How to join the "Buy One Get One Free" Promo?

How to join the "Buy One Get One Free" Promo?

Buy one get one free


Hi AniceKiss Fam, our "Buy One Get One Free" promo is still there at this moment! No coupon and extra actions are needed. Its supper easy to join the promo. This blog article is going to walk you through the whole process to get a free human hair wig.


Step 1.

Click the banner. Youll see the banner on our website, just click it and youll navigate to the page of "Buy one get one freepromo.

buy one get one free page


Step 2.

Choose the hair you like. There are our best sellers. Select one of them. 


Step 3.

Get the length and density you prefer. Your free wig will be selected by default. Then click “Add To Car” or Buy Now” button. After you make you decision, you can just simply place your order and check out.

the free wig will selected by default


Step 4.

Youll see your free wig in your cart! No coupon or other actions are needed, and your free wig will be in your cart automatically! 

you'll see your free wig in your cart


What should I look for when buying a human hair wig?

What should I look for when buying a human hair wig?

Things to keep in mind when buying a wig.


Wigs are perfect accessories for women, however, buying a wig sometimes can be complex, especially when selecting a wig for the first time, it can be hard. Knowing what to look for is not easy. This blog article is going to walk you through the factors you need to consider when buying a human hair wig.


1. The most important thing you should look for when buying a wig is comfort. Human hair wigs are made of real human hair, which makes them much softer than synthetic ones. The lace part is important as well, a high-quality lace will not only bring you the most realistic hairline, but the most comfortable wearing experience. The HD Swiss lace is the best lace on the market. Its very thin, breathable, and will not irritate you skin. If youre looking for a high-quality human hair lace wig, head to AniceKiss and have a look.

hd swiss lace


2. The second consideration is the color of the hair. Wigs come in variety of colors. We always advise people to choose a color that complements their skin tones. If youre looking for a wig for your daily life, we highly recommend you get the color of your natural hair.

wigs come in various colors 

3. The next thing is size. We are in different head sizes. Its critical to select an appropriate size for comfort. If you dont know how to measure your head, please go to the blog article How to measure your head for a wig?. If you are still unsure, you can purchase a wig with an adjustable elastic strap.

 wig cap with adjustable straps

4. One of the biggest decision you need to make is which texture youd like. If youre having human hair wigs, of course you can curl your hair or straighten your hair as you like. However, I believe most of us are not professional stylist. Youd better get the exact texture you like, especially if youd like the curly wave, cause its not easy for us to transform your straight hair into curly wave.

hair textures


How to keep human hair wigs soft?

How do you keep human hair wigs soft?


4 Tips on how to treat wigs at home.

Hair Care Routine

how to keep your human hair wigs soft?


Human hair wigs work as your natural hair and make changing hairstyle much easier. However, Natural nourishment and scalp oil are lacking in human hair wigs, making them dry and brittle. If you want to keep your wigs soft and silky, you need care for them properly. In this blog article, were going to walk you through the main factors that will make your human hair wigs dry and gives some tips on how to make your human hair wigs soft.


Why your human hair wigs turn dry and tangled?

Before we jump into how to make your human hair soft, lets seen the reasons can lead to your hair dry and tangled.

1. Exposure to the sun (will make your hair brittle)

2. Lack of nutrition (will make your hair fade)

3. Hard water and chemicals (will make your hair damaged and dry)



How to make your human hair wigs soft?

Step 1. Pre-wash your hair with good quality oil.

A good quality oil can provide your human hair wigs enough nourishment. We highly recommend that you oil your wig before every wash. Youd better gently apply a natural oil like olive oil, coconut oil or Moroccan oil all over your human hair wig. Leave the oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes.

Pre-wash your hair with good quality oil.

Step 2. Shampoo and condition your hair.

Wash your human hair wig with a moisturizing shampoo. Gently rinse your hair out under the running water. Then, coat your hair with conditioner and keep it for around 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly after the estimated time and squeeze out all the excessive water.

In this step, you'll likely find tangles, so remember to remove them with care. If there are knots in your wig, lightly run a comb or your finger through it until you have removed them.


Step 3. Dry your hair.

Letting your wig air dry is the safest way to dry your wig. If you want to style your hair or dry your hair quickly then we recommend using a hair drying. Do forget to comb or brush your hair while blow drying your hair, otherwise, itll get tangled easily.

dry your human hair wigs


Step 4. Store them away from the direct sun.

Always keep your human hair wigs separately. Store them in a cool and dry place.


Keep in mind our 4-step guide, youll have your human hair wigs soft and silky. If you want your human hair wigs last long, you need to treat them as your own hair. For more wig care guides, please check out our other blog posts! 


How to protect a human hair wig in the sun?

How to protect a human hair wig in the sun?

The proper way to care for your human hair wigs in hot weather.

how to protect a human hair wig in the sun?


Hot weather is coming! Lots of people will change their lifestyles. For wig lovers, your human hair wigs may dry out or fade due to the sun, so youd better change the way how you wear and care for your human hair wigs. In this blog article, were going to share some tips on how to protect and care for your human hair wigs in the sun.

                                                        how to protect your wig in hot weather


What are human hair wigs?

Human hair wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair, so that they could provide you the most realistic looking. You can dye them, curl them, straighten them and just style them as you like. However, while youre enjoying the advantages of the human hair wig, you need to realize that they are as fragile as your natural hair. You need to treat your human hair wigs as your real natural hair.


How to protect your human hair wigs in the sun?

1. Do not expose your wigs to long-term sunlight.

The easiest way to protect your hair is preventing exposure to sun. We highly recommend to cover your hair with a cap. However, we know that the sun is inevitable during summer, so try not to expose your human hair wigs to long-term sunlight. The most important thing is avoid going out when the sun is most intense.


2. Keep your hair clean and healthy

Due to the hot weather, you're likely to sweat a lot during summer. You will therefore need to clean your human hair wigs more frequently during this time of year. We suggest that you wash your hair once a week with warm water. You d better deep condition it every two weeks.


3. Avoid excessive heat.

You should avoid using curling irons, blow dryers, and other heat treatments on your hair because they will damage its keratin sheath. The result is that it is exposed to the sun, which causes it to become brittle as a result.


4. Store your human hair wigs in a cool and dry place.

Dont store your wigs in a damp place or expose them to direct sunlight. If you want to extend the lifespan of your human hair wigs, store them a cool and dry place.


By following these wig protection tips, you can wear your human hair wigs confidently and know you're taking good care of it to keep it healthy.


How to curl a human hair wig?

How to curl a human hair wig?

Curling iron hacks to style your hair better.

how to curl a human hair wig


Many wig lovers are wondering can they curl their human hair wigs? The answer is OF COURSE, YES! Human hair wigs are made of 100% human hair, so that you can treat them as your natural hair and of course you can style it as you like. This blog article is going to show you how to curl your human hair wigs like a pro.


Before we jump into the processes let have the tools ready.
·Curling iron

·Wide-tooth brush

·Your human hair wigs from AniceKiss


Watch how our hair barbie @Shun Cook curl her AniceKiss hair.


Curling your hair with curling iron is the easiest way to change your hairstyle. Itll take 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the length and thickness of your wig.

Step 1.

Prepare your human hair wig. Before start curling, you need to properly prepare your wig. Gentle comb it through with a wide-tooth brush


Step 2.

Put your wig on a wig stand or a wig head.


Step 3.

Part your hair into sections. Always remember to work in sections.


Step 4.

You can properly trim your hair as you like.


Step 5.

Take a small section and spiral curls with a curling iron. Clap at the top and work your way down to the end. If you want your curl last longer, drop and hold it for about 10 seconds.


Step 6.

Work in small sections and repeat the Step 5.


Step 7.

After you finish all the small sections, a holding spray will help you keep your new style in place.

Now you've finish everything to style your human hair wig. Hoping that helps. Check out our website and get 100% human hair wigs.


What’s 1B hair color? All You Need To Know About 1B Hair Color.

Whats 1B hair color?

All you need to know about 1B hair color.

What's 1B hair color?

For some of our wig lovers, they go with human hair wigs not only because they want to change their hair styles, sometime theyre just tied of their hair colors. When it comes to hair color, there are 40 different shades available. It could be challenging to get the right color for you. Even you just want to get a black color, its not as easy as you think. Yes, black doesnt have just one type. Today, were going to walk you through the details of black color.


Whats 1B color?

As we just mentioned before, black doesnt have just one type. We got two shades of black when it comes to hair dyes.  The first one, #1, Jet Black; the second one, 1B, off-black.

Jet black (#1) is the richest and darkest hue. Jet black is actually darker than black, because it has blue undertone. Compared to jet black, 1B color is lighter and more natural. Normally,  unprocessed virgin human hair wigs are in 1B natural black. For people who would like very natural black human hair wigs, we highly recommend you go with 1B hair color.

Color chart


What should I do to take care of 1b hair?

Just as all human hair wigs, in order to maintain good health, strength, and shine of wigs in 1B color, they need our well care. In order to avoid unnecessary tangles and knots, you need to regularly wash your hair, and always remember wash it with conditioner, and brush it daily.


Hopefully, this article can help you have a clear idea about 1B color. AniceKiss provides all kinds of human hair wigs in 1B black, have a look and get your perfect wig. 


Lace closure VS. lace front:What's the difference?

Lace closure VS. lace front

Whats the difference?

lace closure vs. lace front


There are so many things to know when purchasing a wig. The lace size may be the very first thing you need to consider. Lace closure wigs and lace front wigs are top stars among the wig world, and wig lovers must be very familiar with them. However, are you guys really know what are the differences between them? What size lace you need when you purchase your unit? What makes them different? In this blog article, were going to talk about knowing the difference between the lace closure wigs and lace front wigs. You can find out which one is best for you.



Whats a lace closure wig?

Lets start with the lace closure wig since that one is the one that we recommend for people who just started wearing a wig. The parting area of a lace closure is smaller than a lace front, normally is just temper to temper. Usually the closure sizes are 4×4 and 5×5. The first number represents a cross (from left to right), and the second number represents from forehead on back. So a 4×4 lace closure allows you to part 4 inches across and 4 inches back and forth.

lace closure wigs                                                                                                                    

Whats a lace front wig?                                                       

A lace front unit is a unit where the lace is in the front. The lace part goes from ear to ear, so that a lace front could recreate your hairline. Usually the lace sizes are 13×4 and 13×6. For a 13×4 lace front, the first number represents from left to right. So 13 means that the lace is 13 inches long from ear to ear, and its 4 inches long from your forehead back. It allows you to part anywhere within 13 inches across and 4 inches back.

 lace front wigs


Whats the difference between lace closure wigs and lace front wigs?

· Lace size: What makes a lace closure different from a lace front is the size. Theyre pretty much the same and the most crucial difference between them is the lace size.

· Installation: For a lace closure wig, you can take on and off without glue, and a lace closure is good for people who are very low maintenance. A lace front normally requires some type of adhesive thats going to hold this unit down to your skin and allow a flawless natural look.

· Versatility: For the lace closure wig, you can only do parting on the closure area. A lace front could provide you the unmatched styling versatility.

lace closure vs. lace front 

What is the best for you?

For beginner wearers, we recommend you start with the lace closure wigs. For those whore suffering from hair loss, we recommend you go with lace front wigs which could protect your natural hairline better. Ultimately, its your personal preference and the type of look you want will determine whether a Lace Frontal or Lace Closure is right for you.


How to put on a wig cap over your hair?

How put on a wig cap over your hair?

Prep your hair underneath the wig.


How to put on a wig cap over your hair?

Wearing a wig is a easy and quick way to change your style and refresh yourself. For wig lovers, we highly recommend having a wig cap underneath your HD lace wig. With it, the wig will have some structure to rest against and you can be sure that your wig won't move when you wear it. This article is going to walk you through the processes of wearing a wig cap.


Before we jump into the exact steps, let have a look what youre gonna need:

·A wig cap that is closet to the color of your wig (Dont have one? Dont worry, you can get a free wig cap with your AniceKiss package)

·tail comb


·glued spray



How to put on your wig cap?


Step 1.

Wear your hair in cornrows.Cornrows are a good option if you don't want your hair to be visible under the wig. The cornrow is a tight, flat braid that lies flat against the scalp almost entirely.

wear your hair in cornrows


Step 2.

Use some glue to slick back your edges. Then, take some glued spray, spray them on the front of your hairline and blow dry them so they dont go nowhere. Doing this could make sure the wig  stay in the right place.

glue back your edges


Step 3.

Take out your wig cap, and take it from behind first. Stuff rest of your hair up in there. Stretch it all the way down on your face. Thats will make the wig cap as thin and flat as possible.

strech the wig cap all the way down


Step 4.

Cut a hole in your ear and make sure your ears breathing. Apply some bold hold around the hairline. Get your comb and spread it out so it will dry evenly.

cut a hole in your ear


Step 5.

Put makeup on the wig cap and make it match the color of your wig.

put makeup on the wig cap


Step 6.

Set your wig on and to see if every things okay. Make sure everythings good, and then take you wig off and start cutting your wig cap.

cut the wig cap


Step 7.

Up to now, youve done everything about your wig cap, and you can start working with your wig.

final look


How to install your lace front wig without glue?

How to install your lace front wig without glue?

Lay your lace front without any glue.

lay your lace front without any glue


The lace front wig is always popular on the market. Its ear-to-ear lace part could cover the entire hairline and provide you a realistic looking. Its more comfortable than a lace closure, and more affordable than a full lace wig. At most time, people tend to wear a lace front with glue, but today, were trying to bring you a much easier wearing experience -- lay your lace front without glue!


Hey, are you imaging your wig blown apart by wind or fall off in public now? Stop darling, its summer, no one want to wear a helmet in the hot weather all day, right? Without glue, you can take it off and put it on whenever you like. For some sensitive skins, no-glue installation is a the best choice. However, we dont recommend you wearing your lace front without glue in very strong wind.


Before jump into the installation steps, lets find out the tools youll need:


·wig cap (Dont have one? Do worry, youll get a free wig cap within your AniceKiss package.)

·tail comb

·hair spray

·your AniceKiss HD lace front wigs

AniceKiss HD lace front wig

Now, let's go through the easiest lace front wig installation tutorial! Watch this video and see how our hair doll Olivia does that.


Step 1. Prep your hair for wig installation.

Moisturizing your natural hair is a crucial step before you get your natural hair ready for wig installation. Then put your hair in cornrows, and it is a good way to flat the surface for your lace front installation. now 

prep your hair for wig installation

Step 2. Put on the wig cap.

A wig cap can not only provide smooth surface but also protect your natural hair from friction.

put on a wig cap


Step 3. Put on your wig properly.

Put on you wig on the proper position, and you can adjust the elastic straps to your size. Besides, there are clips inside the wig to hold it. So dont worry, your wig wont fall off easily.

put on your wig properly


Step 4. Cut off the excess lace.

Take out your scissors and gently trim the lace to your hairline shape. If you have no idea how to do that, please go to this blog article, How To Cut Lace Off Your Lace Wigs?

cut off the excess lace


Step 5. Style your hair as you like.

Apply some hair spray, then curl your hair, straighten your hair, or just style it as you like! Youve already get your wig hair ready! Easy and quick, right?! Now its time to enjoy your day.

style your wig as you like



How to put on a headband wigs?

How to put on a headband wig?

Easiest install tutorial.

how to put on a headband wig

Headband wigs are becoming more and more popular recently, and they are very good choices for hot temperature. You can create a beautiful style with them in under five minutes, and they're inexpensive and easy to apply. This blog article will help you understand how to put on a headband wig!

Step 1.

First and foremost, get the one you like! There are a variety of lengths, colors, and textures to choose from when it comes to headband wigs, so you have plenty of options.

human hair headband wigs

Step 2.

You can braid down your hair, or just simple slick back you natural hair and tie it. Make sure there is no flyaway.


Step 3.

Comb down you baby hairs if you like.


Step 4.

Put on the stocking cap.

put on the stocking cap


Step 5.

Put your headband wig on your head. There are 4 clips on the wig, 2 on the sides, on in the middle, and 1 at the back. Stick them underneath the cap. Once thats done, youre going to just bring the strips of the band together at the back

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