How to keep a durable wig and natural hair clean?

2021-June-01-Tue 10:02:00:AM  AUTHOR:jue

Last month,Isaw a help page in facebook.Because fleas appeared on her head, that’s horrable.Nowi give you some suggestions.

1.whyhave fleas?Becuase the hair is dirty,or the fleas from animals to your body. tochoose a wigWhen you buy a wig,you can buy headband,which is convenient and simple.Itdoesn’t need glue ,so you can wash it twice a week.Keep normally regular wash.

3.Hasalready appeared.If your hair really have fleas,keep can use medicine,orvery thin comb called Bizi.You can visit Taobao.

4. Preventionfirst.the summer is coming,you will sweat a lot in outdoors.You must be wash your hair, Keep refreshing and don't be lazy.