AniceKiss Fall Season Sale is Here

2022-September-26-Mon 10:21:14:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

AniceKiss Fall Season Sale is Here

The best autumn deals

AniceKiss fall season sale is here

The fall season isn't just about pumpkin spice goods and cozy sweaters, but it's also about a new beginning. Fall is the perfect time to refresh your home for the new season ahead. No matter if you're moving, getting ready for the school year, or renovating, AniceKiss human hair wigs fall season sale can help you save big on stylish new-look essentials.


AniceKiss Fall Season Sale

$20 OFF

For orders over $199

With the code: FALL20


$40 OFF

For orders over $299

With the code: FALL40


Wigs for autumn

1. Natural black body wave lace front wigs

Youll never be wrong with the classic natural black and bouncy body wave. If youre a wig newbie, start with this most popular product.

2. Ginger orange body wave lace front wigs

Ginger orange is a perfect color for autumn. Its bright and itll perfect match into the autumn scenes. Try out this vibrant hair color.

ginger orange body wave lace front wigs


3. Dark brown with honey blonde body highlight wave lace front wigs

Both brown and blonde are quite popular in cool weather. They could be you the feeling of warmth. Then why not the get them two at once.

Dark brown with honey blonde highlight body wave lace front wigs


4. Auburn water wave lace front wigs

Auburn is actually reddish brown. With the red hunt in, this type of color could give more energy and warmth. Auburn water wave lace front wigs

auburn water wave lace front wigs


What is the best wig for Autumn?

2022-September-23-Fri 09:43:34:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

What is the best wig for Autumn?

Fall wig collection

The best wig for autumn 

As autumn approaches, the humidity and heat of summer are gone, but the chilly winds of winter aren't upon us yet. Changing up your hair color in the fall is a delightful way to experiment with warmer, richer colors. The best thing about wearing human hair wigs is that they make changing your look SO EASY. In addition to being fun, wearing wigs maintains the quality of your wigs. In case you have more than one alternative for hair loss, you can extend the life of all of them.


The shades and tones of our hair in fall lend themselves perfectly to cozy layers of flannels, from strawberry blondes to caramel-highlighted browns and auburns. Lets pick up a brand new wig for autumn.


1. Strawberry blonde wigs

Strawberry blonde is also call honey blonde. It has a golden brown base with subtle red note that gives it a flattering warmth.

honey blonde wig


2. Caramel highlight brown wigs

Brown could be the most popular color in autumn. The dark brown with highlight could makes your hair more natural and realistic.

4/27 highlight wig


3. Auburn wigs

Auburn is actually reddish brown. With the red hunt in, this type of color could gives you more energy and warmth.

auburn wig


What’s 27 hair color?

2022-September-21-Wed 09:53:20:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Whats 27 hair color?

Everything you need to know about 27 hair color.

27 hair color


Extensions, and wigs typically come in packages with numbers and letters; they are used to describe different shades of colors. It can be confusing to keep track of all the shades, especially when many of them appear the same at first. Color #27 is one color that will confuse most wig lovers. This blog article is going to share the secrets of color #27.


What is #27 hair color?

There are several types of blonde hair colors, and 27 hair color is one of them. The #27 color is often called strawberry blonde or honey blonde, but it's actually a slightly darker shade that resembles light auburn. This shade of 27 hair color has a golden brown base with subtle red notes that give it a flattering warmth.

 #27 hair color

Should I try #27 color?

Most people have the concern that would this color look good on me? There are several factors you could take into consideration.

·Your undertones. The undertones of your skin determine whether it is warm, cool, or neutral. Warm colors flatter warm and neutral skin tones. Since 27 color is a warm shade, it is a great choice for people with warm and neutral skin tones.

·Your eye, and eyebrow color. The more closely you match your eyes, hair color, and eyebrows, the more natural your appearance will appear. In that case, 27 might be the right shade for you if you have light eyes, hair, or eyebrows.


As a shade between brown and true blonde, 27 is incredibly flattering and far more forgiving than cool, platinum blondes. Therefore, it is a good option for going lighter without creating harsh color contrasts.


Most flattering hair colors for dark skin

2022-September-19-Mon 11:28:39:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Most flattering Hair colors for dark skin

Stunning ideas to try in 2022

stunning hair colors for dark skin


Theres no end to the list of beautiful hair colors. From shades of blonde to red hair color trends, the variety of colors and possibilities are endless. When you are choosing the most suitable human hair wigs, picking up the most suitable hair color is a crucial process. We gathered some of the top shades thatll help spark your love of color.


Red Hair Color

It looks fantastic when red hair is worn with dark complexion. It gives your dark skin an extra glow and allows you to create contrast with your hair. It is important to note that there are many shades of red, and not all of them are suitable.

·Dark red - Burgundy, cherry, and dark auburn colors are perfect for girls with dark skin complexion.

·Red highlights - Red highlights on brown and black hair look amazing on dark skin tones.

·Red ombre - dark red such as burgundy and rich wine red are good choice for an ombre.

red ombre hair color


Brown Hair Color

Brown hair is one of the most popular choice for women with dark skin tones. It will brighten up your hair without leaving you looking unnatural.

·Caramel brown is the best shade for African American women.

·Golden brown is a popular shade recently. It can suit your dark skin as well.

Ginger brown hair color


Blonde Hair Color

Blonde is another good option for dark skin.

·Light blonde can be the most popular blonde shade. It can match well with the dark skin.

·Dark blonde could be the best blonde hair color for women with dark skin.

honey blonde hair color


There are so many colors that are stunning on dark skin tones. The best one for you will depend on the look you are trying to achieve.


How to make your lace closure wigs fit tighter?

2022-September-16-Fri 03:39:36:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to make your lace closure wigs fit tighter?

Tips about making your lace closures fit you perfectly.

How to make your lace closure wigs fit tighter?

Normally, lace closure wigs will come in a standard size which will fit most people. However, for some small heads, how to make secure the wig and make it fit tightly will be a big concern. This blog article is going to share the tips about how to make your lace closure wigs fit tightly.


Measure your head

We highly recommend you measure your head before your wig shopping. If you get a big head or a small head, which would not fit the one size cap, then youd better customize your wig cap. When it comes to measuring your head, all you need is a soft measure tape.

1. Prepare your hair before start. Flatten you hair how you normally do for wig-wearing. Most people will have their hair braided while others will tie it back into a bun.

2. Measure your heads circumference, and from ear to ear. If you have no idea how to properly place the tape, please read our guide on how to measure your head for a wig.


Easiest way to make a lace closure wig fit tighter

Put one a wig cap

A wig cap can not only protect your natural hair, but also make your wig wig snugly. Having a wig cap on, could ensure your wig wont move around. Normally, there will be combs inside the cap base. What you need to do is just clip in the combs on the wig cap. Doing so will give you a more secure fit.


Adjust the elastic strap

Almost all one-size lace closure wigs come with an elastic strap. All elastic straps come with an adjustment mechanism so that you can tighten them quickly after applying them.

Simply pull the strap so that it fits more snugly around your head. If there are no adjustable straps and instead only a single elastic band sewn into place ant one point, consider adding another row of stitching across the width of the front panel from top to bottom to create more stretch in this area. This might help keep it from slipping off over time as well as make it feel slightly tighter when worn right away. 

elastic strap


How to bring your curls back after heat styling?

2022-September-14-Wed 03:49:26:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to bring your curls back after heat styling?

Tips for getting your curls back from heat damage.

 how to bring your curls back after heat styling


We all know human hair wigs can be curled, straightened and styled as your natural hair. So we can not always keep your lace closures heat-free. Heating styling is necessary for the versatility. Then how to revive your curls from after heating styling is a must-know. This blog article is going to discover how to bring your texture back from heat damage.


Step 1. Put your hair in hot water.

Drench your hair in hot water is a good way to release the thermal style.


Step 2. Deep clean your lace closure wigs.

After rehydrate every strand of your lace closure, youd better use the shampoo designed for hair extensions to rinse away product buildup, and heat induced curls or straightness.


Step 3. Moisturize your hair with condition.

Deep conditioning is a crucial process to moisturize and hydrate your hair. Leave the condition on your hair for at lease 10 minutes, and then detangle it with wide-tooth brush.


Step 4. Define your curls with styling products.

Use the styling products to define your curls. You can apple some mousse to smooth your hair out.


Step 5. Get your revived curls.

Hooray! You get your healthy, defined curls. 

get your difined curls


How to choose the ideal wig color to match your skin?

2022-September-09-Fri 10:05:28:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to choose the ideal wig color to match your skin?

Tips for choosing the ideal color for your lace wigs

tips for choosing the ideal color for your lace wigs


Choosing the right wig color could be a tricky thing, just like finding the perfect foundation shade. Your natural hair color, seasonal shifts, and your skin tone are all key factors should be taken into consideration when choosing your wig color. This blog article is going to walk you through how to choose the ideal color for your lace wigs.


Take your complexion into consideration

If you have a light complexion and black hair, youd better avoid wearing dark-colored wigs, as they will create the appearance of an inverted triangle on your head. Opt for colored wigs with light or neutral tones, such as blonde or brown, since they create balance by emphasizing your heads natural characteristics. If you have a dark skin, ashy, cool brown, chestnut, and chocolate tones will work well on you. While you can still rock blonde or even vibrant rainbow shades, dark colors are always a safe choice to make hair look thick and healthy. Check out our colored wigs.

blonde wigs


Consider your natural hair

If your original hair color is dark brown or black, choose a shade that nearly matches it. Of course you can go with any color you like, but always remember hide your natural hair properly under the wig. Besides, sometimes, you need some makeup to make your wig match you better.

brown wigs

Think about the seasonal shifts

Most people tend to change their hair color with the seasonal shifts. All kinds of colors are good for spring and summer. People tend to wear light color to embrace the warm and hot weather. For the upcoming autumn and winter, bark brown and dark red could be very good choices. 

99J wigs


AniceKiss Autumn Cashback Campaign

2022-September-05-Mon 04:03:09:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

Autumn Cashback Campaign

Benefit from the AniceKiss Cashback campaign!

Cashback campaign


The long hot summer is slowly coming to the end, and to help you embrace the cool autumn, were offering our wig lovers a cashback bonus. For the rest everyday of September, well give you up to 100$ cashback on you purchases. Get your human hair wigs, and win the chance to get your cash back!


How it works

This will apply to all purchases, no minimum purchase requirement. All you need to do is:


1. Place an order, and youll automatically enter this cashback campaign.

2. Well randomly pick up our winners, and notify you by email if you are the winners.

3. After you receive your package, well give the cash back to you!


Check out our most popular HD lace wigs and be ready to get your cash back!

Lace Closure Wigs

Lace closure wigs are always the best choice for wig newbies. Seize the chance and get your one.

lace closure wigs

Lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are always the most popular ones in the wig worldl. They could give you the most realistic hairline.

lace front wigs

Colored Wigs

Colored wigs are good choices for the coming autumn.

colored wigs


What Is A Skunk Strip Highlight Wig?

2022-August-31-Wed 10:49:00:AM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

What Is A Skunk Strip Highlight Wig?

The basic knowledge about stunk strip hair.

skunk strip human hair wigs


Currently, skunk striped hair is all over the internet and many celebrities have been sporting this hairstyle. Are there still those of you who don't know what it means? Skunk dyed hair is definitely a cool girl look. This blog article is going to walk you through the basic knowledge about skunk strip hairs.

What is skunk strip hair?

It is easy to see why skunk stripe hair got its name when you look at a skunk, yes, the adorable black and white animal. A lock of blonde, light brown, or colorful highlights that contrasts nicely with the rest of your hair. People were inspired by these cute-looking black and white animals, thus leading to this latest hairstyle. Black and white stripes on hair make it look like skunk hair, so it is called skunk stripe hair.

skunk strip human hair


Whats the most popular skunk strip color?

To create skunk stripes on human hair wigs, people usually bleach the base hair to a light blonde shade and then dye the tips darker. The most basic and popular skunk hair wig comes with a dark color, usually black, with contrasting blonde or light brown streaks in t position of the bans to frame the face. However, you can customize your own skunk strip hair into any color you like, such as pink, red, or green which is quite popular on TikTok.

skunk strip human hair wigs


How to maintain the skunk strip hair?

Keeping skunk dyed hair in good condition requires some maintenance, just like with any colored hair. While washing your skunk strip hair, youd better chooses a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed for color-treated hair. Dont expose your skunk strip hair directly to the strong sun light, which will fade your skunk strip hair color. 


How to keep your hair healthy and growing under wigs?

2022-August-29-Mon 02:17:17:PM  AUTHOR:AniceKiss

How to keep your hair healthy and growing under wigs?

4 tips about natural hair care under wigs

4 tips about natural hair care under wigs

Wearing wig is the easiest and quickest way to change your daily hairstyles. Meanwhile, wigs can protect your own hair from damaging. However, having your natural hair covered under a wig doesnt mean there is no need to take care of them. Your natural hair can grow healthy only with your proper care. This blog article is going to walk you through the tips you need to know about keeping your hair healthy and growing underneath your human hair wigs.


1. Wash your hair regularly

Regularly wash your hair is a key factor to keep your hair healthy. Sweat, product buildup, dirt and oil, they all may cause scalp inflammation and lead to clogged hair follicles. Washing your hair can help you to removed all of them and create a healthy environment for your natural hair. After washing your hair, dont forget to condition it. Deep conditioning could keep your hair and follicles well-fed and healthy.


2. Wear a cap under the wig

Are you going to just put the wig directly onto your braids? Stop sis! That will pull your hair and definitely hurt your natural hair. Always remember grab a wig cap first. Wig caps will create a physical barrier that protects your fragile strands from the friction. Meanwhile, a wig cap can also keep your hair nice and flat, so that your wigs will be more natural with it.


3. Dont sleep with your wig

We all know that sleeping with a wig will shorten the wigs lifespan, but do you know that itll also damage your natural hair. As the wig's rough interior material rubs against your hair, some breakage occurs and your hair growth is stunted.


4. Make sure your wig is not too tight

Most human hair wigs come with a adjustable strap, and you can adjust the strap to make sure your wig strap is secure but not too tight. Wearing your wig tightly will not only damage your hairline but also bring you dizziness and nausea.

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