5 Tips for Everyday Wig Wearing

Wigs bring us chances to change up our style and wearing wigs daily become more and more common. However, the question for all wig wearers is can we wear a wig every day? The short answer to this question is Yes, you actually can wear a wig every day. In this blog article, there are some tips for you to have a better experience of daily wig wearing.

1. Wear a Wig Cap Line.

No matte you have your natural hair or not, always wear a wig cap line underneath your wig with your daily wear. A wig cap can protect your wig from the oil on your scalp and provide you a better wearing experience. Dont forget to wash your wig cap frequently. All AniceKiss packages will come with a wig cap.


2. Human Hair Wigs or Synthetic Wigs?

We do recommend human hair wigs as the daily wearing option. With synthetic wigs, you can keep your style for about a week, but synthetic wigs cannot be colored, bleached, or restyled which means you have to keep in one style every day. Human hair wigs are made of real human hair, so it could provide us with a more natural looking and more comfortable wearing experience. Whats more, you can change its style with flat ironing or curling tools.

3. Wash Your Wigs when Necessary.

Even though you have your wig cap line to protect your wig from scalp oil, you still need to wash your wig to remove the dust and your sweat. How often should you wash your wigs is actually depends on how often you wear your wigs and your activity level. For avid wig wearers, we suggest washing your wig every 9 to 10 wears.


4. Dont Sleep in Your Wig.

Wearing your wig every day doesnt means never take it off even when youre sleeping. The friction between your wigs and your pillow can cause tangles and knots. Whats worse, the HD lace part will be damaged without knowing.


5. Store Your Wigs Properly.

Every time you take off your wig, remember to store your wig properly to keep it from damage. Youd better put your wig on the wig stand or wig head which will help to protect your wig from tangling.  



Are you looking for high quality human hair wigs? AniceKiss is a remarkable brand which has been manufacturing for a long time. AniceKiss is also a name of trust to the people who love to use wigs. Always try to buy wigs from goo brands. In this article, AniceKiss is going to show you the TOP 5 human hair wigs in 2022.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are much softer than synthetic wigs. Although the price of human hair wigs is a bit higher, the longevity of human hair can be up to a year with a daily wear, whilst synthetic wigs tend to need replacing sooner. Styling versatility is another point. You can get a straight hair human hair wig and heat and curl it any way you like using styling tools; or you can straighten a wavy wig.


Pros of human hair:

Extremely natural looking

Flexible styling




Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are usually made of plastic or man-made fibres which tend to tangle more than human hair wigs. Synthetic hair has style memory, you dont have the versatility of changing the style or color. Synthetic wigs do not have the longevity of human hair. With proper care, youll likely get around 4 to 5 months of daily wear before you need to get a new one.


AniceKiss only focuses on high-quality human hair wigs. If you’d like to have a human hair wig, you can go to our website, and have a live chat with us, then you can get more discounts.



Top 5 Human Hair Wigs

 Are you looking for high quality human hair wigs? AniceKiss is a remarkable brand which has been manufacturing for a long time. AniceKiss is also a name of trust to the people who love to use wigs. Always try to buy wigs from goo brands. In this article, AniceKiss is going to show you the TOP 5 human hair wigs in 2022.


1.Black curly wave lace front wigs

Do you love to dye and bleach your hair? If yes, then the great thing is you can dye and bleach on these wigs. It is going to be an extra advantage of this wig. This is made with premium quality material so you can wear it for a long time without any irritation. Air can adequately pass through your scalp, which will help to keep your scalp healthy. Are your tense about the size? It is medium in size and has an adjustable system. The wigs are very easy to wear and adjust. You can also remove it quickly.

The pros are:  

· It is easily adjustable

· It is also easy to wear

· Not so difficult to remove

· It lasts for long

· No allergic problem

2.AniceKiss Yaki straight short bob wigs

Do you like or have bob-style hair? If yes, then definitely this one is for you. Its size is short and gives you the natural feel of Yaki straight bob hair. Human hair is used as a material that is easy to wash. This human hair wig is 100% premium in quality and looks natural. Are you tense about the softness and smoothness? No worries, this is super soft, natural, and highly smooth. No chemical products are used while processing. Thats why they last for so long. You can buy it for long-term use.


The pros are:

· Easily washable

· Smooth and soft

· Lasts for long

· Easily adjustable

· No chemical processing



3.Straight human hair wigs

Do you think straight hair suits you? If yes, you are in the right place now because we are here to present you with gorgeous straight human hair wigs. This is a chemical-free unprocessed human hair made wig which is one of the best quality products in the market. The whole wig is highly breathable and comfortabel. Air can properly blow into it, which is good to scalp health. Weight is lighter, and height is perfect. It is very much durable and reusable.


The pros are:

· Reusable

· Breathable

· Less weight

· No tangle

· No sheds



4.Body wave human hair wigs

Do you love large body wave style wigs? This high-density wig has a gorgeous body wave shape with silky look as it is made from virgin human hair, so it looks fantastic. It is unprocessed. That means no chemical is used at processing time. Are you tense about tangling? It is normal to get tensed about tangles for this wig because it is large and the density is higher than any other wig. Dont worry. It is tangle-free. HD Swiss lace is used for hair that is not easily detectable.


The pros are:

· High-density hair

· Adjustable cap

· Chemical-free

· Tangle-free

· Virgin human hair



5.V-part curly wigs

Are you an adult and looking for adult human hair natural black curly wigs? AniceKiss exclusively made this V-part wig which is soft and smooth. The hair used here is pure virgin human hair that looks so silky. The cap is highly breathable and easily adjustable. You do not have to worry about the health of your scalp even if you wear it for a long time. It is comfortable and suitable for anyone, because the adjustment system is sound.


The pros are:

· Unprocessed hair

· No chemical used

· Soft adn bouncy

· Breathable

· Washable





What IS HD Lace? What's the Differences Between HD Lace and Normal Lace?

Whether you’ve been wearing the wigs for a while, you’re new to the wig community, or even thinking about starting to wear wigs, you all need to know what the HD lace is. There's so much information out there and material used for the wig cap has changed. In this blog article, we’ll explain what HD lace is and the differences between HD lace and normal lace.


What Is HD Lace?

HD lace literally means ‘High Definition’. HD lace, or HD Swiss lace, is supposed to be the best lace right now. As it’s name implies, HD lace is undetectable on your skin,which could provide you a supernatural hairline.


What Is the Differences Between HD lace and normal Lace?

The original lace that most companies use is a bit thick and is more visible on your skin,but this lace is really sturdy, which is why the majority of companies have this as their standard lace. It’s super thick so it’s noticeable


Now let’s go up into HD lace. HD Swiss lace is finer and the holes on it or the grids on it are smaller and it’s stretchy. HD lace is not as stiff and sturdy as the normal one, so you do have to be more careful with Swiss lace. It melts pretty well into the skin.


What kind of lace do we use?

AniceKiss only uses high quality HD Swiss lace, which is soft and invisible and melts well into your skin. Click here to see our HD lace wigs.  




How to Wash A Human Hair Wig

It is crucial to properly care for your human hair wig to ensure a long lifespan, softness, and durable shine. At-home wig care routine is not complex, and all it requires is your gentle care. The following guide will help you with your at-home wig care to make sure your wigs look their best.

Lace Wig Types

Before going through the guide, let’s have a quick review of three popular kinds of human hair wigs. Knowing what type your wig is, may help you with your daily care routine.

· Lace front wig: As the name implies, a lace front wig only covers the front of the hair with the other parts of the wig being built on other strong wig caps. The lace at the front of these wigs provides added realism to your style and looks most natural when it blends with your skin tone. The hairs are individually tied to the lace by hand to provide the hair that a natural look.

· Closure wig: Closure wigs are similar to lace front wigs. Instead of having a strip of lace that runs from ear to ear, the closure is typically a 4×4-inch patch placed on the middle, front portion of the hairpiece.

· Full lace wig: Full lace wigs are wigs with an entire lace base. Individual hair strands are hand-tied onto the entire lace cap to give the wig a supremely natural look. The full lace wig is more breathable and light than other types of wigs.

How Often to Wash Your Human Hair wig

How often you wash your human hair wig is up to how often you wear it and the condition of your wig. It is suggested to wash your human hair wig every one or two weeks of wear. However, if your wig begins to feel sticky, it may be time to give it a rinse. Each time your wig is washed, its lifespan of it is shortened. For this reason, do not wash your wig more.

How to Wash a Human Hair Wig?

Now that you know what type your wig is and how often should you wash your human hair wig, let’s figure out how to wash a human hair wig.

Step 1. Gently comb through your human hair wig with a wide-tooth comb, removing all tangles. Star from the bottom and work your way up to the roots.

Step 2. Place it under the faucet and use lukewarm water to wet it. For longer wigs, we recommend holding the wig under the faucet of your shower to prevent the hair from getting tangled in the basin below.

Step 3. Apply a small amount of shampoo into your hands and place it evenly over the hairpiece. Do not twist or rub. Using lukewarm water, gently rinse your hair from the base to the bottom until all shampoo has been removed. Lightly squeeze out excess water.

Step 4. Place a small amount of conditioner into the wig, starting at the bottom. Gently comb through the strands with your fingers. Avoid the application of conditioner to the base of the wig as it can loosen the knots on the cap. Leave the conditioner in your hair for about 5 minutes, then run lukewarm water from the roots of the wig down to the bottom.

Step 5. Up to this step, you’ve washed your lace wig, so now it’s time to dry it. Gentle squeeze out the water, and then dry your wig with a towel. The best way to dry your wig is to leave it on a wig stand to air dry. Remember never to dry your human hair wig with a hair drier. Once the wig is completely dry, you can style it with styling products.


About Chinese Bangs Wigs

Fashion comes and goes, but style lives on. To meet people's changing fashion needs, there are always new wigs for us. If you are also a hair fashion lover, I believe that trendy hairstyles can always attract your attention. Recently, a new hairstyle - Chinese bangs wig has been popular with many girls.See that!

What is a Chinese wig?

First, we need to understand the basic concepts. Chinese bangs wigs refer to black straight wigs with bangs. We can see that Chinese people have straight black hair, which is why the wigs are called Chinese bangs wigs.

Why choose Chinese wigs?

In this section, we'll detail why you can choose a Chinese bangs wig for yourself.
1. Versatile
Chinese bangs wigs are made with straight and black hair. Straight hair has the unique advantage of being smooth and flat, and the glossiness is also an attraction. And black is the most classic colour. Therefore, Chinese bangs wigs will suit your outfit and skin tone. You can never go wrong with getting a black straight wig.
2. Natural
This is a wig with bangs, which means you don't have to show your hairline. Many beginners have a hard time using glue to make their hairline look natural. Although you don't have to worry about how to perfect your hairline.
3. Change the way you look
Have you tried bangs hairstyles? If not, this wig is a good choice for you. Bangs help shape your face and accentuate the features of your eyes and cheekbones. In addition, if you are not satisfied with your forehead, or have some blemishes on your forehead, it is a good way to cover your forehead, hide skin blemishes, and show a more perfect self.
4. Easy to maintain
Some girls may find wigs with bangs more difficult to manage. But actually, bangs are easy to maintain. You can wash and condition it as usual. The extra thing you need to do is secure your bangs with a straightener.
Short Bob with bangs the girl wear looks so charming

What kind of Chinese bangs wig to choose?

We know that wigs are made of different materials and are available in different lengths. So which is better?

1. Chinese Bang Wigs Human Hair Wigs VS Chinese Bang Synthetic Wigs
In fact, most wigs on the market today are made from human hair. Because human hair wigs, like our own hair, are more natural, softer and of higher quality. Simpler and more convenient restyle is also their unique advantage.
And synthetic wigs also have their own advantages. They can hold the hairstyle and colour better. They can have deeper, more vibrant colours. Also, they are more affordable than human hair wigs.

2. Short VS Long Chinese Bangs Wig
Because Chinese bangs are all straight black hair, the only difference is the length. Straight black hair with bangs will make you more cute and youthful. Many girls prefer short wigs because they exude character and confidence. Also, styling and trimming a Chinese bangs wig will take less time. For example, you can easily style your wig into a Chinese bangs wig.
Chinese wigs with long bangs can add a gentle and elegant touch to you. Long wigs are more versatile and can be restyled into different hairstyles. But they require you to spend more time conditioning and styling.

Each wig has its pros and cons. You can choose the wig according to your requirements and preferences.

you can see the long hair with bang that makes the lady look gentle and graceful

How to make a Chinese bangs wig?

We know that Chinese bangs wigs refer to black straight bangs wigs. So really only if you have a black straight wig, you can try making one yourself. Because there will be a seam between your bangs and the rest of your hair, lace forehead wigs are better for bangs
First, put on straight black hair, then use a comb to cut some of it off. You can decide for yourself how much hair and bangs you want, any thickness. Then use a hair iron to smooth out the parted hair. Next, twist them together and cut them to the appropriate length. Remember not to cut them too short, you can leave a length in place for the nose.
Go ahead and use the iron to keep your bangs flat and natural. Then you just need to trim them with scissors to the shape and length you like. After all the steps, you will have beautiful bangs.
Today we mainly introduce Chinese bangs wigs for you. Black and straight wigs will never go out of style, so if you're into it, give it a try! Maybe you will find out how cute and beautiful you are with bangs!

13x6x1 T Part Wig

With the continuous updating of new technologies, different types of upgraded wigs have appeared in the market, and the 13x6x1 wig is one of them. Maybe you have learned a lot of lace wigs with different lace bottoms, such as 13x4 lace wigs, 13x6 lace wigs, but now, what is a 13x6x1 wig. Read on and we'll learn more about it.

What is a 13x6x1 wig?

The 13x6x1 wig is a T-part wig with a lace base, the lace measures 13" ear-to-ear, 6" deep, and 1" wide in the section (see picture below), so it can be called a 13x6x1 lace wig or a 13x6x1 t-part wig. Because all the lace caps of the T section wig are in the front of the whole wig, it can also be called a 13x6x1 lace front wig.
 If you don't know what a T-part wig is, click What is a T-part wig to see more information about it.
This wig is a lace wig, and it has all the characteristics of a lace wig. But it is very different from it. Here are the features of the 13x6x1 wig:
The T-part you can select it.
1. Type
This wig is very similar to a standard lace wig. However, it has less lace, so there are fewer hand-stitched parts than a regular full-front lace wig.

2. Construction
You can see the name of this wig from the picture. We have mentioned it in the previous text. The lace part of the wig is T-shaped. As you can see from many of the T-part lace wigs in our store, you can have it as a part that goes straight down the middle or to the side.

3. Style
Now, this is where it gets nice. T-part wigs are versatile and you can style them in as many ways as you can with front lace wigs. So you can get creative with your own style.

Pros and cons of 13x6x1 wigs
Nothing in the world is perfect and this wig is no exception. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the 13x6x1 lace front wig for your reference:


1. Natural hairline
This is the biggest advantage of 13x6x1 t-part lace wigs, which is why they are so popular. When you flip the wig cap inside, you will find that the wig has a full front hairline area. Therefore, this results in a similar natural result to the more expensive lace front wigs.

2. Affordable price
You know that the t-section lace wig is one of the most affordable wigs, you can get a 13x6x1 t-part wig with the same effect for less than the front lace wig.

3. Lazy model
With this wig, you don't have to worry about how to style it. It's ready to use. You don't need to sew a bundle or buy or use any other wig parts to wear it. It works out of the box.

The only downside to this wig is the T-part and the lace on the T-part, which means that part of the line is fixed and you can't do side styles for other sections, which is why it's affordable. And compared to full lace wigs, this wig has a smaller area of lace, so it may not be as comfortable as a standard full lace wig.

But still, you can style this wig in a number of ways, including curling, curling, straightening, and dyeing. So, this 13x6x1 lace wig or other type of T-part wig is a good choice for those who want a simple style and a staged wig.

See Here,How to Tighten a Wig!

After some of us women choose the right wig, when the wave and length of the wig are confirmed, we will face a new problem, how to fix the fake on our head to make it look more natural and last longer without falling off. But sometimes when you get your new wig and can't wait to put it on only to find it's too big for you, it can turn our mood from good to bad. Also, if the wig is not the right size for you, it will fail to show your beauty, which can make us uncomfortable on some occasions. Therefore, it is very important to know how to tighten the wig effectively, especially when it is windy! In the next part, we are on your side and solve the problem for you.

1. How to tighten a wig with a strap ?

Before putting on the wig, take a look at the inside of the wig cap. You'll notice that the adjustment strap is usually just above the wig's neck. The "scruff" refers to the back of your neck .

Just pull the elastic and your wig will become tighter, then if you pull it out, the wig will become looser. Typically, wigs have a band on each side. Don’t worry! They stay securely in place as long as the straps are hooked tightly in the right place.

This is definitely the easiest way to tighten a wig. However, it can only help loosen or tighten the wig in a very limited size, and many people don't think it's an absolutely safe way. If the straps do what you need to tighten the wig, then this is a great way for you.

clips can tighten the cap,when you wear the wigs

2. How to tighten a wig with an elastic band ?

In addition to the wig strap that comes with the wig, you can also install the elastic strap of the wig cap yourself, which can help the wig shrink smaller. This is a very good method for people with sensitive skin.
What you need are: elastic band, scissors, needle, thread and tape measure

Step1: Determine the required length of elastic band. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the ears along the nape of the neck, then tighten the elastic as much as possible and cut to measure the length

Step2: Open the wig cap naturally, put the new elastic band in it, and make sure to follow the wave of the loose wig cap.

Step 3: Secure the ends of the elastic with needle and thread. Once done, you can try on the wig. Make sure your elastic is flat on the nape of your neck

Elastic band also can adjust the wigs,using long or short band according to your head sizes

3. How to fasten the wig with a wig strap ?

If you're trying to tighten your wig this way, you'll need some tools: wig straps, scissors, alcohol cotton balls.

Step 1: Clean the area where the tape will be placed and use an alcohol swab to remove excess grease and dirt. This will help the tape stay safe.

Step2: Cut the wig band shorter and the length is appropriate. Peel off one side of the tape and stick them along the hairline. You have to make sure there is no baby hair where the wig strap is attached, otherwise you will feel pain when you try to remove the wig strap.

Step3: Put on the wig, tear off the tape on the other side, glue it with the wig, and press with your fingers to make sure it is firm enough and won't slip off.

The New glue way you can try it!

4. How to fix the wig with the silicone solution sheet ?

Usually a silicone sheet with some invisible thread can provide a mild suction effect to increase the safety of the wig.
The silicone sheet is usually sewn inside the wig cap, so the tools you need are: silicone sheet, scissors, needle and thread
Step 1: Cut the silicone sheet into the shape and size you need.
Step2: Sew the silicone sheet inside the wig cap. Generally speaking, one piece at the back of the neck, one near the hairline, and two pieces behind the ears. Then all that's left is to put on your wig.

5. How to Secure a Wig with a Wig Clip ?

Wig clips are very common tools for fixing wigs. Basically, a wig clip is installed inside each wig cap. But the wig clip can only be used without the wig cap. Of course, the more wig clips installed, the stronger the holding force of the wig will be.

Step1: Choose some clips of suitable size and determine the position where you need to add wig clips.

Step2: Sew the wig clip inside the wig cap. The more clips the hat has, the more secure it is, but too many clips can also stress your natural hair because they can pull on your natural hair when you try to remove it. Usually no more than four.

You can install the combs or clips ,this is also easy way

In conclusion

These methods are practical and easy to operate. See which one is suitable for you, welcome to communicate with us, if you have a new method, you can share it with us.

Various Density wig Which Should I Choose?

Many people wear wigs to make themselves better, but with the continuous development of the market, people's requirements for wigs are not limited to styles. They are more length or thickness. As people's use of wigs has become more and more widespread, people have begun to have different degrees of awareness of different wig densities. More and more people will consider one of the important reference factors. Because high-density hair not only brings a glamorous appearance, but also symbolizes good health.

What is wig density?

Wig density is the amount of hair added to the cap, and thicker hair density reflects more hair.
Volume of hair added to cap to create a fuller look. It helps determine the thickness of the hair on the wig cap. While understanding wig density, it is important to understand the difference between hair density and thickness.
If you have denser hair, you may need to use heavier styling products like gels and butters to keep your hair sticky and in control. Serums and oils may help reduce frizz.
Haircuts that remove excess volume may work best for you. Layering can give your hair the illusion of thinning, and many stylists recommend avoiding straight hair.
The thickness of a hair is the width of a hair. Density, on the other hand, is the term used to denote the amount of hair in a wig cap. This means you can have low density hair even with thicker tresses and vice versa. The denser the wig, the fuller and thicker the hair will appear.
Just like human hair has different hair densities, wigs are also differentiated based on the density of the hair. The standard hair density for wigs is 120%, called natural/medium density. This is almost equal to the average hair density varying between 100-120%. It provides a realistic look and is very light and comfortable on your head.

Here are the details of the different density levels you can choose for your front lace wig

80-90% - Very thin, this is the lowest level of hair density in a wig. And it is only recommended for women or seniors with very fine or very fine hair.

100-110% - This one is light enough that you won't feel like you're wearing a wig.

120-130% - This is the normal density of hair on the head of an average person. The wig does not feel too thick or too thin. It replicates the look and fullness of natural hair and is a standard density for any wig.

150% - Looks fuller and fuller than medium-density holiday hair. For women, it's a bit heavier and more complete. You can also customize your hair into curls and waves with high-density holiday hair.

180% - very heavy and looks weird. High-density holiday hairstyles allow you to embrace gorgeous haircuts, but may make your head a little uncomfortable.

200% - This is the heavier wig density. Generally not worn by women, only for professional artists. Wigs that are too dense can be difficult to put on your head and can be uncomfortable.

250% - The heaviest wig density. Most people choose wigs of this thickness mainly because they want to pursue a more natural wearing effect. Many people like this kind of density that suits them.

Most clients prefer to buy 180% or 200% density as it closely resembles their natural hair.

The average volume of human hair is thought to be between 120% - 150%. If you want a very thick feel, you can choose a density of 180% or even 250%.
The Density 180% vs 250% you can see the differences

No matter what density you choose, the most important thing is comfort and aesthetics. It is strongly recommended that you can choose different densities and styles. Of course, it's important that you look healthy.

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Zigzag Part - Fashionable Reincarnation

More and more people put more into their hair such as hairstyle, hair seam, they all want to be more natural and attractive. Typically, we create a straight line segment each morning, usually centered or off-center, but that's about it. There are a lot of different positions we can try, if you're usually swinging on the right, moving the side to the left can definitely give you a new look, it can also be a zigzag .

The zigzag Part is more popular that unregular style

What's a zigzag? 
The zigzag part is a way to separate the hair. Instead of the usual middle and side sections, your hair seam will be in a Z shape. By drawing a zigzag line to create a section, you want the hair to fall in a cross pattern for a more unique look. 
Zigzag is the perfect, easy way to add a bit of interest to an otherwise rather boring feature. Not only does it only take a few minutes to create, but it will make your hairstyle stand out in the best way possible. 
Will the twists and turns come back?
 Yes! You might think this look is deja vu. In fact, it was very popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. But fashion, as we all know, is the reincarnation of the playground. Celebrity hairstylist Ayano Jinnouchi predicts that pairing creative pieces with minimalist styles will be one of the biggest hair trends of 2022. 
Celebrities are proving there's a valuable way to take it to the next level. Take the famous American model Bella Hadid for example. It felt fresh when she picked up the zigzag part. The zigzag parts are in perfect harmony with her overall look. The little zigzag looks like lightning. The twists and turns make her look cooler and more distinctive than the most common straight style, like a barbarian queen. The detailed jagged parts give her some unique touch. 
How to make a twisted hair part? 
The beauty of the zigzag is that it helps you get a different, striking look without drastic changes or bold color changes -- it's a simple container for amorphous personal expression. Of course, the meandering part is much more complicated than the direct counterpart. We will outline the steps for making the zigzag section for you in the next section.

The first step is to prepare the hair for the section and make it easy to use. Because for African American women, we have curly, textured, natural hair. If you're going to create a jagged look on your natural hair, 

then you need to make your hair less frizzy and smooth. If you want to create a jagged section in your wig, it will be easier than natural hair. You just need to use something that will give it a high polish and separation. To make it easier on yourself, some serrated hair tools are necessary. There are plenty of hairpins and slicing tools for you to use.

 First, you need to brush all your hair back. Then start the separation process by cutting off the hair, especially behind the ears, so that the front of your face is unblocked. With everything in place, it's time to paint the zigzag section. Place your finger where you want the part to end. 
Then, use a rat tail comb to draw the direction and size of the zigzag you like on your scalp. When the comb touches your fingers, use it to part the hair to either side of the zigzag section. 

Next, separate your strand along the part where you can cut your hair, so you can finesse the twists and turns. If this involves combing the hair, extra care must be taken to ensure that this part is not disturbed. After completing all the steps, you will have a wonderful zigzag section of hair. 

Then you can move on to styling your hair, such as a low ponytail, two buns, and other braids with jagged parts. It was a little tricky to make, but it worked well. Instead of adding embellishments or intricate hairstyles, zigzags can easily help you achieve unique hairstyles. 

It can also be paired with a variety of hairstyles to make your hairstyle even more amazing. If you want to know more, you can talk to us.

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