Why human hair price more expensive than others?

2021-May-20-Thu 01:57:46:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  There are many kinds of wigs, we won't introduce them one by one here.if you want know more about them ,you can click there.We mainly introduce human hair.Why is the price of real human hair expensive?

  First ,real hair is more expensive than others at the time of acquisition.And it is not every day that factory can receive human hair for sale.So,The price of real human hair remains high.

  Second,a wig is made by manmade,and it will take a very long time.The number of hairs on each hole is fixed.One less hair in each hole will appear uneven.The density of a wig is obvious by contrast.

  Third,before each hair is applied to each hole, it must be kept under manual care to exclude the fragile and short hair.