What is the best way to care for a wig?

2021-July-08-Thu 02:16:35:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  Wigs are divided into synthetic wig and humanhair. You can wash a synthetic wig, but use only shampoo for wigs.

  1.Synthetic wig. The equipment must not be heated for chemical fiber hair. Otherwise, the hair will melt.

  2.Wearing a sun hat when you are in the sun and take off your wig before showering.Taking a shower with a hair wig can damage the durability. So You’d better take it off before bathing. But maybe some people don’t like take on and off their wigs frequently, it is not a little convenient. Or you can wear a waterproof hair hat to protect hair wigs, this way can be protective also.

  3.Use less heat hair tools.Blow dryer, ceramic straightener, curling irons, these common heat hair tools that women use frequently in their daily lives. All of these hair tools can cause heat damage to the hair wigs. Frequent Use can dry out the hair wig and shorten its life. Air dry is a better choice to dry hair wig.

  4.Brush wigs gently with wide-teeth combs or fingers.Every hair wig needs to be detangled regularly. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers to brush it gently.

  5. Deep conditions regularly.Deep conditions regularly is necessary for a hair wig. Experts also say that adding moisture to the hair wigs by using certain oils can also care hair and make it more manageable.

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