How to get a significant graduation photo?

2021-May-25-Tue 02:37:26:PM  AUTHOR:jue

How can you take a beautiful graduation photo when the graduation season comes?

The graduation photo just look the head and face,so we need to make up and fix your hairstyle.

1. perfect hairstyle.We need to choose the right hairstyle according to the face shape.For example, you need to leave a part of hair on both sides of your face. For melon seeds and small faces, you can use deep or curly.Graduation means that you haven't started work yet, so it's not appropriate to do styling and there is no budget.

2. Doing perfect hairstyle.You can buy a wig, preferably black, which can be dyed according to your needs.The budget for a human hair can be 200 US dollars, plus 50 US dollars hair dye, the total is estimated to not exceed 500 US dollars.This is very cost-effective.

3. How to get a wigAnicekiss have various wigs:deep,curly,body etc.if you have any question,the waiter can reply you immediately.

4. Make up on face.A red lipstick will make you beaut.Believe me!To buy lipstick, you must go to a physical store, otherwise it is easy to step on thunder.