Cultural transition of the wigs

2021-July-15-Thu 11:08:53:AM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

Speaking of the wigs, what do you think of at the first glance?

In the past few years, people may treat wigs as a coverup for baldness.

But nowadays, as the awakening of self-awareness, people tend to see wigs as a fashionable tool. We are happy to see this transition since we Anicekiss is dedicated to focus both product quality and customer inspiration. We want to deliver the best wigs to our consumers while we hope our customers could enjoy the self-satisfaction that wigs bring to them as well.

We sell loads of wigs worldwide. And we hope our brand can bring self-confidence for every customer. Hair is a way of self-expression. People may think for black community that they put the wigs on because they want to hide their natural hair. People always doubt the nature or the baldness for them. But we want to show them no matter you use wigs or not, you are yourself. It is not a big deal for wearing wigs and it is just as simple as makeups, a tool for pleasing yourself.


What we can do is to share our beliefs for this topic and encourage everyone to be true to themselves. We will continue to provide best quality and share our core values to our beloved consumers.


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