.

Step 4. Place a small amount of conditioner into the wig, starting at the bottom. Gently comb through the strands with your fingers. Avoid the application of conditioner to the base of the wig as it can loosen the knots on the cap. Leave the conditioner in your hair for about 5 minutes, then run lukewarm water from the roots of the wig down to the bottom.

Step 5. Up to this step, you’ve washed your lace wig, so now it’s time to dry it. Gentle squeeze out the water, and then dry your wig with a towel. The best way to dry your wig is to leave it on a wig stand to air dry. Remember never to dry your human hair wig with a hair drier. Once the wig is completely dry, you can style it with styling products.


See Here,How to Tighten a Wig!

2022-March-08-Tue 09:48:54:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
After some of us women choose the right wig, when the wave and length of the wig are confirmed, we will face a new problem, how to fix the fake on our head to make it look more natural and last longer without falling off. But sometimes when you get your new wig and can't wait to put it on only to find it's too big for you, it can turn our mood from good to bad. Also, if the wig is not the right size for you, it will fail to show your beauty, which can make us uncomfortable on some occasions. Therefore, it is very important to know how to tighten the wig effectively, especially when it is windy! In the next part, we are on your side and solve the problem for you.

1. How to tighten a wig with a strap ?

Before putting on the wig, take a look at the inside of the wig cap. You'll notice that the adjustment strap is usually just above the wig's neck. The "scruff" refers to the back of your neck .

Just pull the elastic and your wig will become tighter, then if you pull it out, the wig will become looser. Typically, wigs have a band on each side. Don’t worry! They stay securely in place as long as the straps are hooked tightly in the right place.

This is definitely the easiest way to tighten a wig. However, it can only help loosen or tighten the wig in a very limited size, and many people don't think it's an absolutely safe way. If the straps do what you need to tighten the wig, then this is a great way for you.

clips can tighten the cap,when you wear the wigs

2. How to tighten a wig with an elastic band ?

In addition to the wig strap that comes with the wig, you can also install the elastic strap of the wig cap yourself, which can help the wig shrink smaller. This is a very good method for people with sensitive skin.
What you need are: elastic band, scissors, needle, thread and tape measure

Step1: Determine the required length of elastic band. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the ears along the nape of the neck, then tighten the elastic as much as possible and cut to measure the length

Step2: Open the wig cap naturally, put the new elastic band in it, and make sure to follow the wave of the loose wig cap.

Step 3: Secure the ends of the elastic with needle and thread. Once done, you can try on the wig. Make sure your elastic is flat on the nape of your neck

Elastic band also can adjust the wigs,using long or short band according to your head sizes

3. How to fasten the wig with a wig strap ?

If you're trying to tighten your wig this way, you'll need some tools: wig straps, scissors, alcohol cotton balls.

Step 1: Clean the area where the tape will be placed and use an alcohol swab to remove excess grease and dirt. This will help the tape stay safe.

Step2: Cut the wig band shorter and the length is appropriate. Peel off one side of the tape and stick them along the hairline. You have to make sure there is no baby hair where the wig strap is attached, otherwise you will feel pain when you try to remove the wig strap.

Step3: Put on the wig, tear off the tape on the other side, glue it with the wig, and press with your fingers to make sure it is firm enough and won't slip off.

The New glue way you can try it!

4. How to fix the wig with the silicone solution sheet ?

Usually a silicone sheet with some invisible thread can provide a mild suction effect to increase the safety of the wig.
The silicone sheet is usually sewn inside the wig cap, so the tools you need are: silicone sheet, scissors, needle and thread
Step 1: Cut the silicone sheet into the shape and size you need.
Step2: Sew the silicone sheet inside the wig cap. Generally speaking, one piece at the back of the neck, one near the hairline, and two pieces behind the ears. Then all that's left is to put on your wig.

5. How to Secure a Wig with a Wig Clip ?

Wig clips are very common tools for fixing wigs. Basically, a wig clip is installed inside each wig cap. But the wig clip can only be used without the wig cap. Of course, the more wig clips installed, the stronger the holding force of the wig will be.

Step1: Choose some clips of suitable size and determine the position where you need to add wig clips.

Step2: Sew the wig clip inside the wig cap. The more clips the hat has, the more secure it is, but too many clips can also stress your natural hair because they can pull on your natural hair when you try to remove it. Usually no more than four.

You can install the combs or clips ,this is also easy way

In conclusion

These methods are practical and easy to operate. See which one is suitable for you, welcome to communicate with us, if you have a new method, you can share it with us.

Zigzag Part - Fashionable Reincarnation

2022-March-01-Tue 01:16:14:PM  AUTHOR:yuting

More and more people put more into their hair such as hairstyle, hair seam, they all want to be more natural and attractive. Typically, we create a straight line segment each morning, usually centered or off-center, but that's about it. There are a lot of different positions we can try, if you're usually swinging on the right, moving the side to the left can definitely give you a new look, it can also be a zigzag .

The zigzag Part is more popular that unregular style

What's a zigzag? 
The zigzag part is a way to separate the hair. Instead of the usual middle and side sections, your hair seam will be in a Z shape. By drawing a zigzag line to create a section, you want the hair to fall in a cross pattern for a more unique look. 
Zigzag is the perfect, easy way to add a bit of interest to an otherwise rather boring feature. Not only does it only take a few minutes to create, but it will make your hairstyle stand out in the best way possible. 
Will the twists and turns come back?
 Yes! You might think this look is deja vu. In fact, it was very popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. But fashion, as we all know, is the reincarnation of the playground. Celebrity hairstylist Ayano Jinnouchi predicts that pairing creative pieces with minimalist styles will be one of the biggest hair trends of 2022. 
Celebrities are proving there's a valuable way to take it to the next level. Take the famous American model Bella Hadid for example. It felt fresh when she picked up the zigzag part. The zigzag parts are in perfect harmony with her overall look. The little zigzag looks like lightning. The twists and turns make her look cooler and more distinctive than the most common straight style, like a barbarian queen. The detailed jagged parts give her some unique touch. 
How to make a twisted hair part? 
The beauty of the zigzag is that it helps you get a different, striking look without drastic changes or bold color changes -- it's a simple container for amorphous personal expression. Of course, the meandering part is much more complicated than the direct counterpart. We will outline the steps for making the zigzag section for you in the next section.

The first step is to prepare the hair for the section and make it easy to use. Because for African American women, we have curly, textured, natural hair. If you're going to create a jagged look on your natural hair, 

then you need to make your hair less frizzy and smooth. If you want to create a jagged section in your wig, it will be easier than natural hair. You just need to use something that will give it a high polish and separation. To make it easier on yourself, some serrated hair tools are necessary. There are plenty of hairpins and slicing tools for you to use.

 First, you need to brush all your hair back. Then start the separation process by cutting off the hair, especially behind the ears, so that the front of your face is unblocked. With everything in place, it's time to paint the zigzag section. Place your finger where you want the part to end. 
Then, use a rat tail comb to draw the direction and size of the zigzag you like on your scalp. When the comb touches your fingers, use it to part the hair to either side of the zigzag section. 

Next, separate your strand along the part where you can cut your hair, so you can finesse the twists and turns. If this involves combing the hair, extra care must be taken to ensure that this part is not disturbed. After completing all the steps, you will have a wonderful zigzag section of hair. 

Then you can move on to styling your hair, such as a low ponytail, two buns, and other braids with jagged parts. It was a little tricky to make, but it worked well. Instead of adding embellishments or intricate hairstyles, zigzags can easily help you achieve unique hairstyles. 

It can also be paired with a variety of hairstyles to make your hairstyle even more amazing. If you want to know more, you can talk to us.

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