Can I wear a wig every day?

2021-August-03-Tue 03:03:24:PM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

It is OK to wear a wig every day if you take care of the hair in the right way. To avoid dirt built-up, it is better to wash both the wig and your own hair.

Here are some tips for you to keep your wigs tide:


1.     Wash before wear

I understand you are excited for the arrival package. But please don’t wear it straight out of the box. The wig may retain the shape of the packaging when you firstly remove it from the packaging. You can style it as your preference. Or take it to a stylist who has professional skills.


2.     Take it off while sleeping

There are some frictions between pillows and wigs, which would probably do harm to your wig. Then the wig becomes tangled and dry easily. Besides, you need to restyle it after you wake up. So, our advice is to take your wigs off when you sleep.


3.     Do hair care regularly

You can wear it every day. But sometimes it needs a break as well. When you are not going out, take it off and treat it with oil or wash it and apply mild conditioner. In addition, your scalp needs to breath too.


4.     Choose the right wig

A good-quality wig is also significant. You always get what you paid for. Anicekiss provides best-quality wig with factory price. It is all made from 100% human hair. Treat it like your own hair. It is easy to put on and off. Check out our website:

Anicekiss is committed to providing high quality handmade wigs to every woman for factory price.

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What should you know when buying a wig?

2021-July-27-Tue 03:40:25:PM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

It can be bit tricky when choosing the perfect wigs. There is a vest market for wigs in different types, brands, and materials. While we conclude some basic aspects you need to consider before buying wigs.

1. The colour of the wigs

Everyone’s preference is different. So, you need to find the colour that suits you. Nature black is always the most classic and safest choice. While some light colours may make yourself a new person. Before buying wigs, it is better to think about the colour you prefer.

2. Type of hair

It is known that wigs are made up of human hairs or synthetic hairs. Human hair is straightener safe than synthetic hairs. While as for the price, of course, human hair is more expensive than synthetic hairs. I personally suggest you buy human hair as it is more nature and lasts longer.

3. The size

It is important to buy a wig which is comfortable and correct in measurement. I suggest you should check the measurement of the wig on the site if you are ordering the wigs online. While if you are buying in store, you can check it easily.

4. Brands

Remember you get what you paid for. You should buy wigs from good branded sites. Anicekiss is a trustworthy brand, which has their own factories. And we are only selling 100% human hair. We charge at factory prices. And we promise we only sell the best-quality wigs.


If you are interested in best-quality wigs in factory price, please check out:



Anicekiss is committed to providing high quality handmade wigs to every woman for factory price.

We are constantly improving our services: customer-centric, quality clearance, high-quality service, and problem-solving skills.

You are always welcomed in Anicekiss.

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How long do human hair wigs last?

2021-July-20-Tue 04:32:11:PM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi


It is frequently to be asked: how long do human hair wigs last? It is quite interesting when answering this question. While there is no accurate period for this question since it really depends on what type of wig you are buying, how you care for it and the frequency you wear it.


  But obviously, human hair wigs stays much longer than synthetic wigs. Generally, most of human hair wigs can last up to 6 months. And if you do take great care of your natural human hair wigs, you can use them up to over 12 months.


  So maybe a follow-up question would be: how should I take care and maintain the human hair wigs?

  My suggestions would be:

1.     Wash 100% human hair wigs according to manufacturer’s suggestions

        Always detangle wigs very carefully before wet washing.
       Work from the bottom to the top and take your time  

2.     Use lukewarm water, never hot water.

3.     Apply conditioners evenly with your fingers.

4.     Choose manufactures wisely and you always get what you pay for.

5.     A great wig is a major investment of money and time.


  If you are worrying about the human hair wigs quality, why not check out our website:


  In Anicekiss, all the hair will be knotted carefully into a lace cap a few strands at a time and then sealed with a light adhesive to prevent shedding, which will definitely stay longer!


  We are looking forward to your order and happy to hear your opinions!


Anicekiss is committed to providing high quality handmade wigs to every woman for factory price.

We are constantly improving our services: customer-centric, quality clearance, high-quality service, and problem-solving skills.

You are always welcomed in Anicekiss.

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Cultural transition of the wigs

2021-July-15-Thu 11:08:53:AM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

Speaking of the wigs, what do you think of at the first glance?

In the past few years, people may treat wigs as a coverup for baldness.

But nowadays, as the awakening of self-awareness, people tend to see wigs as a fashionable tool. We are happy to see this transition since we Anicekiss is dedicated to focus both product quality and customer inspiration. We want to deliver the best wigs to our consumers while we hope our customers could enjoy the self-satisfaction that wigs bring to them as well.

We sell loads of wigs worldwide. And we hope our brand can bring self-confidence for every customer. Hair is a way of self-expression. People may think for black community that they put the wigs on because they want to hide their natural hair. People always doubt the nature or the baldness for them. But we want to show them no matter you use wigs or not, you are yourself. It is not a big deal for wearing wigs and it is just as simple as makeups, a tool for pleasing yourself.


What we can do is to share our beliefs for this topic and encourage everyone to be true to themselves. We will continue to provide best quality and share our core values to our beloved consumers.


What are your thoughts about this topic?

You can leave your thoughts by sending us email:


Anicekiss is committed to providing high quality handmade wigs to every woman for factory price.

We are constantly improving our services: customer-centric, quality clearance, high-quality service, and problem-solving skills.

You are always welcomed in Anicekiss.

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How do I distinguish real human hair wigs from synthetic ones?

2021-July-12-Mon 02:02:33:PM  AUTHOR:Jiaxin Shi

  In order to make an informed decision about what kind of wig is best for you, you need to be able to differentiate between wigs made of synthetic hair and those made of real human hair. There are certain clear cut features that you can use to identify which wig is made of which material:

1. LIFE SPAN:Synthetic and human hair wigs have drastically different life spans.Human hair wigs are made of hair that was once on a real human, because of which they have naturally occurring proteins and nutrients in them, which give human hair wigs a longer life span.Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, have never withstood real environmental conditions due to which they are not designed to withstand environmental exposure for a long period of time.So while a human hair wig can last you about 6-12 months, synthetic hair wigs have a life of about 1-3 months.

2. STYLE RETENTION:If you want to test what kind of hair your wig is made of, just see how well it holds any style you make with it.In terms of styling, synthetic hair wigs will be better at holding any style after washing.Human hair wigs behave a lot like real hair, because of which even though they feel real, you will have to re-style them once you wash them.

3. DAMAGE BY HEAT:Synthetic hair is made from chemical fibers because of which it is very vulnerable to damage by heat. If you want to curl or straighten the wig hair, you will need to buy a special heat-friendly synthetic hair wig.Human hair wigs, on the other hand, can withstand exposure to heat just as well as real human hair with the proper heat protection sprays.Most synthetic hair wigs also do not have the same bounciness or flexibility that human hair wigs have, because of which it is difficult to make complex hairstyles with them.

4. PRICE POINT:Price is another point of comparison between human and synthetic hair wigs that you can use to distinguish between them.Human hair wigs are generally more expensive as the hair is given by real humans, and it has been treated using all the hair products that are used for human hair.Synthetic hair wigs are slightly more cost-effective as they are mass-produced using chemical fibers.

  However, the difference in price does not mean that human hair wigs are better for you than synthetic wig units because that depends solely on the kind of look and styling you want to achieve from your wig unit.

  How can i get it?

  You can get it at online store Anicekiss.There are many curls to supply.They will reply you in 24 also can connect on Whatsapp:+8613346693102




What are the benefits of wearing a wig?

2021-July-06-Tue 03:36:20:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  There are many benefits of wearing a wig because it protects yournatural hair from damage. especially it protects hair from heat styling andcoloring.It is a natural way to completely change your look. wigs givesemotional confidence to people who suffer from Alopecia with wigs you don'thave to necessarily cut your hair and causes less regret if you don't like yournew haircut.Overall wigs are great and you can wear it like your natural hairand nobody will be able to tell the difference if you wear it properly

  Here are the benefits of wearing a wig.

  1.Unlimited styling: wig such as lace front wigs and full lace wigsgive you unlimited styling options. You can tie them in different ways, braidthem, and many more.

  2.Pre-styled wigs are convenient. You don't have to style them muchespecially synthetic wigs.

  3.Great way to hide hair loss: If you experience hair loss then wigsare a great way to hide it. Wigs provide full coverage.

  4.Wigs protect your hair from heat styling options. Your wig willtake the heat and keep your natural safe.

  5.Most of all wigs make you feel confident

  How can i get it?

  You can get it at online store Anicekiss.Thereare many curls to supply.They will reply you in 24 also can connecton Whatsapp:+8613346693102


Anicekiss Top Five Popular And Attractive Summer Wigs

2021-June-16-Wed 01:56:22:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  We need to prepare for the summer, buying clothes, lipsticks, shoes, necklaces andso on.It's like a hamster preparing for winter.Every woman wants to dressherself very beautifully and attractively in the summer. Let me add somefinishing touches to your beauty.I will introduce you to the most popular wigs.

1.Headband Wig

 Whyshould I recommend headband wig?

It isvery easy to put on, no glue is needed and no lace net.Customers do not need toworry that sweating will affect the use of lace nets.If you sweat a lot,justwash the ice silk.

2.13x4hdlace body wig

  13x4wigs are suitable for everyone.The length of the lace net of the wig is up tothe ear, and there is no special requirement for the hairstyle.If the lace netis long,the hair can be divided in the middle or partial,or a ponytail can betied.

3.4x4curly black wig

  Curlywigs are exotic and popular.Curly wigs are popular for African American women.Curlywig consists of hd lace and real human hair. Wigs used in summer must be keptclean.

4.U part wig

  Anicekiss u-part wig has a U-shaped piece cut into the front that allows you to pull asmall part of your hair through the u-shaped opening. It enables you to give your hair and scalp a break from the strain of traditional sewn-on weaves. Soit can make you more breathable and comfortable.


A short wig for hot days would work if you change your style around on a dailybasis. There are so many fabulous, short wig styles for summer to choose.


How to choose a suitable density of wig?

2021-May-21-Fri 04:12:47:PM  AUTHOR:jue

 What Is Hair Density?

  Hair density means the hair thickness of a hair wig. Different hair density wigs have different lines of hair bundles on the back. The more lines of hair bundles a hair wig has, the thicker a wig is.

  There are main 4 levels of hair density in West Kiss Hair: 130%, 150%, 180%, 220%. 130% density is too thin to have been removed from the website. If you don’t like thick hair wigs, 150% density is your great choice. Compared to long hair wigs, 150% density is more suitable for short bob hair wigs. Most people like 180% density, because its thickness is not too thick or too thin that is just right for most girls. The hair wigs will be thicker with releasing percent.

 How To Choose The Best Hair Density Of Wigs?

  About how to choose the best hair density of hair wigs, there are some objective and subjective influencing factors. Including different hair textures, hair lengths, seasons, and personal preferences, etc.

1) Seasons

   We all know that temperatures vary seasonally, different seasons will have different choices of hair densities. For example, winter is more suitable for wearing thick hair wigs because winter is colder than summer. On the contrary, summer is better to wear a thin hair wig.

2) Hair Lengths

   Short hair wigs are better to choose thin hair density, like 180% hair density. 220% hair density wig will make people look thick and heavy. On the other hand, long hair wigs can select some thicker hair density of wigs.

3) Personal Preferences

  Different people have different feelings about the thickness of hair wigs, you can choose your preferred wigs that make you feel the most comfortable. The suit is the best.

4) Hair Textures

  Hair wigs with curls will look fuller and thicker than straight hair wigs. So when you decide to buy a classic straight hair wig, you can consider choosing some higher hair density of wigs.

5) Find Us For Some Recommendations

  If you still don't know or can't decide which hair density to choose, you can please contact us, we will advise our sincere recommendations.

Where To Buy A Perfect Hair Wig?

  You need to find a hair company that is experienced in the wig market.Anicekiss can be your choice. There are various hair products in our online store, including cheap lace front wigs, closure wigs, etc.


Why we wear a wig need glue?

2021-May-19-Wed 02:16:23:PM  AUTHOR:jue

  When we watch the wig video, we will find that the anchor will apply glue on the wig before putting on the wig.This is considering the durability of a wig.A wig can be used for 3 months if it is well maintained.The damage of a wig is different depending on the place where the glue is applied.

  When the glue is applied to the hair cap, the time used for the wig is relatively short.If the price is cheap, there is nothing to be a pity.If the price is more expensive, then I suggest applying a little less on the hair cap to achieve a stable effect.You can still use it after a wash.

  For wigs, my suggestion is not to dye the hair. The dye will harden the lace net.For hdlace, this is a pity.Dyeing your hair will shorten the life of your wig.The best way is to apply it on the side of the hair cap and on the lace net.


How to use U part wigs?

2021-May-07-Fri 04:15:31:PM  AUTHOR:jue

     We will have doubts when buying wigs, what kind of wigs are we going to buy?Sellers have T-shaped, U-shaped, straight hair, curly hair,body hair,deep hair, etc. We are already feeling dizzy.Now let me give you a brief introduction about U-shaped wigs.

     U-shaped means that the shape of the wig is U-shaped, and there is no hair above the top of the head.For people with low hair volume, when you are braiding your hair and want to look a bit more, you can use a U-shape.Or people who don’t have a lot of budget to buy wigs can also buy U-shaped.For some people who are getting older, because of hair loss, only the top of the head has hair. It is highly recommended to use U-shaped, so that people can regain their youth.
     U-shaped wigs also have curly,deep,body,straight styles. Curly and deep is suitable for people with small or thin faces. People with big faces will only look bigger. Body and straight are suitable for everyone.They are suitable for all occasions.

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