How to keep a durable wig and natural hair clean?

2021-June-01-Tue 10:02:00:AM  AUTHOR:jue

Last month,Isaw a help page in facebook.Because fleas appeared on her head, that’s horrable.Nowi give you some suggestions.

1.whyhave fleas?Becuase the hair is dirty,or the fleas from animals to your body. tochoose a wigWhen you buy a wig,you can buy headband,which is convenient and simple.Itdoesn’t need glue ,so you can wash it twice a week.Keep normally regular wash.

3.Hasalready appeared.If your hair really have fleas,keep can use medicine,orvery thin comb called Bizi.You can visit Taobao.

4. Preventionfirst.the summer is coming,you will sweat a lot in outdoors.You must be wash your hair, Keep refreshing and don't be lazy.


New Bundles Are Coming Pick Up

2021-May-28-Fri 05:55:05:PM  AUTHOR:jue

Summer is coming.It is too hot. We all want to change our hairstyle.If you want to change your hairstyle, and also worry whether the new hairstyle will be suitable for you, what should you do? Come to pick up some bundles you like! And how to choose hair bundles? Maybe you will find the answer through the following steps!

1. short or long.I recommend you buy 14 inch.14 inch is a appropriate length,which just reaches the collarbone.Not likely 32 inch,which is too long to reach the waist.

2. Hair Material.In the market, there are mainly two kinds of hair material: one is human hair, the other one is man-made hair. The human hair is more expensive than man-made hair. However, in the long term, choosing true hair is a better choice. At first, wearing human hair is more comfortable, and it looks more natural. Secondly, the human hair can keep much longer time. Thirdly, the human hair is easy to wash and restyled. Our products are all 100% human hair, so why not have a try?

3. Hair Style.You can choose different hair styles according to your face shape, or you can just try your favorite hair style because our product is real hair and can be straightened, curled and dyed. So even if you're not satisfied with the style you had purchased, you can find a stylist to restyle it. Now I will introduce four main types hair weft styles for you.there are deep,curly,body,straight.


How to get a significant graduation photo?

2021-May-25-Tue 02:37:26:PM  AUTHOR:jue

How can you take a beautiful graduation photo when the graduation season comes?

The graduation photo just look the head and face,so we need to make up and fix your hairstyle.

1. perfect hairstyle.We need to choose the right hairstyle according to the face shape.For example, you need to leave a part of hair on both sides of your face. For melon seeds and small faces, you can use deep or curly.Graduation means that you haven't started work yet, so it's not appropriate to do styling and there is no budget.

2. Doing perfect hairstyle.You can buy a wig, preferably black, which can be dyed according to your needs.The budget for a human hair can be 200 US dollars, plus 50 US dollars hair dye, the total is estimated to not exceed 500 US dollars.This is very cost-effective.

3. How to get a wigAnicekiss have various wigs:deep,curly,body etc.if you have any question,the waiter can reply you immediately.

4. Make up on face.A red lipstick will make you beaut.Believe me!To buy lipstick, you must go to a physical store, otherwise it is easy to step on thunder.


Why we wear a wig need glue?

2021-May-19-Wed 02:16:23:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  When we watch the wig video, we will find that the anchor will apply glue on the wig before putting on the wig.This is considering the durability of a wig.A wig can be used for 3 months if it is well maintained.The damage of a wig is different depending on the place where the glue is applied.

  When the glue is applied to the hair cap, the time used for the wig is relatively short.If the price is cheap, there is nothing to be a pity.If the price is more expensive, then I suggest applying a little less on the hair cap to achieve a stable effect.You can still use it after a wash.

  For wigs, my suggestion is not to dye the hair. The dye will harden the lace net.For hdlace, this is a pity.Dyeing your hair will shorten the life of your wig.The best way is to apply it on the side of the hair cap and on the lace net.


How to not make others see I’m wearing a wig?

2021-May-17-Mon 01:44:53:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  Many people have puzzled that someone’s hair looks so beautiful. Maybe,that is not natural growth.She is wearing a wig.But,why her wig looks so perfect?let me tell you a key.
  First ,she have a human hair wig that is very natural,black,and soft.If you want konw more about human hair wig,you can visit there.
  Second,her wig has hd lace,closing to skin stone,widely welcomed.there are have many lace:swiss lace etc.Lace is important for a wig.Click there,know more about it.
  Third,wig need to care for it.Wig in everyday needs maintenance,treat them like our own hair.Only this,you can use it many times.Call on now ,know how to care it.



2021-May-05-Wed 04:42:21:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  Lace has a lot of models.There are hd lace,transparent lace and normal lace.But now,there still have to choose wigs types which are curly,straight,deep and body.When you choose one, there are other choices that follow.Simplify the steps and make the best choice.

  First,when summer comes, the weather is very hot, you need to choose good air permeability.HD lace is the best choice.Its close to the skin tone and wont be obvious.The density of the wig also needs to be considered.220% is a normal value.

  Second,Use time of the wig.I recommend choosing real human hair. Real human hair itself is cut from our hair.The color of real human hair is natural and easy to take care of.If you want to know how to take care of it, you can click here.How To Detangle A Wig In Easy Steps.

  Third ,There is a very obvious difference between wearing a wig and not wearing it before.

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