Why stars hair looks so many?

2021-May-13-Thu 02:43:52:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  Stars out of house always glamorous.In addition to having their own team, they also pay great attention to maintenance.In normal, whether it is dyeing, perming, or straightening, it will damage the hair.If you want to protect you hair,I can give you some suggestions.

  First,you can tell the barber not to let the hair dye touch the hair roots.That can protect the hair roots and never effect the growing new hair.

  Second,after dyeing your hair, take care of it.It is best to be 2 to 3 times a month.but ,it really waste time.And at our spare time ,we want to leisure and entertainment .

  Third,it is very simple.you need a wig which is the best human hair wig.if you care for it,it can use three months.And there are natural black colors and many types,which are 13x4 body wave,13x6deep wave,4x4deep wave and so on.The lengths are also comprehensive.