See Here,How to Tighten a Wig!

2022-March-08-Tue 09:48:54:AM  AUTHOR:yuting
After some of us women choose the right wig, when the wave and length of the wig are confirmed, we will face a new problem, how to fix the fake on our head to make it look more natural and last longer without falling off. But sometimes when you get your new wig and can't wait to put it on only to find it's too big for you, it can turn our mood from good to bad. Also, if the wig is not the right size for you, it will fail to show your beauty, which can make us uncomfortable on some occasions. Therefore, it is very important to know how to tighten the wig effectively, especially when it is windy! In the next part, we are on your side and solve the problem for you.

1. How to tighten a wig with a strap ?

Before putting on the wig, take a look at the inside of the wig cap. You'll notice that the adjustment strap is usually just above the wig's neck. The "scruff" refers to the back of your neck .

Just pull the elastic and your wig will become tighter, then if you pull it out, the wig will become looser. Typically, wigs have a band on each side. Don’t worry! They stay securely in place as long as the straps are hooked tightly in the right place.

This is definitely the easiest way to tighten a wig. However, it can only help loosen or tighten the wig in a very limited size, and many people don't think it's an absolutely safe way. If the straps do what you need to tighten the wig, then this is a great way for you.

clips can tighten the cap,when you wear the wigs

2. How to tighten a wig with an elastic band ?

In addition to the wig strap that comes with the wig, you can also install the elastic strap of the wig cap yourself, which can help the wig shrink smaller. This is a very good method for people with sensitive skin.
What you need are: elastic band, scissors, needle, thread and tape measure

Step1: Determine the required length of elastic band. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the ears along the nape of the neck, then tighten the elastic as much as possible and cut to measure the length

Step2: Open the wig cap naturally, put the new elastic band in it, and make sure to follow the wave of the loose wig cap.

Step 3: Secure the ends of the elastic with needle and thread. Once done, you can try on the wig. Make sure your elastic is flat on the nape of your neck

Elastic band also can adjust the wigs,using long or short band according to your head sizes

3. How to fasten the wig with a wig strap ?

If you're trying to tighten your wig this way, you'll need some tools: wig straps, scissors, alcohol cotton balls.

Step 1: Clean the area where the tape will be placed and use an alcohol swab to remove excess grease and dirt. This will help the tape stay safe.

Step2: Cut the wig band shorter and the length is appropriate. Peel off one side of the tape and stick them along the hairline. You have to make sure there is no baby hair where the wig strap is attached, otherwise you will feel pain when you try to remove the wig strap.

Step3: Put on the wig, tear off the tape on the other side, glue it with the wig, and press with your fingers to make sure it is firm enough and won't slip off.

The New glue way you can try it!

4. How to fix the wig with the silicone solution sheet ?

Usually a silicone sheet with some invisible thread can provide a mild suction effect to increase the safety of the wig.
The silicone sheet is usually sewn inside the wig cap, so the tools you need are: silicone sheet, scissors, needle and thread
Step 1: Cut the silicone sheet into the shape and size you need.
Step2: Sew the silicone sheet inside the wig cap. Generally speaking, one piece at the back of the neck, one near the hairline, and two pieces behind the ears. Then all that's left is to put on your wig.

5. How to Secure a Wig with a Wig Clip ?

Wig clips are very common tools for fixing wigs. Basically, a wig clip is installed inside each wig cap. But the wig clip can only be used without the wig cap. Of course, the more wig clips installed, the stronger the holding force of the wig will be.

Step1: Choose some clips of suitable size and determine the position where you need to add wig clips.

Step2: Sew the wig clip inside the wig cap. The more clips the hat has, the more secure it is, but too many clips can also stress your natural hair because they can pull on your natural hair when you try to remove it. Usually no more than four.

You can install the combs or clips ,this is also easy way

In conclusion

These methods are practical and easy to operate. See which one is suitable for you, welcome to communicate with us, if you have a new method, you can share it with us.